Radio Free Springfield

Radio Free – Alina Timo!

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I sent the following message to Congressman Peter DeFazio.

Dear Congressman; My mother was in the WAVES and was stationed in the Northwest. Her job was to listen to Russian propaganda broadcast at U.S. Citizens. Since I was thirteen she told her children Roosevelt was making plans to invade Russia as soon as Japan and Germany was defeated. My late friend, Ben Toney, was in the Navy, and commanded Radio London, a pirate ship that was anchored off the coast of Britain. As I discovered, Herbert Armstrong funded about half the cost of broadcasting music because they broadcast his religious messages that emanated from KORE located in Springfield. I tried to save this radio station, but, it was torn down. This morning I read your fellow Congressmen have reached back into the Cold War to reborn such a program that I am very supportive of. The Open Translation and Analysis…

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