Valerie Sherwood – Cat Lady

She was known as the Cat Lady and owned many cats, who must have freaked when she wore her dead ermine shawl. My friend, Christine Wandel was known as the Cat Lady of Greenwhich Village. She met with her daughter and grandsons yesterday, and told me she would tell them Ruben Blades is the father of Julie. She finally gets it, that there is a market for books about steaming hot relationships of Bohemian Artists and Performers. I told her her grandsons will google Blades on their phones the minute they hear The Good News, then text their friends. Alas – they are players!

I see Valerie as a Kilgore Trout. I’m offering my services as a book cover illustrator.


The Cat Lady Romance Author of the Tidewater

Valerie Sherwood Life and Career

Jeanne Hines was born on July 29, 1922, in West Virginia, USA, although she came to live and love the coastal areas of the American South, a place she would often include in her novels.

Initially a journalist, she turned to writing Gothic novels under her own name from 1973 to 1977. Afterwards, she would write one romance novel as Rosamond Royal and several famously as Valerie Sherwood.

Valerie Sherwood Books

Sherwood’s first historical romance, This Loving Torment, was published for Warner Books in 1977, taking advantage of the bodice ripper explosion in publishing.

She would write 10 books with them from 1977 to 1984. In 1985 Sherwood would release her wonderful “Song” pirate trilogy for Pocket Books. To Love a Rogue and Lisbon, her last books would be published by National American Library, under their imprints. Lisbon, her final novel, was released in a hardcover edition first in 1989 by Dutton books. The Onyx paperback edition came out in 1990.

Her only book as Rosamond Royal was Popular Library’s Rapture in 1978.

Rapture, Rosamond Royal, Popular Library, 1978, cover artist unknown

Her Legacy and Death

No mere 80,000 words were enough to describe the worlds Sherwood created, with most of her books running well over 500 pages and some were parts of longer series. Her romances would be inhabited by dashing Cavaliers, pirates, rogues, and highwaymen. Often she would tell parallel love stories about more than one couple.

There’s something quite notable about Sherwood besides her swashbuckling romances: she was quite the eccentric cat lady, something to which I can very much relate. Every book of hers would be lovingly and effusively dedicated to a special cat in she’d known. She had a great many cats in her life, like many feline fanciers tend to do.

Ever, the wild character, Jeanne Hines passed away at the age of 92 on August 23, 2014.

Christine’s Typewriter

Posted on November 19, 2021 by Royal Rosamond Press

Christine’s Typewriter


John Presco

A Serial-Novel

Copyright 2021

Over a month ago. I boxed and sent via UPS, Christine Wandel, one of my manual typewriters. It sat in her hallway on Carmine Street in the West Village – for a week! Why she didn’t bring it into her appartment, is the beginning of this haunted tale that led me to learn my favorite actor is dead! God rest his soul.

I will be conducting a ceremony at sundown, where I will assign this actor’s heavily-textured soul to the Oaks Motel in Oakland California. He will be the first Thespian in residence. I think I will put Taylor and Burton there as well, in the next room, sos his tortured pathetic soul can be woken in the middle of the night by screeching and hollering!

I wanted Harry to play me in any movie made about me, or, anyone I know, but, as fate would have it, Mr. Statton has been chosen by the God’s of Pathos – to haunt Christine’s Typewriter! I have been accused of engaging in automatic writing in regards to my blog, Royal Rosamond Press. I have have given credit to My Muse. I wanted to help Christine become a Village Writer. but, I think she is a……Muse Snatcher! I think she – wants it all! She wants to own my Magic Jinn so it will type all day and night and generate a small library of novels – and several blogs! She wants a car, a literary vehicle – that writes automatically – just like the car in the movie ‘Christine’!

Harry was in the movie ‘Christine’. He plays Detective Rudolph Junkins. In my serial, he will be, Michael ‘The Spark’ O’Harkins. I have created this Pulp Detective to get to bottom of this. What the hell is going on? I think I created a – MONSTER!

Christine (1983 film) – Wikipedia

Wise Blood (film) – Wikipedia

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