The Black Liberation Navy

Vice President Kamala Harris is being attacked by the Confederate War Cultist for paying attention to gay gender people, and not Putin and his threat t take away the Statehood of people of the Ukraine for fighting back, like naughty children. I awoke wondering what Black People of America think about this White Brutality – against white people! Why are white people allowed to invade other white people – and take their shit? That is not Putin’s nuclear plant. I am ahead of the curve. The President should appoint Kamala the head of a all Black Navy and send warships to Africa to assure Black Africans Papa Putin is not going to be their Big Daddy and be allowed to come to Africa to murder people – and take their shit. China has invested billions in Africa, and will have to explain why they are not condemning Papa Putin.

Rosamond Press

On this day, June Ninteenth 2021, I John Presco, a grandson of German Turnverien and Forty-eighters, suggested to the Vice President, and President, the founding of The Black Liberation Navy, that was seeded by my foundation of The Marin Shipmates.

The Marin Shipmates | Rosamond Press

If it were not for humankind being experienced sailors, then the Slave Trade would not have existed. White Captains and Sailors brought kidnapped slaves to all parts of the globe. My Country is prepared to spend a trillion dollars on new Naval vessels, and other military hardware, to meet the threat from China’s “People’s Liberation Navy”. China’s leaders have mocked our State Department, and the President of the United States, saying We The People of the United States have no right to negotiate, or give any democratic lessons to anyone – anywhere – because of the way we have treated black people, first as…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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