The Shrunken Penis Business

I am going to run for the Governor of Oregon. I got till March to file. I am tempted to run as the Anti-Christ and owner of the Shrunken Penis Charm business that should be protected in the same way Hobby Lobby is protected. Perhaps I should hide my past and lie about every ghastly revelation? I want to be the New Republican Liar of Liars! Am I kin to King David?

Rosamond Press

One day I came over to Ed Corbin’s and announced;

“We’re going in the shrunken penis of Bill Clinton business!”

I told Ed the Christian religion is DONE because Ken Starr was not going to offer the President of the United State any kind of forgiveness for his Monica Sex Sin, that was afforded Jimmy Swaggart after he admitted to preforming a Sex Sin. I tried to explain what A HERESY this was, and along with the Christian Campaign TO GET CLINTON, Christianity had morphed into a NEW RELIGION, where Monica’s semen-soaked dress is the New Shroud of Turin.

“What we need is a New Crucifix for this heretical religion. I think we should make The Shrunken Penis of Bill, and put it on a chain or leather string!”

“Great idea! Let’s do it!” Ed perhaps said. Either one of us could have drunk Kesey under the table. If the…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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