Jesus Came For The Jews – Only?

Do Americans understand the roots of Judeo-Christianity?

Rosamond Press

Thousands of Christian teachers and liars come up with all this bullshit about why Jesus went to Sidon, and, whether or not he meant to preach to Gentiles. WHAT? Why are they not going to Paul for an answer. Paul says he gets INSTRUCTIONS on how to handle pagans and gentiles –  DIRECTLY FROM JESUS – all the time! Don’t they believe Paul – too? Imagine Paul waking up, there a giant halo around his head because God-Jesus has been laying His Divine Instructions on him during the night! Paul in essence – IS JESUS! Why be concerned about His Second Coming! Didn’t Jesus get crucified for claiming he was god-like? Why not drive nails into this little shit-head!

Paul is described as being five feet tall, bow-legged, with tufts or wiry-hair over his ears, and he is balk on top. He owns a large bushy unibrow! This is Satan’s…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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