Calling The Templars To Bohemia

Twenty Japanese Warriors are on their way to Ukraine to fight the Beast of Russia. They are coming – from everywhere!

President Zelensky says first wave of foreign fighters has arrived to assist Ukraine (

The first foreign fighters have arrived in Ukraine to help defend the country against the Russian invasion, according to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

Ukraine is already greeting foreign volunteers. (The) first 16,000 are already on their way to protect freedom and life for us, and for all,” he said in a video address posted on Facebook Thursday.

Rosamond Press

The Czech Republican has a pact with the Kurds to come to their military aide. Are they preparing a Army? Is this why Lucifer has brought Russia onto the field. I spoke of the Knights of Blanik Mountain.

I am kin to the Acinent Noble of Bohemia who came to dwell in America. Seven years ago I claimed the Lousiana Purchase in the name of my Fiancé. I talked about granting the Dakotas to the Lakota People. I hereby found the Warrior Nation of the Dakotas. The Kurds will have a Nation in North Dakota, and the Lakota in South Dakota. I bid all those who claim to be Knight Templars to recognize the Dakota Kurdistan and petition their governments to do the same. These Brave People will not die without a Nation …….

So help me God!

The people of North Dakota would welcome the Kurds because their State…

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