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I’m still waiting to pass a test in order to be approved as a candidate for the Governor of Oregon. I’ve always wanted to make a campaign ad, so, I best do it now before I am rejected for some reason – or more. Yesterday my friend told me he spotted a man who looked just like Jesus walking along a highway in the country of Oregon. He was carrying a cross.

OPENING SCENE: A straight two lane highway is seen from the air, near La Pine. It is less traveled. We see a figure in the distance. Getting closer we see a man carrying a cross with a wheel on the base. He looks just like Jesus. We hear music. There is a close-up of his strained face. Then, a speeding truck passes with rednecks in the back.

“GET A JOB – HIPPIE!” one of them shouts.

The walker…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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