Long Hair Comet Kings

Today is Meher Baba’s Birthday. I believe he did not know he was from the linage of the Comet Kings who were the Magi who saw signs of the birth of the Messiah of the Jews. Yesterday I told my therapist about dying, seeing God, and coming back. I described God to her, and his kingdom. It is 1:13 A.M. I awoke with the information that I am THE NEW SAMUEL. I am the Messiah of the Jews. Daivid usurped me. He is fiction. Jewish scholar know it. Elise Stefanik is connected to Homeland security. She pretends to be a Tribulationist. This woman is a snake, a devil.

Rosamond Press

Were the Merovingians amongst the Galatians? The crown is a star and the long hair the tail of the comet, which comb comes from.


“A recent ABC News article May 19, 2004 noted that according to the
Armenian and Italian researchers the “Symbol on his crown that
features a star with a curved tail may represent the passage of
Halley’s comet in 87 BC. Tigranes’ could have seen Halley’s comet
when it passed closest to the Sun on Aug. 6 in 87 BC according to the
researchers, who said the comet would have been a ‘most recordable
event’ — heralding the New Era of the brilliant King of Kings. com·et
(kŏm’ĭt) n. ”

Rosamond, Pharamond, and The CometKings

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Who are the Magi, and why have they come to behold a infant…

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