John Hodges Rosamond

The FBI needs to crawl up Sweeny’s ass – and stay there as long as this fat pig walk the earth. “Sweeney’s second in command, Lt. Comdr. Hodges, had joined a lawsuit to prevent the changes to the executive council. Though the suit remained unresolved, Sweeney also used the convention, which was packed with his own supporters, to eject Hodges and replace him with a Sweeney ally. He then initiated a formal break with the Military Order of Stars & Bars (MOSB), whose former leader, Oklahoma City attorney Jeff Massey, had participated in the lawsuit that Hodges was also a part of. And he presided over the SCV’s donation of $10,000 to Lyons’ SLRC.”

Rosamond Press

“Dorothy (Hodges) being a young, tall, attractive woman was taken by an Indian Chief before the cabin was torched. She was gone for ten years. When she returned she brought her Indian son with her.”

With warfare all around them, the Rosamond and Hodge family conducted weddings, and from their unions sprang a Nation.

Samuel Rosamond
Place of Burial: Williamston, SC
Birth: circa 1751
Augusta County, Virginia
Death: August 11, 1814 (63)
Anderson District, SC

John Hodges Rosamond
Birth: September 16, 1789
Abbeville District, SC
Death: May 5, 1859 (69)
South Carolina
Elizabeth Rosamond
Birth: circa 1786
Abbeville District, SC

Most of the information about John Hodges comes from his Revolutionary War application, W10117.

John Hodges was born in 1765 in Essex Co., Virginia. He is probably the son of John Hodges of Culpeper, VA, born about 1725, and wife Elizabeth.

Apparently sometime before the Revolution, the John Hodges…

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