Jews and Native American State of Dakota

Was the War on Native Americans a racist war?

Rosamond Press

Bill Maher needs a history lesson. The Jews lost two wars to the superior Roman legions who lived in Italy. So, the Italians overcame the Jews, and after the Bar Kakhba revolt, the Italians had it, and exiled all the Jews. Once again, they lost their homeland that they were not indigiouns to. They took it from the Canaanites.

The Sioux People are indigenous to the area that make up the Dakotas. They did not take it from the Italians after a war. Thousands of years later, Itaians and other European nations took the Dakotas away from the Sioux – who want it back! How many Jews have championed their cause? How many Jews exploited the Natives?

I suggest American Jews and Israel help found the first Native American State – Dakota! There are only 1,592, 657 people in both States. That’s thee Woodstocks.  Non-Natives can move to a…

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