I Alone Represent the Evil Empire

Rabid Dog preachers, and right-wing politicians, are spending trillions of our tax payer dollars waging a fake war against the “Evil One” and the “Evil Empire”. Thanks to the invention of the Tea Party, any fool can join in and do a cheap imitation of Ronald Reagan attacking the Soviet Union – that does not exists anymore! However, a bullseye has been painted on the back of the President of the United States, and every Democrat, so the Ronny Loons can seize the day, get their kicks, at our expense. The Age of the Ronny Loons is upon us!

In 2001 I demonstrated Bush war against the “evil one” in Iraq dressed as Merlin, who is a bonnified candidate for the coming Anti-Christ. Two years ago I came to a Tea Party protest at the Federal Building in Eugene Oregon, dressed as the Anti-Christ. I carried a sign that read; “I WANT MY EVIL EMPIRE BACK!” “OBAMA STOLE MY EMPIRE!” “I AM THE TRUE ANTI-CHRIST. I MUST BE BEFORE HE WILL COME AGAIN!”

You should have seen the faces of the Patriots as they took in the Soviet flag I wore on my back, like a Caped Crusader for Evil.I wore a Star Wars light sabre on my waste. Many photos were taken of the Lone Wolf that walked fearlessly amongst the multitude of sheep. My sign had Biblical passages written on it. One guy asked;

“Whose side are you on, anyway?”

“My side, of course! I am the Anti-Christ!”

Jon Presco

One protester, Jeanne Mansfield – who said she was standing so close to the women sprayed in the face that her own eyes burned – claimed other NYPD officers had expressed disbelief at the actions of the senior officer.
In a vivid account of the incident in the Boston Review, Mansfield said: “A white-shirt, now known to be NYPD Lieutenant Anthony Bologna, comes from the left, walks straight up to the three young girls at the front of the crowd, and pepper-sprays them in the face for a few seconds, continuing as they scream ‘No! Why are you doing that?!'”
Despite her attempts to turn away from the “unavoidable” spray, Mansfield, who took part in Saturday’s march with her boyfriend on a whim after “stumbling across” it, said she suffered burning and temporary blindness in her left eye and tears streaming down her fac

The phrase evil empire was applied especially to the Soviet Union and its “empire” by U.S. President Ronald Reagan, who took an aggressive, hard-line stance that favored matching and exceeding the Soviet Union’s strategic and global military capabilities, in calling for a rollback strategy that would, in his words, write the final pages of the history of the Soviet Union. The characterization demeaned the Soviet Union and angered Soviet leaders; it represented the rhetorical side of the escalation of the Cold War.

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