End Time Elijah and The Great Witch

I am the End Time Elijah that Peter created in our play ‘The Roof Job’ (The Haunted Robe). It is too late to finish my book on the True Story of what Jesus was doing on the Mount of Olives, because, the only folks who would be curious about it, are Crazy Christians – who got their man – King Donald David -The Prophet of Meism.

“I got to be (the martyred) me! You know they had to steal the election from poor, me, so I could be like – you! It’s just you and me, now – against the secular world that betrayed – both of us!”


Rosamond Press

Above is the photo I took of the Kesey family at the dedication of Ken’s mural. Most, if not all, had to know Ken died of alcoholism. They had to have read the articles by Jeff Forester who is a brother in AA. His observation that people around him did not like him getting sober, is applicable to me. Sydney Morris should have consulted a professional on the disease of Alcoholism to understand the dynamics. Did Heather’s aunt read the bio of her famous kin? Did she feel threatened by her sobriety, because Linda Comstock knew she had a problem – as did her lover who refused to shake my hand? Flip died shortly after he toasted my grandson in a bar – that Heather posted on her facebook as a message to Linda and Bill. My cousin refused to read Christine’s bio saying she was not a real famous…

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About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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