Harry Windsor and The British Defense Staff

The, Queen, her son, and Britain’s Parlaiment needs to get behind the military experience of Diana’s second born son, and highlight the bond Churchill made with the U.S. at the end of WW2.

John Presco

Russia Ukraine: US carrier bolsters NATO to counter invasion threat as tensions reach fever pitch (msn.com)

A flight director on the United States Navy carrier gestures towards the jet, giving the go ahead for a catapult like-system to sling the aircraft towards the edge of a seemingly impossibly short runway.Top 5 Best WiFi Boosters 2022AdAdTop Trend Ratings

Within seconds, it’s in the air and nearly out of sight.

This intricate process is one that pilots and crew on this Nimitz-class carrier — an emblem of US military might — repeat over and over again, with uncanny precision. And they’re doing so unfazed by the circumstances of their presence in the Adriatic Sea as tensions between the US and Russia reach fever pitch.

This is the first time since the end of the Cold War that a carrier strike group, which includes the Truman and five other ships escorting it (plus at least one or two submarines whose presence is never publicly acknowledged) has been under NATO command.

“This is the first time I’ve worked with NATO out on a carrier,” F/A-18 fighter jet pilot Lt. Alex Tidei told CNN.

“It’s the first time for a lot of our pilots — so that’s been a great experience,” he added, seemingly unaffected by the tensions around him.

The Truman — which carries 90 aircraft on board, including a fleet of F/A-18s — was on its way to the Middle East in mid-December, but the Pentagon decided to keep it in Europe as tensions began to escalate.

Rear Adm. Curt Renshaw, commander of Strike Group Eight, of which Truman is a part, told CNN: “I think it sends the message to allies that they can count on us. We’re committed to our alliances or partnerships — we’re able to operate, plug and play anywhere in the world.”

With the Truman near European shores, its jets can get to most of Eastern Europe in less than an hour, and its presence in the region gives NATO members like Bulgaria, Romania and Poland additional security guarantees.

While US President Joe Biden has said that the US will not intervene militarily but rather impose economic sanctions if Russia further invades Ukraine, he has decided to reinforce its deterrence capabilities in Europe.

On Wednesday, the Pentagon approved the deployment of additional troops to NATO’s Eastern flank.

“It’s totally consistent with what I told (Russian President Vladimir) Putin in the beginning,” Biden told CNN’s Kaitlan Collins Wednesday.

“As long as he’s acting aggressively, we’re going to make sure we reassure our NATO allies and Eastern Europe (that) we’re there and Article V is a sacred obligation,” Biden said, referencing the cornerstone of the NATO alliance: An attack against one ally is considered an attack against all.

And that’s what the Truman’s exercises are preparing for.

“What we bring to strategic decision makers is that we are able to execute absolutely to perfection, we’re able to integrate with partners,” Renshaw said, adding: “If at the tactical level, we’re on our game, then that that allows the options that I think the senior decision makers need to do.”

The Truman just wrapped a two-week-long exercise with NATO allies in the Adriatic Sea, alongside Norwegian and Turkish warships, additional vessels and aircraft from other NATO member states.

According to the alliance, thousands of NATO forces were involved in the exercise.

Lt. Cmdr. Jeannette Lazzaro, who flies the US Navy’s E-2 Hawkeye — an early warning aircraft that plays a key role in coordinating with NATO allies — told CNN she’s not concerned about rising tensions between the US and Russia.

Still, she believes the exercises are important to ensure that the US and NATO “are all working together.”

“If we ever do have to do anything, we are all on the same page,” she said.

British Defence Staff USA

Posted on August 2, 2021 by Royal Rosamond Press

Treacherous Republican-Christians, and their disgraced ex-president, tried to end our alliance with Britain, formed by the artist , Winston Churchill.

John Presco

British Defence Staff in the USA

Location:USAPart of:Ministry of Defence

The Ministry of Defence (MOD) protects the security, independence and interests of our country at home and abroad.

We work with our allies and partners whenever possible. Our aim is to ensure that the armed forces have the training, equipment and support necessary for their work.

The MOD works with the United States on joint overseas operations and contingency planning, bilateral defence co-operation, interoperability and engages on defence trade.

Our team in the United States assists this work and communicates the broader transatlantic defence relationship, elevates the UK’s interests and reputation and provides high-quality advice and reporting to the UK on all aspects of defence business.


The MOD is responsible for: defending the UK and its overseas territories, providing strategic intelligence, providing nuclear deterrence, supporting civil emergency organisations in times of crisis, defending our interests by projecting power strategically and through expeditionary interventions, providing a defence contribution to UK influence and providing security for stabilisation.

The British Defence Staff in the United States comprises some 750 military and civilian MOD personnel based in over 30 states across the US. Their mission is to protect and advance the UK and its interests by reinforcing the transatlantic defence and security relationship.


Preserving global peace & security — The UK and the US co-operate to address the world’s most pressing security challenges.

Supporting trade and investment — Driving forward industry, the UK works with the US on facilitating defence trade and investment.

Co-operating in science, innovation, energy and higher education — The UK and the US collaborate in science and innovation; including advanced defence technologies.

Departments at post

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  • The UK is threatening to tear up its defense alliance with the US after President Donald Trump’s Iran crisis triggered a rupture between the two countries.
  • UK Defense Secretary Ben Wallace told The Sunday Times that the UK was looking to forge stronger alliances with other international partners that shared its priorities.
  • He said the US under Trump risked withdrawing from its global leadership role.
  • Wallace also said Trump threatened to tear up the US’s intelligence-sharing relationship with the UK.
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President Donald Trump’s order to assassinate Iranian Maj. Gen. Qassem Soleimani has triggered a major rupture between the US and its historically closest ally, the UK.

In remarkably outspoken comments, UK Defense Secretary Ben Wallace said in an interview published Sunday that Trump’s isolationist foreign-policy stance had prompted the UK to look for alternative allies.

“I worry if the United States withdraws from its leadership around the world,” he told The Sunday Times.

He added: “The assumptions of 2010 that we were always going to be part of a US coalition is really just not where we are going to be.”

The comments came after Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s government distanced itself from the attack that killed Soleimani, with UK Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab labeling it a “dangerous escalation” that risked a conflict in which “terrorists would be the only winners.”

A spokesman for Johnson was also quick to condemn Trump’s threats to target Iranian cultural sites, if carried out, as a breach of international law and possibly a war crime.

The UK is now openly threatening to tear up its long-standing defense partnership with the US.

The US ‘withdraws from its leadership’ of the world under Trump

Boris Johnson Trump
Trump and UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson. 

Wallace told The Sunday Times that the UK was increasingly looking for alternative international allies.

“Over the last year we’ve had the US pullout from Syria, the statement by Donald Trump on Iraq where he said NATO should take over and do more in the Middle East,” Wallace said.

“The assumptions of 2010 that we were always going to be part of a US coalition is really just not where we are going to be.”

Wallace said the UK would need to reduce its dependence on US military assets.

“We are very dependent on American air cover and American intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance assets,” he said. “We need to diversify our assets.”

Wallace told the paper that the UK would increasingly need to turn to other allies that more closely shared the UK’s interests.


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“Regardless of what the US does … we are going to have to make decisions that allow us to stand with a range of allies, the Five Eyes [intelligence partnership with the US, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand] and our European allies where our interests converge,” he said.

Trump is threatening to cut intelligence ties with the UK

boris johnson donald trump

Wallace also said the Trump administration had threatened to cut off its intelligence-sharing partnership with the UK if Johnson’s government pursued its plan to allow the Chinese technology company Huawei a role in building Britain’s 5G network.

“They have repeatedly said that. They have been clear about that,” he told the paper.

“President Trump, the national security adviser. The defense secretary said it personally to me directly when we met at NATO. It’s not a secret. They have been consistent. Those things will be taken into account when the government collectively decides to make a decision on it.”

He added: “Friends and enemies that are independent make you choose.”

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