Long Hair Comet Kings

Were the Merovingians amongst the Galatians? The crown is a star and the long hair the tail of the comet, which comb comes from.


“A recent ABC News article May 19, 2004 noted that according to the
Armenian and Italian researchers the “Symbol on his crown that
features a star with a curved tail may represent the passage of
Halley’s comet in 87 BC. Tigranes’ could have seen Halley’s comet
when it passed closest to the Sun on Aug. 6 in 87 BC according to the
researchers, who said the comet would have been a ‘most recordable
event’ — heralding the New Era of the brilliant King of Kings. com·et
(kŏm’ĭt) n. ”

Rosamond, Pharamond, and The Comet Kings

Posted on February 27, 2020 by Royal Rosamond Press

    Posted on January 6, 2014by Royal Rosamond Press


Who are the Magi, and why have they come to behold a infant born under a star? When one sees the Pharisees as being allied to Jesus – they putting him to a favorable test – then one must wonder if Jesus is a Parthian. If you replace the Pharisees with the Magi, who are presenting a Savior, the meaning of the name Jesus, then one sees the Magi were the earliest Christians whom Saul-Paul persecuted, he claiming he had papers to pursue these early followers into Damascus. How did Paul recognize them? Well, they had very large noses, and they may have been Scythians.

Jon Presco

Starry Crowns of the Comet Kings

Posted on March 21, 2012by Royal Rosamond Press

“Seek, and thou shall find!”

Well, that didn’t take long. Over seven years ago I posted on the crowns of the Parthian Kings, how they looked like stars. The Magi – who followed a bright star – found the Messiah-King. The word comet comes from the word comb. The Merovingians were titled ‘The Long Haired Kings’. This long hair represents the long tail of a comet. Now, what is my reward for figuring this out years ago?

“A crown is the traditional symbolic form of headgear worn by a monarch or by a deity, for whom the crown traditionally represents power, legitimacy, immortality, righteousness, victory, triumph, resurrection, honour and glory of life after death. In art, the crown may be shown being offered to those on Earth by angels. Apart from the traditional form, crowns also may be in the form of a wreath and be made of, flowers, oak leaves or thorns and be worn by others, representing what the coronation part aims to symbolize with the specific crown. In religious art, a crown of stars is used similarly to a halo. Crowns worn by rulers often contain jewels.”

Still not convinced that the crown of Pharamond should be out upon my head? New research is saying that Pharamond was Varazdat of an Armenian Empire associated with the Parthians, especially with Shapur II “the Great who was the ninth King of the Persian Sassanid Empire from 309 to 379 and son of Hormizd II.[3] During his long reign, the Sassanid Empire saw its first golden era since the reign of Shapur I (241–272). His name is sometimes given in English as “Shahpour” or “Sapor”.

Shapur was crowned king WHILE IN HIS MOTHER’S WOMB. John the Nazarite – who grew his hair long – was filled with the Holy Spirit while in his mother’s womb – that radiated a light like a halo – that is associated with Mithras and the Zoroastrians, who the Romans hated – as well as Paul’s early Christians. However, Emperor Constantine worshipped Sol Invitus, The Comet Hally, while inflicting Paul’s false teaching upon lesser men in order to separate the Jewish connection to the Parthian Kings, and Cyrus the Great, whom they called Messiah. Shapur is the source of the Pharamond legend that came down to Varazdat. Was he a illegitimate son?

A study suggests Hally’s comet inspired the design of the Parthian crowns. That Pharamond married Rosamond, puts my mother’s maiden name amongst the King of Kings, the Kings of France, and, Jesus, the King of Jews. But, more then that, the Rose of the world name is kindred to the real history of John the Baptist whom I was named after, by, Rosemary Rosamond, daughter of Mary Magdalene Rosamond, and Royal Rosamond.

As a follower of Meher Baba, born in Iran to Parthian parents, I was led by a Divine Intuition to find the Starry Crown of the Rose of the World. This crown is more then a grail. It is done!

“All’s well, that, ends well!”

Long live the king!

Jon the Nazarite and Comet King whose dream it is to do the potrait of Carla Sarkozy, the First Lady of France.

Copyright 2011

P.S. We had almost a foot of snow here in springfield Oregon.

“A recent ABC News article May 19, 2004 noted that according to the
Armenian and Italian researchers the “Symbol on his crown that
features a star with a curved tail may represent the passage of
Halley’s comet in 87 BC. Tigranes’ could have seen Halley’s comet
when it passed closest to the Sun on Aug. 6 in 87 BC according to the
researchers, who said the comet would have been a ‘most recordable
event’ — heralding the New Era of the brilliant King of Kings.com·et
(kŏm’ĭt) n. ”

“As a result of the solar and astronomical associations of the
Babylonians, Mithras later was referred to by Roman worshippers
as ‘Sol invictus’, or the invincible sun. The sun itself was
considered to be “the eye of Mithras”. The Persian crown, from which
all present day crowns are derived, was designed to represent the
golden sun-disc sacred to Mithras.”



I have chosen to post my amazing findings, even conclusions, as to the true identity of Jesus, in the circle of The Brotherhood, who set me on a Spiritual Path. I credit my grandmother, Mary Magdalene Rosamond, with establishing a path she hoped I would follow. I wish she were alive so I can show her my claim, that I Am a Comet King. In the top picture we see the coin of a Parthian King with a map of a star’s movement across the heaven. These Magi-Kings wore starry crowns, and wore their hair long representing the tail of a comet.

Nancy took my daughter, Heather Hanson, to dinner and met my miracle for the first time when she was sixteen. Christine Rosamond and I, along with Nancy and the Zorthian sisters, lived in a commune in San Francisco. Christine, Nancy, Owsley, and Nick Sands, went on a double date. Bob Hamilton, and his friend since grade school, Tim Scully, bought me artists supplies from which I rendered my second painting of Rena, that inspired my sister to take up art. I lived with James Taylor, another friend of Bob and Scully, who helped build the sound system for the Grateful Dead. Bob helped out on the Acid Test. I painted Rena while living with Peter Shapiro who played lead with The Loading Zone, that were The Marbles when they played at the first Acid Test. James put a photograph of Meher Baba on the wall at the 13th. St. Victorian. Taylor put books on the Indian Religion by my bed.  This is the Brotherhood of Eternal Love. I give credit to Bob and James helping me come fully back into my body after my fall, and near-death experience while on a massive dose of LSD. I credit James with establishing my Spiritual Investigation into the Religions of India, and my reading of the Bible for the first time in 1987. What a long strange strip it has been. I believe I have found the True Identity of Jesus via the Parthian Magi. Baba’s parents were Parsi from Iran. I found the Comet ‘Long Haired Kings’ from whom the Merovingian’s descend. Pharamonde and Rosamonde were Parthians. I give my daughter permission to use Rosamond in my granddaughter’s name. I suggest she marry Bobby Dew, and name his daughter….

Lily Rosamond Dew

After becoming enlightened at the age of twenty – by accident – God assigned me the task of working with women on a new plane. I had read in one of the books the name of a Sadguru on the seventh plane who is assigned this work. I have forgotten this name.

I am going to concentrate my energy on the crisis in India where I was bid to go in 1967. A woman deterred me.

Doubt me all you want. But, I am qualified to point to him and say;

“This is the one!”

John Presco ‘A Comet King’

Copyright 2020

President: Royal Rosamond Press

Nancy and the Brotherhood of Love

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    Today is Meher Baba’s Birthday. I believe he did not know he was from the linage of the Comet Kings who were the Magi who saw signs of the birth of the Messiah of the Jews. Yesterday I told my therapist about dying, seeing God, and coming back. I described God to her, and his kingdom. It is 1:13 A.M. I awoke with the information that I am THE NEW SAMUEL. I am the Messiah of the Jews. Daivid usurped me. He is fiction. Jewish scholar know it. Elise Stefanik is connected to Homeland security. She pretends to be a Tribulationist. This woman is a snake, a devil.

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