Swalwell Raiders

There is talk of a new Civil War. Millions of Americans say we are in a Cold Civil War. Eric Swalwell is suing Donald Trump for starting the Jan 6th. Insurrection – which I saw coming in this post of May, 3, 2019 that I forgot I made. There can be no doubt I am able to see into the future, a gift any newspaperman would love to own. I have been – CORRECT! I took – THE RIGHT STANCE!

Being kin to the Fremonts gives me a special calling in regards to the History of the United States of America. As a Republican, I applaud the stance of Lynn Cheney. Surely Destiny awaits me. I will now concentrate on my candidacy for the Office of The Presidency. I am a Republican.

Below is a exchange of letters between myself and my Congressman, Peter DeFazio, where I call for the passing of a Bill that forbids Donald Trump from forming a terrorist motorcycle gang, This letter sent three years ago is a part of the Congressional Records. This historic prophecy will be used in the lawsuits I believe are necessary to protect the integrity of the Vincent Rice, and Victor Presco Trust, as well as the Last Wishes of my late sister, Christine Rosamond Benton nee’ Presco, who married into the family of Jessie Benton, the wife of John Fremont, the first Republican Presidential Candidate. All other attacks on this PROVEN Man of Vision, are now considered attacks on our Democracy.

I was just shown this. My kin was ousted from the SCV by neo-Confederate Racists. I have been on the front lines for twenty years. I have been deserted by family and friends. Fauci said he is getting death threats for wanting to heal our Nation. My disloyal daughter had a child with a anti-vaccine nut, while she pretended to be a woman healer.

“The group’s leader in North Carolina, Kevin Stone, someone who was described as associating with and recruiting extremists, co-founded the SCV Mechanized Cavalry, a motorcycle gang affiliated with the SCV. Reportedly, members of the biker gang pushed out members of the main SCV for not having sufficiently conservative values.”

John Presco

President: Royal Rosamond Press

Leaked neo-Confederate group membership reveals VIPs, military officers, elected officials are part of group | TheHill

“Because the Republicans put before our Lawmakers one frivolous Bill after another, may I suggest a Bill be introduced that forbid President Trump from forming a motorcycle club modeled after the Knight Wolves of Russia, who are considered Putin’s storm troopers. The leader of the Knight Wolves wants additions made to the Russia Coat of Arms that Putin installed, that contains a SERPENT and TWO-HEADED EAGLE!

“And the President will wear no colors of any motorcycle club lest it appear his intention is to ride hard all over the countryside, and with other lawless men, terrorize the good citizenry.”

Fauci says Sen. Paul ‘s attacks ‘kindle the crazies’ who have threatened his life (msn.com)


Judge to decide whether Swalwell’s lawsuit against Trump over Capitol insurrection can proceed (sfchronicle.com)

John Fremont First to Emancipate Slaves

Posted on February 18, 2012 by Royal Rosamond Press

John Fremont authored a proclamation that set free the slaves of Missouri and drew a line in the sand against the slave masters who authored the runaway slave act.

As I foretold, religious men are holding a tribunal over contraception, they not allowing a woman to testify. There are no women being heard. However, Sarah Palin’s voice rings out, and like Michelle Bachman, they overlook the Fremonts, and point to our Founding Fathers as the ones whose dream is allegedly being trampled on.

When Jessie declared her support of the Abolitionists, her close kindred in the South stopped communicating with her. They snubbed her for the rest of her life. A woman of courage has not been found amongst the Republicans – hence!

Swalwell’s Swamp Raiders

Posted on May 3, 2019 by Royal Rosamond Press

At 6:30 P.M. I awoke from one of my infamous ‘Old Man’s Nap’. I went far. It took me some time to come back into my body. I opened my eyes, and I had solved the ridlle as to where I had seen Eric Swalwell’s face before. I had just posted the photograph of my family in our car in Concord California. I suggested members of Eric’s facebook get a grassroots movement going, like the Tea Party. I suggested the name ‘Swalwell’s Swamp Patriots’ after Francis Marion, who my great grandfather, James Rosamond,and his brother, Samuel, fought under. Francis was depicted in the movie ‘The Patriot. The Rosamond family named their children after Francis because he had no children. He married late in life.

I was born in Oakland. My father made a loan for Jack London’s daughter. Jack was an oyster pirate. I awoke from my old man nap, and put a black patch on Swalwell’s eye…

The Swalwell Swamp Rangers’ are born this day. We are modeled after Real Patriots. Our first mission is to protect women in the military who are being sexually abuses and trespassed upon. Ranger comes from the Dutch word, Rangar – Strider!


The second mission is to sue the Trump administration to produce the papers he showed the public that our President claimed was proof on his divestment. They should be immortalized in the archives of Congress. See my letters below I exchanged with my Congressman.

The third mission, is a lawsuit in my behalf, that will evict all Republicans from the party founded by my kindred, for failure to maintain Good Faith and upholding the principles of John Fremont and the Radical Republicans. Trump promised he would get our nation out of the swamp. He lied. He is the swamp! This is breach of contract.

Here is an article about Eric not passing a Constitutional test by saying the word “woman” does not appear in the Constitution.


I wish I was by his side to say this;

“Excuse me. Our Founding Fathers did not give women the right to vote, thus, they are half of WE, not fully a citizen.  Also, they did not free the women who were slaves. Add it up! If you were a black woman when the Constitution was signed, then you were an enslaved half of a woman – who was not allowed to bare arms. When were women in the military allowed to fight in combat? When our Army went over there to fight the fight royalty fought, how many women in America could vote for the Peace Movement?”

The bad aspects of the Old Swamp Fox, is gone. We have to take our Democracy back. This nation was half-built by un-armed women – who were to busy picking up their babies and children, to pick up a gun. The new Swamp Fox lays down his gun, and sets all people free. Our women in the armed forces will willing fight for us, now that they can. We must fight for them. Sexual assault is violence. We must march to military camps, and the Pentagon and demand this undermining of our National Security – be stopped. When should it stop?


I assume these big bad armed boys in uniform believe a woman in uniform – is half a patriot – and thus you can rape them.

Eric only got 1% of the Demorats behind him. I like those odds. I grew up seeing that patch on the Hell’s Angels jacket. They were bad Oakland Boys – as were the Black Panthers. No one gave us hippies a chance to make peace in the world, but we did – for a little while!

Why did Francis Marion get married to when he was 54 years of age. It is alleged his wife had two children by him when she was 49. Does not compute. What I heard, is that Francis was in love with his black slave, Oscar Marion, and they were homosexuals. His cousin suggested a pretend wedding so the history books would be good to Francis.

Swalwell’s 1%. Looks like Eric is the Long Shot candidate, and the champion of losers. Looks like some folks have deserted Eric. That’s good, because I am inviting old Black Panthers, old Raider fans, and old Hell’s Angels to get behind Eric and his Swamp Raiders. Indeed, I challenge the Hell’s Angels to change some of their bad ol way, and ride against Putin’s Knight Wolves down in Venezuela. As for moving the Oakland Raiders out of Oakland – again – we don’t want you back. We got our new team! The Oakland Patriots!

I hereby challenge Putin to a football game at the Oakland Coliseum a week before the Super Bowl. Put together a team from your Knight Wolves, Putin, and we will get it on. May the best team win!

Women are encouraged to try-out for the team – that will be the most politically correct team ever put on the field of play!

John Presco

The Woman’s Peace Party (WPP) was an American pacifist and feminist organization formally established in January 1915 in response to World War I. The organization is remembered as the first American peace organization to make use of direct action tactics such as public demonstration. The Woman’s Peace Party became the American section of an international organization known as the International Committee of Women for Permanent Peace later in 1915, a group which later changed its name to the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom.

Mary Esther Marion (Videau)
Birthdate:September 17, 1737
Birthplace:Berkeley County, South Carolina, United States
Death:February 27, 1815 (77)
Berkeley County, South Carolina, United States
Immediate Family:Daughter of Pierre Nicholas Videau, III and Ann Videau
Wife of Brig. Gen. Francis Marion, “The Swamp Fox”

Francis Marion (c. 1732 – February 27, 1795)[1] was a military officer who served in the American Revolutionary War (1775-1783). Acting with the Continental Army and South Carolina militia commissions, he was a persistent adversary of the British in their occupation of South Carolina and Charleston in 1780 and 1781, even after the Continental Army was driven out of the state in the Battle of Camden.

Marion used irregular methods of warfare and is considered one of the fathers of modern guerrilla warfare and maneuver warfare, and is credited in the lineage of the United States Army Rangers and the other American military Special Forces such as the “Green Berets“. He was known as The Swamp Fox.

Francis Marion Templars

Posted on September 7, 2014by Royal Rosamond Press

Imacon Color Scanner

The call for another Crusade is coming from many leaders. Pope Francis uses language that puts a Crusader Sword at the foot of President Barack Obama, as does Ambassador Yousef Al Otaiba United Arab Emerate.

Above is a photo of a black man sitting at a table of European Leaders. Millions of Americans hate our President, and the truth he was born of a white woman who married a black man. Hatred of Interracial Marriage is common amongst neo-Confederates in the Red States.  In this blog I identify racism as the No.1 enemy of America, and the world, now that our President is called upon to take military action against a truly evil enemy.  I am going to publish a small book calling for the formation of the New Knights Templar. I will describe the true enemy of these Knights which will not be difficult. All I need do is compare ISIS to the Confederacy that employed ministers to preach the enslavement of men women and children. When other Americans did not buy the lie that Jesus was pro-slavery, disloyal Americans armed themselves and committed acts of treason and terrorism. If We the People are going to fight terrorists wherever they are found, then it stands to reason anything, or anyone, who resembles ISIS, is OUR enemy.

Patriot, Francis Marion, owned a black slave that was his good friend.  Oscar Marion was honored by President Bush. My kindred fought for Francis in North and South Carolina.  The Rosamond and Witherspoon family named their children after Francis for he was childless.  No children for Oscar has been found. There is a genealogy for slaves with the name Marion that means “Star of the Sea”.

Francis (Frenchman) is considered the Father of Rangers, a special military force of the kind being summoned to fight ISIS. The word “lineage” is used in describing the Rangers that comes from Rangar, or Rover, and thus the roving Norseman, the Vikings.

Bernard Dramelay was a Knights Templar who was elected after Hughes de Rougemont. These Knights are kin to the family that came to own the Shroud of Turin, that has been a banner for Christians when there were no democracies in the world. Denis de Rougemont co-founded the European Union and the United Nations.  Consider the halo of stars around the head of Stella Maris.  What banner will the Templar Knights of Francis Marion carry into battle? The TKFM will dedicate ourselves to making sure the flag of the Confederacy is identified as a ISIS banner, and, see to it that it never again fly over this Land of the Free!

In the spirit of my Fremont and Benton kindred, who co-founded the Abolitionist Republican Party, I encourage black men and women to join the TKFM, and existing Special Forces of the United States.

Jon Presco

Copyright 2014




Francis Marion (c. 1732 – February 27, 1795[1]) was a military officer who served in the American Revolutionary War. Acting with Continental Army and South Carolina militia commissions, he was a persistent adversary of the British in their occupation of South Carolina in 1780 and 1781, even after the Continental Army was driven out of the state in the Battle of Camden.

Due to his irregular methods of warfare, he is considered one of the fathers of modern guerrilla warfare, and is credited in the lineage of the United States Army Rangers. He was known as the Swamp Fox.





The bloodline of Hodge and Rosamond families are found at the base of South

Carolina’s history. The Hodge family also fought under Marion, as did the
Witherspoons. We shed our blood for Liberty. Our blood rises from the ground in
South Carolina. Our graves are still being found. A New South has risen. The Old
South is cut off, and withers away.

Oscar Marion was the servant of General Francis Marion (1732–1795), the legendary “Swamp Fox.” In December 2006, Oscar Marion was recognized as an “African American Patriot” in a ceremony at the U.S. Capitol, and a proclamation signed by President George W. Bush expressed the appreciation of a “grateful nation” for Oscar Marion’s “devoted and selfless consecration to the service of our country in the Armed Forces of the United States.”[1]

It is believed that, following custom, Oscar was made to take the last name of his owner, and he was one of perhaps 200 slaves (many with the last name of Marion) who served Francis Marion. But there may have been a close personal connection between the general and his slave, as some accounts of the general comment on the constant companionship and “faithfulness” of his servant Oscar, according to genealogist Tina C. Jones, a descendant of some of Francis Marion’s slaves.

The Highwayman

The Highwayman


Reply from Congressman Peter DeFazio

Dear Mr. Presco

Thank you for contacting me regarding your concerns with the outcome of the presidential election. I appreciate hearing from you on this important topic.

Following the November 8 election I have heard from hundreds of my constituents who are worried about their personal safety, civil rights and freedoms and that of their children and communities   under   the Trump Administration.

I signed on to a letter with over 160 of my colleagues to President-elect Trump urging him to rescind his appointment of Stephen Bannon as White House Chief Strategist. As the Executive Chairman of Breitbart News, Bannon repeatedly published stories that promote racism, xenophobia, misogyny and anti-Semitism. The appointment runs counter to Trump’s election night promise to be a president to all Americans and sets a troubling precedent for his administration.

I plan to fight any attempts to weaken, privatize or dismantle Social Security or Medicare. I will continue to push for a reversal of Citizens United, so the voice of American citizens is no longer drowned out by dark corporate campaign cash. I will push back on any proposals to undo consumer financial protections that allow big banks to prey on working Americans.

We live in a constitutional representative democracy. The President does not possess dictatorial powers. There  is a need to bring the country back together.  In the coming years, Congress and the Trump Administration will have to work to find common ground. I n particular, I look forward to working with this administration on a new  trade policy. I have voted against each and every so-called “free trade agreement,” which have exported quality American jobs to seek out the cheapest, most exploitable labor around the world. We need to change that.

Additionally, President-Elect Trump has talked about a trillion dollar investment in our crumbling infrastructure. That money could be well-spent to put hundreds of thousands of people to work, make our country more competitive, get people out of congestion , and save on fuel. I have ideas about how to fund that investment and I look forward to working with  him on  that when possible.

I will otherwise look for places where we can make common cause. W hen I find it necessary to disagree with this administration and their proposed policies, as I have with every president, Democrat or Republican, I will do my best to represent my district and the needs of my people, my state, and our country as best I can.

We’re the oldest representative democracy on Earth, and we’ve withstood a lot of crises. We’ve had a civil war, where we killed one another within our own country. We’ve been through the Great Depression, and even the threat of Nazism. We’ve stood up to a lot of things, and we can find common cause to draw together again.  You can be sure I will continue to  support vital programs and the fight for equality for individuals of every religion, gender, sexual orientation, and race.

 Thanks again for contacting me, and for your engagement in the political process. Please keep in touch.



To: Congressman Peter de Fazio and Senator Ron Wyden

At his press conference, Donald Trump produced a stack of legal documents he would not let reporters see. He says the read, and signed, papers, turned his business over to his children who will get everything when he dies. Why not leave everything to the American People, now, and let his children make their own money, like most of us who don’t have a legacy? Many suspect there were blank pieces of paper inside. Is this a hoax?

I am asking my Congressman and Senator to put these documents in the public domain. There is a precedent for doing this, being Revolutionary War Veterans, and their Widows, had to submit papers to the United States Government, and, undergo questioning, in order to receive some of the first monies given by our Founding Fathers to our first citizens. This was the case of my kindred, Captain Samuel Rosamond, and his first wife, Ann Pressley, also spelled, Presley. There was even an instance where cash grants were given to families who were on the brink of starvation due to our desire to be free. Why not author a Trump Trust that goes to paying off the National Debt? Every three months Ivanka can recite how much debt has been paid by the Trump Dynasty. When Trump leaves office, he and his children would be free to make, and keep, as much money as they want.  Who knows, Obama might give Donald an award – before he takes office!

In looking at my family tree, and these records, we see slaves being left in the Wills of brave men who founded one of the strongest democracies the world has ever known, thus these chained men and women contributed to the financial strength of our nation’s first families. They took care of the children and property of these fighting men. I suggest that anyone who can produce evidence they were the property of these world famous Rebels, be compensated. I suggest the First Family to be, offer a Freedom Bounty to the grandchildren of slaves. This amount can be determined by our elected Lawmakers, or, by all members of the Trump family who subscribe to economic incentives – and higher education! A thousand dollars can go to school supplies.

Because Trump and Putin have a great interest in Coats of Arms, any slave descendant of a family who owned a Coat of Arms, will be awarded a special Freedom Coat of Arms that will contain the image of The Liberty Tree, along with their family name.

Because the Republicans put before our Lawmakers one frivolous Bill after another, may I suggest a Bill be introduced that forbid President Trump from forming a motorcycle club modeled after the Knight Wolves of Russia, who are considered Putin’s storm troopers. The leader of the Knight Wolves wants additions made to the Russia Coat of Arms that Putin installed, that contains a SERPENT and TWO-HEADED EAGLE!

“And the President will wear no colors of any motorcycle club lest it appear his intention is to ride hard all over the countryside, and with other lawless men, terrorize the good citizenry.”

Elvis Presley was kin to President Carter, and may be in my family tree, along with Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor.

John Presco

That he is the son of Samuel and Sarah Rosamond both now deceased.  That his Father the said Samuel Rosamond was a soldier and served in the War of the Revolution in the South Carolina Militia.  That he held the rank of Lieutenant and Captain in Colonel Anderson’s Regiment — and for proof of the services of the said Samuel Rosamond he refers to the evidence hereto annexed.  And deponent further states that he is informed and believes that the said Samuel and Sarah Rosamond his parents were legally married in Abbeville District South Carolina on the __ day of __ 1785.  And deponent further states that the said Samuel Rosamond died on the 11th day of August 1814 in Anderson District South Carolina leaving the said Sarah Rosamond his widow and that she remains his widow to the period of her death.

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