Dutch Counter-Attack

I want Lara Roozemond to recruit members of The Samson Brigade while mounted on a horse.

Hackers have joined the attack. The Ukraine War has been compared to a movie. This is the first major war, and European War that developed on the internet. I understood this was a War Media and began my Bond book four years ago. I googled models to find my new muse and found Roozemond. It was ths video of her that made her The One because she was the typical Euro-Girl whose life was going to drastically change. I found another video where she is the lover of a woman. I forgot what BAD stands for. Any suggestions?

Here is Alina Timo a Russian model who I told I want her to play Starfish. She did not ban me, and has been working on her natural gift for acting. She has also said she is turned on to women – too. War makes millions of un-willing people – stars. Of course I feel for their safety and all the young people of the world. This is the first war that solicits this – extreme care from the internet. They have dreams. We had dreams. How many want to go to war. Lara has been……drafted.



(5) Emmy Eve – Ken Je Mij Nog [Official Video] – YouTube


Rosamond Press

The Dutch have accused Russian Cyber-bots of attacking them. My choice of Lara Roozemond to play a female James Bond is becoming a – REALITY!

I am worried about Ms. Roozemond. She has not written a poem in two months. Is Muse Roozemond on summer break, and is still horsing around?

Due to the psychic attack from El Lardo and the McKimbo Tribe who are being controlled by Russian Orthodox Witches kin to Rasputin, I reveal who my kindred, Ian Fleming, based James Bond upon. Peter Tazelaar is the real James Bond.

Mount up my Frisian Maidens! We ride!

John Presco 007




Western governments mounted an unprecedented and coordinated fightback Thursday against “brazen” attempts by Russia to meddle in international affairs, publicly unmasking alleged intelligence agents and blaming Moscow for a series of audacious cyberattacks.

James Bond was Dutch

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