Kesey and Jeff Forester

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Here is Jeff Forester.

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Jeff Forester is O.U. Levon: Ken Kesey’s Co-author Recalls Their Year Writing Together – Theodore Carter

Jeff Forester is O.U. Levon: Ken Kesey’s Co-author Recalls Their Year Writing Together

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During the academic year of 1987-1988, Ken Kesey taught a graduate-level creative writing class of thirteen students at the University of Oregon. He charged the group with producing a full-length novel in one school year, which they did, publishingCavernsunder the name O.U. Levon (Novel University of Oregon backwards) in 1990.

It is my intent to interview each living author about the project and what they learned from Kesey.

Jeff Forester was the firstCavernsauthor to respond to my questions. His relationship with Ken Kesey extended beyond the year he spent in his writing class. Forester published a touchingremembrance of Keseyin the San Francisco…

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