I Alone Represent the Evil Empire

First posted on Sept 2011. Watch the Three Percenters bully their way into the crowd like the Oath Keepers did on the steps of our Capital. I am on them – a year before the Evangelical lead Insurrection.

Seer John




Well, Brezhnev is gone; and Andropov, former head of their…well, the same thing as our not Secret Service but FBI; and he’s been a real tough guy, as they say. He is now President and has taken over everything that Brezhnev had, and he is starting out in a very tough manner. His speeches are very tough.
Now one of the great things that is urging Europe on, and perhaps the greatest thing that will cause them to hurry and get together on this, is their fear of what’s going on in the Kremlin and the Soviet Union. And Andropov is frightening them, and that is going to rush them. They are losing confidence in the United States as having a military umbrella over them to protect them, and they want their own military force to protect themselves. That’s the way they feel over there. Now that is a chief incentive to unite them and that is taking place.


Rosamond Press

Rabid Dog preachers, and right-wing politicians, are spending trillions of our tax payer dollars waging a fake war against the “Evil One” and the “Evil Empire”. Thanks to the invention of the Tea Party, any fool can join in and do a cheap imitation of Ronald Reagan attacking the Soviet Union – that does not exists anymore! However, a bullseye has been painted on the back of the President of the United States, and every Democrat, so the Ronny Loons can seize the day, get their kicks, at our expense. The Age of the Ronny Loons is upon us!

In 2001 I demonstrated Bush war against the “evil one” in Iraq dressed as Merlin, who is a bonnified candidate for the coming Anti-Christ. Two years ago I came to a Tea Party protest at the Federal Building in Eugene Oregon, dressed as the Anti-Christ. I carried a sign that read…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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