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Twister Zardoz Show

Posted on September 16, 2021 by Royal Rosamond Press

Found this – emerald!

Whitey Noodles and I have a theory, sometimes, everything is….THE MOVIE ZARDOZ! There’s just no escaping it. You wake up some mornings, and……IT’S ZARDOZ!

Long live…..The Stoned Head!


Mr. Twister speaks – to his chosen ones!

“Our hearts and minds are with the people being persecuted so unfairly relating to the January 6th protest concerning the Rigged Presidential Election,” Trump said in a statement. “In addition to everything else, it has proven conclusively that we are a two-tiered system of justice. In the end, however, JUSTICE WILL PREVAIL!”

ZARDOS – speaks to his chosen ones! The preparation to Invade Ukraine, is right out of James Bond.

John Presco

The letter “Z” has emerged as a prominent propaganda symbol in Russia’s attack on Ukraine, drawing comparisons to swastikas worn by Nazi soldiers in World War II.

At the start of Russia’s invasion, the letter – which does not exist in the Russian alphabet – was inexplicably painted on the rear of its tanks and other vehicles.

In the more than two weeks since, backers of the invasion have adopted “Z” as a logo to wear their support on their sleeves.

The origin of the letter’s connection to the war is murky, according to Kamil Galeev, a Galina Starovoitova Fellow at the Woodrow Wilson Center who has been compiling photos of the symbol on Twitter since before the invasion began.

“Some interpret ‘Z’ as ‘Za pobedy’ (for victory). Others – as ‘Zapad’ (West),” Mr Galeev explained.

“Anyway, this symbol invented just a few days ago became a symbol of new Russian ideology and national identity.”

Tom And Bond Die On ZARDOZ Island

Posted on October 10, 2021 by Royal Rosamond Press

The London Euolgy


John Presco

“No man is an island!”

A roadtrip on the mythical island of Kalsoy – I Live as I Dream

Kalsoy – Wikipedia

Within three days of meeting my wife to be, Mary Ann Tharaldsen is showing me her copy of V and the signature of her ex-lover, Thomas Pynchon – who I never heard of. Thus, I was not impressed. I tried to read this book, and only read about fifty pages – and quit. On my birthday I identified the truth – no one wants me to be a writer – and Tom is a right-brained person, posing as a left brain person. With this revelation, I can suggest my ex-wife encouraged Thomas to write – from his right half – and when his friend, Richard Farina wrote his left-brianed book, his good friend wanted to try his hand at it. What we get is no romance or artistic atmosphere. We do not get any Wilderness Detective Writ that Norbert Davis was famous for – that caught the attention of Ludwig Wittgenstien. What we have is Tech-Writ where Pynchon gives far-out names to his hip-beat freaks, not able to do a real character study like a real social animal could. Farina was an Alpha Male Party Guy Chic Magnet – like Zed – who took a woman in his name….


Zed is an Exterminator for THE HEAD, and wears a mask of his idol. He is lured into the Giant Hear by Arthur Frain, who is Thomas Pynchon – in disguise! When I saw the illustration of Thomas wearing a mask – the last piece of the puzzle fell into place. Some writers are asking why the villain of ‘No Time To Die’ want to kill off millions of people. Fellow authors don’t buy it – THE MOTIVE! What if, Thomas Pynchon had a stroke that left him with brain damage. The healthy part of his brain, that bids him to be an island unto himself, and, avoid all human beings – is working overtime! Using his Power of Seclusion, Tom contacts powerful people and bring them into his Private Vortex – or promises to. Owning the Bragging Right that you are having private chit-chats with Tom – is like a drug! People get addicted to his contacts – and will do anything for more! Tom makes contact with an old LSD manufacturer who was working on the idea of making Personal Acid Trips that enhance ones DNA. Being a secret Ian Fleming Freak, Tom enjoys going on Paranoiac Excursions in his brain. Like Mary Ann, he had been in one of John C. Lily’s deprivation tanks, where….The World Goes Away…along with all the people.

Smith | Pre Cold War British Spy Fiction, the “albatross of self” and lines of flight in Gravity’s Rainbow | Orbit: A Journal of American Literature (

An hour ago I discovered there is a statue of a Selkie. I have been trying to identify why Rena Easton is afraid of the Ocean. I believe she is a Selkie, as is Mary Ann, as is Belle Burch, and my grandmother who was born on Heligoland Island. So was Mimi Farina, who I suspect Thomas fell in love with. Mary Ann descends from Leif Ericson – and Thor/ I suspect Tom is around three hundred years old. A group of Puritans may have found the Fountain of Eternal Youth. One thing for sure, the theory about the movie The Rock is very valid. Mary Ann fell in love with me when she saw my drawings of Atlantis.

Seer Jon

Experts initially speculated that the marking indicated where a military unit was headed before deployment as a means to distinguish it and lessen the risk of friendly fire.

“It’s vital that any attacking force can be distinguished, particularly from the air where Russian forces will have complete control,” a source in the Ukrainian capital of Kyiv told The Sun.

“The Ukrainians have very similar tanks and vehicles and will want to reduce the risk of friendly fire.”

Michael Clarke, former director of the defence think tank Royal United Services Institute (RUSI), told Sky News that the symbols are likely to be connected to the geographic location of where the units would be deployed for combat.

“Often these symbols will be location-based – they will be communicating where a unit is heading. If they were only to mark the vehicles as being Russian, you could just use one symbol,” Mr Clarke said.

© Provided by The IndependentA service member of pro-Russian troops in a uniform without insignia walks past a truck with the symbol

But now that the invasion is well underway, the letter “Z” has taken on new meaning, according to Mr Galeev.

“To put it simply, it’s going full fascist,” he wrote in a Twitter thread on Sunday.

“Authorities launched a  propaganda campaign to gain popular support for their invasion of Ukraine and they’re getting lots of it.”

The thread included several photos of civilians and cars with the marking.

“Putin took a decision to start this war. But he got a wide support of the Russian people,” he wrote. “Nobody’s forcing them to participate in these shows of support, they could totally skip it. But they cheer. They cheer, because they feel good, they feel proud. Russia became great again.”

Merchandise with the letter “Z” is being sold online by Russia Today, with proceeds purportedly going to a charity which supports “children of war”.

Russian gymnast Ivan Kuliak used the symbol to show his support for the invasion on Saturday, when he wore it as he accepted a bronze medal at the Gymnastics World Cup event in Doha on Saturday.

The stunt was made even more jarring by the fact that Kuliak was next to Ukraine’s Kovtun Illia, who took home gold.

The International Gymnastics Federation said it had opened disciplinary proceedings against Kuliak.

© Provided by The IndependentRussian gymnast Ivan Kuliak stands in a shirt that shows letter Z to receive his bronze medal (Screengrab/Video)

And in the Russian city of Kazan, children at a hospice were apparently forced to stand outside in the snow lined up in a “Z” formation to show their support.

The propaganda stunt captured on camera by a drone was reportedly organised by Vladimir Vavilov, chairman of a cancer charity who runs the hospice.

Mr Vavilov said 60 participants – including patients and staff – held one hand in a fist and leaflets with the flags of Russia, the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR), Luhansk People’s Republic (LPR) and Russian republic Tatarstan in the other.

© Provided by The IndependentChildren at a hospice centre stand in a “Z” formation to show support for Russia’s invasion of Ukraine (Kamil Galeev via Twitter)

Several politicians have also donned clothing and badges with the insignia, including Mikhail Delyagin and Maria Butina.

Ms Butina, who was convicted in the US of acting as a foreign agent in 2018, posted a picture of her and colleagues in “’Z” T-shirts with the caption: “The team in support of our army and president! Let’s get to work guys!”

Zardoz Meets The Proud Boys

Posted on October 2, 2020 by Royal Rosamond Press

POTUS and his Proud Boys have brought COVID-19 into The Vortex, and thus the Immortals are facing their mortality. All The Mail Messengers are being threatened. What if Trump and his Boys do not like the results of the election? What if Trump drops out of the race?

John ‘The Prophet’ of the Proud Boys

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