I went to the planet Felinia in my dreams. I began Elfine at the same time I began the Gideon Computer. It is about Ivan (John) a Russian Diplomat who ends the Cold War so he can live in Steinbeck Country and grow lettuce on his farm. He learns he sired a daughter on the planet Felinia and she is coming to earth to see her father. She is sixteen, the age of my daughter when I first beheld her.

There is a strange battle. The space shuttle exploded after I wrote it. I freaked. I got sober. I did not know I was kin to Ian Fleming. I think Putin is going to hit our computers. The world might end.


The Russian Prophecies – Come True

Posted on November 14, 2017 by Royal Rosamond Press

On March 27, 2014, I published ‘The Russian Prophecies’ that have come true! How did this happen? How come no one saw John (Ivan) Trump coming, and his undying love for the ex-head of the KGB.

Well, I saw it coming, and I stuck my neck out – with predictable results! I have been demonized and abused. Senior Prophet Abuse is now a major concern – or should be!

Jon ‘The Seer’



Russian Prophecies

Posted on March 27, 2014by Royal Rosamond Press


I recognized Amy as a fellow Seer the moment I saw her paintings. Seers can see the future. Folks who can do this, are known as Prophets. Those who can’t see, have got to get behind us and let us do our work! Stop poking our eyes out with your inane judgments which are made to get us prophets to look at you, just you, and not the God-head! We Seers take all the risk, and here come the parasites who are cowards, afraid to appear crazy in the slightest. A Seer told me my science fiction novels were being dictated to me by a powerful entity that roams the universe and comes to the aid of planets in dire distress. I foresaw the coming of Putin and the new cold war. Elfine was written in 1986. I made this video on Jan 4 2014 two months before the new cold war begun.


My Avatar – Elfine

Posted on January 29, 2013 by Royal Rosamond Press


In 1986 I decided to become a writer and began ‘Elfine’. Elfine was born on a planet of cat-like humanoids, and was sired by Ivan who descends from famous Vikings. He is a Russian diplomat who travels to Felinia, the planet of felines. On his second trip, he brings his daughter back with him. I did not know then that Ivan means, John. Elfine falls in love with Jonathan, a young friend of Ivan. There is a great tree under a dome on a large ship that heads off to a new planet.

When I saw the movie Avatar, I beheld Elfine. I did not own a typewriter, and it is handwritten. I have so much to do. I do not need anymore hurdles put in my way. Maybe I am a Genius? I am a Seer – for sure!

Drew does cats and alien creatures.

In the border is a note that says “for Leslie”. Leslie lived in my Berkeley hotel down the hall. She was 22. We loved each other, deeply, but I was afraid to become a pair because I barely survived my three year relationship with a severe alcoholic. Leslie was a Seminole Indian from Florida who had a number tattooed on her wrist because she was from a rare tride that was on the rolls. She hated this mark, and was furious about whites destorying the planet. She was beautiful, tall, and regal. Leslie was my Muse and model for my drawing of Elfine.

Jon Presco

Miccosukee Tribe of Indians of FloridaMain article: Miccosukee
The relocation to reservations and the federal recognition of the Seminole Tribe of Florida – a move largely supported by residents of the reservations – caused antipathy between the reservation Seminole and those who had chosen not to move. In particularly, a group known as the Trail Indians, who lived along the Tamiami Trail, felt disenfranchised by the situation. This was exacerbated in 1950 when some reservation Seminoles filed a land claim suit against the federal government that was not supported by the Trail Indians.[10]

Following the recognition of the Seminole Tribe of Florida, the Trail Indians decided to organize their own separate tribal government. They sought recognition as the Miccosukee Tribe, as they spoke the Mikasuki (Miccosukee) language. They received full recognition in 1962, and received their own reservation land, collectively known as the Miccosukee Indian Reservation.[10] The Miccosukee Tribe set up a 333-acre (1.35 km2) reservation on the northern border of Everglades National Park, about 45 miles (72 km) west of Miami.[27]

Copyright 2012

  • The Russian government warned of a “painful” response to the United States over its sanctions against Russia, multiple reports said.
  • Russia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs said Wednesday that the US sanctions are part of “ongoing attempts to change Russia’s course,” CNN reported.
  • “There should be no doubt that sanctions will receive a strong response,” the ministry said.

The Russian government warned on Wednesday of a “strong” and “painful” response to the United States over the Biden administration’s sanctions against the country over its invasion of Ukraine, according to multiple reports. 

Russia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs said Russia will target “sensitive” US assets as retaliation.

The ministry said in a statement that the US sanctions against it are part of America’s “ongoing attempts to change Russia’s course,” CNN reported

“Russia has proved that, despite all the sanctions costs, it is able to minimize the damage,” the ministry said in the statement. “And even more so, sanctions pressure is not able to affect our determination to firmly defend our interests.” 

The ministry claimed that it was open to diplomacy with the US, but that the sanctions will be met with a fierce response. 

It added, “There should be no doubt that sanctions will receive a strong response, not necessarily symmetrical, but finely tuned and painful to the American side.”

The ministry’s statement detailed no specifics, but explained that Russia will take “measured” steps out to retaliation by targeting “sensitive” US interests, The Moscow Times reported

US President Joe Biden on Tuesday announced the “first tranche” of sanctions against Russia as a result of what Biden called “the beginning of a Russian invasion of Ukraine.”

The US sanctions against Russia target the country’s sovereign debt, two large Russian financial institutions, and Russian elites. 

“We’ll continue to escalate sanctions if Russia escalates,” Biden warned. 

Earlier this week, Russian President Vladimir Putin recognized the independence of two Moscow-backed separatist regions in eastern Ukraine and ordered troops there.

Meanwhile, Ukraine is moving to declare a state of emergency in response to Russia’s aggression.

United Nations — The United Nations General Assembly gathered Wednesday for a session dedicated to discussion of the crisis unfolding on Ukraine‘s borders, with a record number of speakers slated to address what the United States says is already a Russian invasion. Among the senior officials expected to address the assembly were Ukraine’s Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba and U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Linda Thomas-Greenfield, who is a member of President Joe Biden’s cabinet.  

American Dog Owners Are Ditching Kibble For This


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U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres — who cut short a planned international trip to speak at the General Assembly on Wednesday — told the assembly in his opening remarks that the world was “facing a moment of peril.”

On Tuesday, Guterres said the U.N. “and the entire international system are being tested, and we must pass this test.”  

U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Linda Thomas-Greenfield echoed his sentiment on Wednesday, calling it a “crossroads in the history of this body.”

The U.N. chief has called for an “immediate ceasefire” in Ukraine’s eastern Donbas region, where a simmering eight-year war between Russian-backed separatists and Ukrainian forces has escalated dramatically over the last week. 

Russian leader Vladimir Putin unilaterally recognized the breakaway regions of Donbas, Luhansk and Donetsk, as independent of Ukraine on Tuesday, and ordered his forces to enter the areas for “peacekeeping” duties.

© Provided by CBS NewsUkraine braces for wider war with Russia 01:55

Guterres appeared annoyed by Putin’s use of the term, saying he was concerned about “the perversion of the concept of peacekeeping.”

“I am proud of the achievements of U.N. Peacekeeping operations in which so many Blue Helmets have sacrificed their lives to protect civilians,” he said. “When troops of one country enter the territory of another country without its consent, they are not impartial peacekeepers.”     

“They are not peacekeepers at all,” Guterres said.        

Ukrainian diplomats at the U.N. have appeared frustrated by the global body’s inability thus far to prevent a violation of its sovereignty, and they have made it clear that, as Guterres suggested previously, the standoff with Russia should be seen as a test. 

“If the United Nations fails to deliver on its mandate and its flagship mission, it should be overhauled,” Ukrainian Ambassador Sergiy Kyslytsya told CBS News this week.  

© Provided by CBS NewsU.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Linda Thomas-Greenfield. / Credit: Mary Altaffer/AP

“As much as we all want Russia to de-escalate and choose the path of peace, that is not our decision to make,” the U.S.’ Thomas-Greenfield said on Wednesday. “This is President Putin’s war of choice. If he chooses to escalate further, Russia and Russia alone will bear full responsibility for what is to come.”

Noting the sanctions Russia has already been subjected to this week, the American ambassador called on the other U.N. member nations to “make clear that Russia will pay an even steeper price if it continues its aggression.”

“Now is the time to get off the sidelines,” said Thomas-Greenfield. “Let us show Russia that it is isolated and alone in its aggressive actions. Let us stand fully behind the principles of sovereignty, political independence, and territorial integrity for Ukraine, and for all Member States.”

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