I Asked For Fifty Dollars To Beat Russia

Here is the e-mail I sent the City Manager of Springfield asking him and the City for $50 bucks to fight the Russian trolls. The Navy is asking for tens of billions to build more battle ships with our taxes. The number of homeless – grows! You will see Niel dedicate the Kesey mural in the video above. How many millions did the pot growers make last week? Is Babb’s book, selling? Did Putin and his A-Team wait to see if anyone would give me fifty bucks? Then – they laughed!

I guess I could not be heard amongst all the other Deadhead, Pothead, Acidhead Prophets – that were sticking their necks out, they not afraid if folks are wondering if they are – weird!

John ‘The Prophet’

To: Niel Laudati: City Manager of Springfield

Dear Neil

Here is a very prophetic post I made on June 6, 2015 wherein I talk about founding an Order to combat cyber-trolls that I was encountering. The Russians started their campaign to disrpupt our elections in 2014.

I sent you several pleas to save KORE and Armstrong’s legacy. He founded Ambassador College that became famous for musical performances. The City of Springfield could have had all this amazing history – in their back pocket! Here is your second chance. I suggest the Mayor assist me in founding a grassroots anti-Russian Hacker College in downtown Springfield. I am kin to Ian Fleming.

This will be an overt spying operation. Give me a little office, and I will begin recruiting. Perhaps the Odd Fellows would like to get in on the ground floor of this Patriotic College, and let us meet in their building. They let you put Kesey’s image on their wall. Consider Simpson and the Stonecutters.

Below is a essay connecting the Grateful Dead with The Davinci Code. I can teach a course. You and the city should give me funding. $50 dollars a month will do. It will be a historic record that our fair town did not sit back – and do nothing!

It’s – HIGH NOON! Do you know where your A-Team is?

We should form two bands as a cover: ‘The Bond Brothers’ and ‘Big Momma and the Anarchist Sluts. This will be the first City Backed band against the New Red Menace!

In October of 2016 I gave you the chance to defend me from the Alley Gang. You did nothing. Then I got attacked by Big Momma and The Defamers! Sure I am a Magnet for Trouble! I am not alone. Time to bring trouble to Putin and his Knight Wolves!

In a year I think we can get Hope Hicks on our team. C’mon Niel, I’m talking about Hopy! I will make a cote of arms with this logo…….

It takes Crazy – to beat Crazy!



John Presco

President: Ambassador College, Springfield Branch.

Even before the threat of a full Russian invasion, Ukraine’s dalliance with the West had cost it dearly. Nearly a decade ago, a civil uprising in Ukraine over President Viktor Yanukovych’s shift toward Moscow and rejection of a sweeping deal with the European Union forced him into exile — but not before the massacre of protesters in Kyiv’s Maidan Square. To punish free-willed Ukrainians, a jilted Russian President Vladimir Putin responded by partitioning their nation, annexing Crimea and staging a de facto occupation of the eastern Donbas region.

But still, Ukrainians clung to hope. In 2019, Ukraine even enshrined its will to join the West in its constitution. “Ukraine will join the E.U., Ukraine will join NATO!” declared a jubilant Andriy Parubiy, Ukraine’s speaker of the house, after the measure passed.

Western powers — even if never in agreement, or fully committed, to letting Ukraine in — dangled the hope of access to those rarefied clubs for years. Now even the distant chance that existed before of Ukraine joining NATO or the E.U. is quickly evaporating.

U.S. and European leaders stopped short of giving Putin what he has publicly demanded — a firm promise that Ukraine will never join NATO. But they have acknowledged no immediate plans to let Ukraine in, largely citing lingering problems with corruption and a weak rule of law that haven’t helped its case to join the West’s premier clubs.

U.S., Russian planes have close encounters over Mediterranean, Pentagon says (msn.com)

How joining NATO and the E.U. became Ukraine’s unattainable dream (msn.com)

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