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Avat3In 1986 I decided to become a writer and began ‘Elfine’. Elfine was born on a planet of cat-like humanoids, and was sired by Ivan who descends from famous Vikings. He is a Russian diplomat who travels to Felinia, the planet of felines. On his second trip, he brings his daughter back with him. I did not know then that Ivan means, John. Elfine falls in love with Jonathan, a young friend of Ivan. There is a great tree under a dome on a large ship that heads off to a new planet.

When I saw the movie Avatar, I beheld Elfine. I did not own a typewriter, and it is handwritten. I have so much to do. I do not need anymore hurdles put in my way. Maybe I am a Genius? I am a Seer – for sure!

Drew does cats and alien creatures.

In the border is a note that says “for Leslie”. Leslie lived in my Berkeley hotel down the hall. She was 22. We loved each other, deeply, but I was afraid to become a pair because I barely survived my three year relationship with a severe alcoholic. Leslie was a Seminole Indian from Florida who had a number tattooed on her wrist because she was from a rare tride that was on the rolls. She hated this mark, and was furious about whites destorying the planet. She was beautiful, tall, and regal. Leslie was my Muse and model for my drawing of Elfine.

Jon Presco

Miccosukee Tribe of Indians of FloridaMain article: Miccosukee
The relocation to reservations and the federal recognition of the Seminole Tribe of Florida – a move largely supported by residents of the reservations – caused antipathy between the reservation Seminole and those who had chosen not to move. In particularly, a group known as the Trail Indians, who lived along the Tamiami Trail, felt disenfranchised by the situation. This was exacerbated in 1950 when some reservation Seminoles filed a land claim suit against the federal government that was not supported by the Trail Indians.[10]

Following the recognition of the Seminole Tribe of Florida, the Trail Indians decided to organize their own separate tribal government. They sought recognition as the Miccosukee Tribe, as they spoke the Mikasuki (Miccosukee) language. They received full recognition in 1962, and received their own reservation land, collectively known as the Miccosukee Indian Reservation.[10] The Miccosukee Tribe set up a 333-acre (1.35 km2) reservation on the northern border of Everglades National Park, about 45 miles (72 km) west of Miami.[27]

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    I 1986, my friend Mohammed raped my friend Lesley and she moved out of our hotel in the middle of the night. I confronted Mo, and considered killing him. He had been a bodyguard for the Shah of Iran and saw himself as my bodyguard. This is the core reason I got sober. We were Jonathan and Elfine in the Enidu Tree.

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