Golden Girls of The Corncob

I began Golden Girls of The Corncob when I lived with Peter Shapiro around 1971. This was my first attempt to be a writer. I worked on the painting I did of Rena – at the same time! I had just moved from Boston where I took the Mafia to court – and won! I had yet to see Rosemary’s home movie, and the photographs of the Black Mask authors. Thirty-fives years later I began to find Royal Rosamond’s books. My sister saw that I was on a roll, and took up art, she becoming world famous as Rosamond. Hence half of America has gone Redneck Cowboy. I saw it coming.

John Presco

President: Royal Rosamond Press

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One of the highlights of my life was to see Rena Christensen emerge from her quad at the University of Nebraska, and walk to me wearing a flowing velvet green cape. Nothing can spoil this image, or take it from me. Rena will forever be a Muse in this Artistic Circle.

Michael Harkins suggested we go search for Rena in Grand Island Nebraska. We were going to take his Bentley and borrow cameras from Mill’s College. He had just seen me working on Rena’s portrait. He was asked to contribute to Stone’s movie about his good friend, Jim Morrison.  I began writing my novelette ‘Golden Girls of the Corn Cob’. This was my first attempt at being a writer. It is about Rena being kidnapped by Amazon Lesbos, and held captive in the sand dunes of Nebraska. They believe she is the female Messiah, come to save womankind.

At the end of 2009, I began exchanging e-mails with Tomas Ensley, who went to school with Rena. All of a sudden he is attacking me. He accuses me of trying to make Rena a goddess, a real goddess. I showed him my ‘Birth of Venus’ that I sent to Rena. Deputy Dan Mayland told me Rena had discussed my letter with another person, and they both saw evil in it. I now suspect Tomas read this blog and saw her Christmas letter to me, and my letter to her – my goddess! A year later, my blog ‘The Democratic Bohemian Register’ crashed. I lost all my blogs. Tomas was a suspect because he was an expert with mainframes. Two months ago I discovered Tomas had been arrested for own child porn. Three of his computers were seized. Did he believe I finked on him?

What we got is the Diner scene from ‘Easy Rider’ where Tomas goes after Denis Hopper who has caught the eyes of the Country Girl of His Dreams. There is this psychedelic ritual going on in the middle of America in the year this famous movie was made. Was it a conscious act to conduct a Spring Ritual around the song ‘Peppermint and Incense’? I am reminded of the movie ‘The Wicker Man’ where everyone is in on the ritual burning of the chaste man. These girls have been in the back seat of a car, or two, and know all the ancient tales of incest and child molestation. Closed family systems results in closed towns. There’s white sex slavery going down. These girls never marry who they want.

Here’s the true story of Yates. Rena has a reason to see herself as Wonder Woman.

With the very real possibility Trump may be impeached for his relationship with Agalarov, a study of The American Beauty is called for. I post images from Rena’s year book, showing how young teenagers were displayed like prized cows. Rena and Donald Trump were destined to meet. Instead, this seventeen year old Beauty, met me.

Because Rena and I met, my sister took up art, and married Garth Benton, the cousin of the famous artist, Thomas Hart Benton, who is seen with his daughter, Jessie Benton.

To see Wonder Woman wearing glasses and attending Harvard, may be the archetype Rena modeled her life around. She was an A+ student and Grand Island High School. What is so fascinating about meeting Rena, was she is seven years younger than men, and raised in a incubator in the Midwest. She goes to California. She is a great cultural study. This lover of poetry heard these words emanating from some kind of strange ritual that brought the Nebraska Outliers closer to the Scene. Fuck that shit! Rena went all the way! She became one with Sha La La.

Jon Presco

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Rena – Queen of the Cowgirls!

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There are some major classic Americana Scenes that were created by my Beloved Muse and I. One was the fight we had just outside Winnemucca when General Eisenhower broke down, followed by the look she gave me as she boarded the Greyhound bus, then came her posing as Diana the Huntress in the museum, followed by her lying on the steps of the museum with her head on my lap, and, her announcement there was nothing here for me in Nebraska, in response to my idea about moving there and renting an old farmhouse with my studio in the barn, where I would render large canvasses of the Most Beautiful Woman In the World, who I loved so deeply.

Hence, America has been invaded by Super Models, many of them Russian. The First Lady is a former model. The vision I had in 1970, has come true. I saw Rena as the Woman Christ – from the beginning. For a month we have been watching a parade of women file past fallen men, who once owned wealth and power. Rena chose to be with me, a poor, homeless man. What does this say about being responsible for the choices one makes. Millions of women voted for Trump – an admitted RAPE ARTIST – who is now claiming the voice that says “You can grab them by the pussy” is not his voice. He is correct. That is THE VOICE OF SATAN ‘ The Great Deceiver’.  And, he arrived on time, on the High Noon Train…………in Bozeman Montana!

World Experts are wondering how, and why our President is not Culpable – and Roy Moore. Trump has had access to the most beautiful women in the world. He made a point to walk in on beauty contestants while they were naked. It is said women are not culpable, and beautiful women do not have to answer to anyone. This is what Donald wants. This is why he has that absurd hair. He wants to be a Super Model – and a Gunslinger! Melania is a Gunslinger, Look at her eyes! Melania and her Girl Gang, know Roy is a liar. Why doesn’t she have the guts to step foreword and – put an end to this evil charade?

There’s no getting around it, Melania knows she gets in bed each night with a sexual predator. Ten million evangelical Republican women, know Royal Moore is a sexual predator, and, keep their mouths shut as a hundred of their kind defend Roy in public. Knowing your Bad Guy is what America and Movie Making was all about.

Jon Presco

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Tom Hanks isn’t surprised by Hollywood’s sexual harassment scandal.

The Oscar winner opened up about the current slew of harassment allegations against some of Hollywood top players during an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, saying there are “predators absolutely everywhere.”

“There’s a lot of reasons people do this for a living. Making a movie is a life experience that can create an awful lot of joy,” he said. “You can meet the person you fall in love with, you can laugh your heads off. That’s the good stuff.”

But despite all the good, Hanks said there is also a dark side to the film industry that can’t be ignored.

“The bad stuff can happen on a movie as well. There are some people who go into this business because they get off on having power,” he said. “And the times they feel the most powerful, which is why they went into the business, are when they are hitting on somebody who’s underneath them, [and] I don’t necessarily mean completely sexually. There are predators absolutely everywhere.”

The wave of allegations was spurred by a slew of stories alleging decades of sexual misconduct against Harvey Weinstein.

Hollywood figures Kevin Spacey, Brett Ratner, Louis C.K., action movie star Steven Segal and Entourage actor Jeremy Piven are among the many being accused of abusing their position.

Stars including Gwyneth PaltrowOlivia Munn, Ashley Judd and more have since spoken out against unwanted advances from Hollywood power players.

Hanks said he is optimistic about changes being made in Hollywood. Following the first wave of allegation against Weinstein, the producer was ousted from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. Weinstein has repeatedly denied “any allegations of non-consensual sex.”

“If you don’t follow these, you will not work here,” said Hanks. “And that’s not necessarily going to be a bad thing. Somebody said, ‘Is it too late to change things?’ No, it’s never too late. It’s never too late to learn new behaviors. And that’s a responsibility of anybody who wants to obey a code of professional ethics.”

Absurdist Fiction

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In looking at C.D. Payne’s connection to Winnemucca I came upon a genre of writing called Absurdist fiction. My ‘Desert Waif of the Undrivers’ certainly fits into this new category that is sometimes surreal. At twelve, I was a great surrealist artist whose hero was Salvador Dali. I am enjoying being a surrealist writer whose posts are surrealist paintings.
Add the topical news I cover in the same genre, then, I might be titled an Absurd Surrealist Journalist. I like the sound of that.

If I can only get Rena to come aboard and write a column.

My novelette ‘Golden Girls of the Corn Cob’ can be described as Absurdist fiction, where my Muse in set in a surreal environment and seen as the Female Messiah. C.D. Payne wrote a play ‘Queen of America’ that has sprung my soap box. Payne has walked into my trap on this one.

‘Youth in Revolt’ is one of my favorite movies. We Absurdist authors are notorious borrowers – it would appear – because there may be a common surreal landscape.

It’s great to be sixty-six and alive. I expect the next ten years of my life to be – out of this world!

Jon Presco

Absurdist fiction is a genre of literature, most often employed in novels, plays or poems, that focuses on the experiences of characters in a situation where they cannot find any inherent purpose in life, most often represented by ultimately meaningless actions and events. Common elements in absurdist fiction include satire, dark humour, incongruity, the abasement of reason, and controversy regarding the philosophical condition of being “nothing.”[1] Works of absurdist fiction often explore agnostic or nihilistic topics.

While a great deal of absurdist fiction may be humorous or irrational in nature, the hallmark of the genre is neither comedy nor nonsense, but rather, the study of human behavior under circumstances (whether realistic or fantastical) that appear to be purposeless and philosophically absurd. Absurdist fiction posits little judgment about characters or their actions; that task is left to the reader. Also, the “moral” of the story is generally not explicit, and the themes or characters’ realizations—if any —are often ambiguous in nature. Additionally, unlike many other forms of fiction, absurdist works will not necessarily have a traditional plot structure (i.e., rising action, climax, falling action, etc.).
The absurdist genre grew out of the modernist literature of the late 19th and early 20th century in direct opposition to the Victorian literature which was prominent just prior to this period. It was largely influenced by the existentialist and nihilist movements in philosophy and the Dada and surrealist movements in art.

Revoltingly Young: The Journals of Nick Twisp’s Younger Brother
Book VI: Youth in Nevada

by C.D. Payne

SATURDAY, June 18 — My cousin Tyler Twisp is visiting Grandma Wescott and me in her dreary singlewide trailer deep in the lonely wastes of Nevada. Tyler loves everything about Winnemucca, just as I, conversely, despise every aspect of my hometown. Of course, he is an immense jock who eats his own weight in grub every three days. Whereas I am a picky-eater flyweight with intellectual and cultural aspirations. Hard to believe my sinewy cousin is only 15, while I–a mere shadow in his wake–will be 16 in December. Strictly speaking, I may in fact be his uncle, since he’s the son of my half-sister Joanie. But since it would be silly to have a nephew twice one’s size, we prefer to regard each other as cousins.

Nevada prides itself on being the emptiest state in the nation. For example, Winnemucca is situated 165 miles east of Reno and 353 miles west of Salt Lake City. In between stretches a forbidding expanse of barren rock and scrawny sagebrush. Nice country for jackrabbits, but a challenge for any life form higher than a buzzard. If it weren’t for the Internet, I’m sure my mind would have atrophied and died long ago.

Welcome to the Kingdom of America, where a crisis in succession imperils the 220-year reign of the Washington royal family. Into the breach steps a lovely descendant of King George Washington I. She may become America’s first Queen–if she can overcome the forces conspiring against her and prevent a war with her realm’s fiercest adversary: the Kingdom of Canada.

Discover contemporary royal America, where sports stars play polo on pogo sticks, tourists queue up to tour opulent palaces, shoppers spend millions on royal collectibles, and even Elvis earned a knighthood. In this fanciful and uproarious rewriting of history, the Czar of Russia is America’s closest ally and behind every tree lurks a Canadian spy. Read C.D. Payne’s first play–and get set for a royal good time.

The Golden Girls of the Corn Cob – Live!

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I am going to sell story to HBO. With the appearance of Steve Bannon on stage, Sex-Trump is now a CULT that I saw coming in my novelette ‘Golden Girls of the Corn Cob’. If Trump had not been elected, then all my prophetic writing would be in vain. This might become a Broadway Musical. We did not do drugs. I was a follower of Meher Baba.

The photo above was taken by Michael Harkins on Willis Court where Rena stayed. James Harkins, Robert Delano and I are doing paintings to sell so we will have gas to take Rena home to Nebraska. This is 1970. We both looked like Jesus. Folks were in awe of us wherever we go. They made a path for us. Rena put on quite a show. Our Nation was split in two due to the Vietnam War. Trump-Whites want to dwarf that divide! There will be no peace? Why did Christians pray for this?

Jon Presco

Copyrght 2017

Golden Girls of the Corn Cob

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“I know when I am really interested in someone or something, I like to get my hands on as
many resources as possible to get information from a variety of points of view. So I don¡¯t see that it needs to be an either/or situation.”

This is what Patrice Hanson said to me about Tom Snyder’s awful, lying biography that sunk the Rosamond legacy. Tom was a nobody. There were two Bob Weir’s of the Grateful Dead thanks to Patrice’s husband who was arrested twice for impersonating him. Heather had two Daddies, and only one mother, not counting her aunt Linda. My only child is a chameleon and goes with the flow.

Here is what you got when you want two authors:

“Before the service, Vicki had taken the trouble to go through Christine’s
bedroom, putting her jewelry and intimate belongings out of sight. As matters
turned out, it did little good, for the funeral was not long over before family
members and others were ravaging Christine’s house, taking whatever could be
carted away. The artist’scloset, a veritable mother lode – took the worst
beating. World-class spender that Christine had been, much of the clothing had
never been worn. So whatever still bore price tags was hauled off to be
exchanged for money. Jewelry disappeared, as well as other personal belongings.
Gallery employees and close friends of the family, along with Vicki, were doing
their best to staunch the flow – the estate had not yet been inventoried – but
to no avail.”

What “family members” and “others”? All the looting took place the day before when I was kept away. As for other, my good friend, Micahel Harkins attended Christine’s funeral in an official capacity. He had done PI for the famous San Francisco Detective, Bill Lindhart. Michael was a god friend of Jim Morrison and his friend, the famous Beat Poet, Michael McClure seen walking before Jim and throwing the bird. Oliver Stone’s people asked Michael to give them some antidotes for that lousy film, and Michael gave them the bird.

In 1976 Michael and I came up with an idea for a film. We would drive his Bently to Nebraska and look for the Female Messiah – The Chosen One! We would be wearing white suits and Italian shades. We would drive up to Rena’s High School during a football game, and ask if anyone has seen her.

“The anointed one!”

As fate would have it, the minister’s wife did a Terot card reading for the Rose of the Word just before she was killed by that “rogue wave” and the Death Card came up. Khara Bromily wrote the screenplay ‘The Chosen One’. I am beginning to believe the Phantom of the Opera is for real.

I do not recall when I wrote most of my novelette ‘Golden Girls of the Corn Cob’ that has Michael and I going to Nebraska to save Rena from a cult following of women who believe she is the female messiah, just because she looks like Jesus’ daughter – if he had one. I had just read “Even Cowgirls Get The Blues’ by Tom Robbins.

Michael met McClure when he was going to the College of Arts and Crafts. Michael was an artist. So was his brother who went with Rena and I on a road trip in the Dodge I called ‘President Eisenhower. Tom Snyder wrote a book on Route 66. What did he know about art? Snyder did not know my family. He was an outsider, like Patrice and her family. I was appalled at how she and our daughter (too) played me like outsiders. My daughter was not an outsider in my mind, but the Skull-Witches bid Heather to play her cards that way, lest she be let into the inner Rosy Circle, and the door slammed after her.

Snyder was Patrice’s foot in the door, and I could not get her to remove it. Every time I tried, my attempts were turned into evil toads that were proof I was shutting my daughter out. Patrice low-balled everything. Feeling insecure she put me way beneath her! Heather came to believe I was the scum of the earth. Patrice had brought our daughter into many cults. I fought with a big head of Scientology over my – family? This is when Patrice disappeared my daughter.

In Rosamond’s painting above we may be seeing the blonde beauty that Michael spotted getting out of a Rolls Royce at the funeral. Who is she? Her husband flies his own jet all over the world.

It appears some people who were looking to promote their agenda were allowed to attache themselves to the death of the famous Rose of the World – like parasites!. My daughter demands I give her side of the family complete privacy. I posted this several years ago. Hence Rosamond’s cult has spread into Russia.

Tom Snyder and the Rowdy Girls

I just discovered that Khara Bromily, who gave Christine a Tarot Card reading,
co-authored two movie scripts ‘The Rowdy Girls’ and ‘The Chosen One: Legend of
the Raven’ starring Julie Strain who looks like Rena on steroids. Strain has
been titled “Queen of the B-movies” and “Queen of All Media “. One can say that
Julie Strain is the inner Rosamond. I hereby crown Christine Rosamond ‘Queen of
B Artists’. We lived in Concord where Strain was born.

Here is Khara Bromily telling Tom Snyder the Death card came up in Rosamond’s
Tarot card reading a week before she drowned.

“Was there any indication to Khara in her vision, or the cards themselves, of
death or impending doom? Did Christine have any concerns in that regard?
My work is about health and forgiveness and self-worth. A death pronouncement
can work against all that. But, if you are asking if a Death card came up, then
the answer is yes?”

Here is the Genesis of the Rosamond Cult. Tom Snyder is suggesting there were
supernatural forces at play in regards to the death of a World Famous B Artist.
Working in tandum, it is obvious Tom Snyder and Khara are interested in
immortalizing Christine so they can enhance their careers as authors. Hugh
Bromily conducted the funeral services. Is Christine ‘The One’ who would give
rise to a new generation of Super Women who would defeat the Poisoned Male
Pedigogy and restore Lillith to her rightful throne?

Tom Snyder smears my family, tells the world that those in Rosamond’s home after
the funeral looted the place! Of course we looted the place, the Rosamond Women
are the original Rowdy Women, the daughters of a real cowboy and Ozark
Hillbilly. Consider ‘The Beverely Hillbillies’. Looting the home of your dead
kin is traditional in the Ozarks! What the fuck does that outsider know. He
should be horse-whipped! Tom Snyder doesn’t even cut it as a B Author! He is a D
Author who wrote a wimpy manual on how to avoid getting hooked up with a famous
manic depressive female artist. Ah! He’s no fun!

“Oh it was just awful.” Lillian recalls. ‘Rosemary was shouting that Shannon was
late, ‘and ought to have her butt kicked.’ I don’t know all what she said after
that but she had her silver flask with her and it was getting rough.”

Of course Rosemary had her silver flask, all the Rosamond Women carry a
silverflask containing a magic potion to ward off rival Succubuses.

Above we see a photo of Rosemary at the Rucker office party being led around the
room by her beads, she dressed like a Flapper, a Hooker for the Mob. If you put
Carmen Electra, and Julie Strain in a ring with seventy year old Rosemary in a
walker, it would be ruled a No Contest! Rosemary chased Vic out of our home
after stabbing him between the eyes with a knife. He never to returned. He would
accuse me of helping Rosemary bannish him, but, Rosemary didn’t need any help.
Vic was a fucking coward who mentally tortured children.

“I felt responsible to continue,” Saint Pierrot says.”She taught me everything,
and I loved her. Her family was understandably in chaos. I couldn’t let all she
worked for drift away”

Chaos: 1. confusion, or confused mass, of formless matter and infinite space,
supposed to have existed before the ordered universe.

“Hugh Bromily, Khara’s husband and Episcopal priest, conducted the service with
taste and dignity. Raphael spoke, along with Karin: two friends from childhood.
The rest was, given those involved, what one might expect. Vic was cornering
whatever woman he could; Rosemary came in drunk, lost in her story that she was
the only seventeen-year-old to turn down Errol Flynn’s advance.”Oh it was just
awful.” Lillian recalls. ‘Rosemary was shouting that Shannon was late, ‘and
ought to have her butt kicked.’ I don’t know all what she said after that but
she had her silver flask with her and it was getting rough.”

“Before the service, Vicki had taken the trouble to go through Christine’s
bedroom, putting her jewelry and intimate belongings out of sight. As matters
turned out, it did little good, for the funeral was not long over before family
members and others were ravaging Christine’s house, taking whatever could be
carted away. The artist’scloset, a veritable mother lode – took the worst
beating. World-class spender that Christine had been, much of the clothing had
never been worn. So whatever still bore price tags was hauled off to be
exchanged for money. Jewelry disappeared, as well as other personal belongings.
Gallery employees and close friends of the family, along with Vicki, were doing
their best to staunch the flow – the estate had not yet been inventoried – but
to no avail.”

Here are the Rowdy Women that were in Christine’s home after the funeral. Too
bad Christine was not alive to enjoy the Rosy Chaos!
Garth and Drew Benton did not attend the funeral or reception of Rowdy Rosamond,
Royal’s granddaughter. The vespian, Garth Benton could have sent in his ex-wife,
the actress Harlee McBride, or her daughters, to make sure Drew was left her
fair share of the Rosy Scrum. I believe there was talk of making a movie two
days before the funeral at the meeting I was kept away from. They needed all the
B (for Benton) Actors in on this as they could get. Tom Snyder tells the world
about the fist fight Christine had with Jessica Benton.

Father, with Harlee McBride, of Jessica Erin Benton and Shannon Bree Benton…
Down 4% in popularity this week. See why on IMDbPro.
IMDb Resume:

Do you represent Garth Benton? Add a resume, photo, Twitter or Blog feed to this
page with IMDb Resume. Get a customized IMDb URL and more.

1. “O.K. Crackerby!” …. Sam’s Assistant (1 episode, 1965) – Ol’ Sam (1965) TV
episode …. Sam’s Assistant
2. Raiders from Beneath the Sea (1964) …. Clifford ‘Buddy’ Harper
3. 13 Frightened Girls! (1963) …. Peter Van Hagen
4. “Outlaws” (1 episode, 1961) – The Cutups (1961) TV episode

Hugh & Khara Bromiley have been active in the healing ministry since 1989. They
are featured speakers internationally on the healing power of Christ and the
vital connection of prayer and faith to healing. Reverend Hugh Bromiley is an
Anglican priest. They are known for combining humor and warmth with a clear and
powerful spiritual message.

The Chosen One: Legend of the Raven is a 1998 B-movie directed by Lawrence
Lanoff, co-written by Khara Bromiley and Sam Rappaport, and distributed by Troma
Films. It stars Carmen Electra and Lawrence Lanoff. When a serial killer
mysteriously and savagely murders a young native woman in rural Los Angeles
County, her sister McKenna (Carmen Electra) must replace her as the keeper of an
amulet, the sacred crescent. Reluctantly, McKenna accepts the role of chosen
one. With the amulet and after the rigors of the ritual, she takes on the spirit
and powers of the raven, the good forces in the battle against evil, the wolf.
McKenna’s powers include a thirst for milk and great sexual energy, which she
unleashes on her former boyfriend, Henry, a cop. The spirit of the wolf inhabits
Rose, Henry’s jilted lover. Rose wreaks havoc of her own before a final showdown
with the chosen one. Carmen Electra appears nude in this film although some have
suggested it is a body double.

1. The Rowdy Girls (2000) (writer)
2. The Chosen One: Legend of the Raven (1998) (V) (writer) … aka The Raven:
Chosen One (USA: closing credits title)

Not since Brandon Lee in The Crow has there been a movie hero like The Chosen
One: Legend Of The Raven. Sexy superstar Carmen Electra (star of TV’s Baywatch
and MTV’s Singled Out) explodes onto the screen in her feature film debut as
McKenna Ray, The Chosen One: the ultimate warrior in the battle between good and

When her sister Emma (Playboy Playmate Shauna Sand Lamas, star of TVs hit series
Renegade) is viciously murdered, McKenna, a cynical young lady, enters a world
which she left long ago. Guided by her shaman father and Emma’s spirit, McKenna
discovers that she holds the key within her to prevent the apocalypse.

Carmen Electra is The Chosen One, a powerful, beautiful avenging force of purity
who’s sole purpose is to defend the weak and destroy the wicked. Lavishly
produced by India Aleen (Playboy Playmate of the Year), The Chosen One: Legend
Of The Raven is a sexy, action-packed thrill-ride of non-stop unbelievable
special effects which has made the film one of the year’s surprise hits.

So here is our next B-Movie Babe, the self professed “Queen of All Media ” Julie
Strain. Now This 6’1 foot busty babe ( 40D-27-38 ) may look familiar to some
people, and that’s because she has been pretty sucessful as a “cult” type model.
She has been drawn and painted in Heavy Metal magazine and various pin-ups. She
has also served as the model for the heroine in the animated film “Heavy Metal:
F.A.K.K 2.A few interesting tidbits on this former Penthouse Pet of the Year (
93 ) is that she actually has suffered from amnesia. She was riding a horse (
and I’ve seen her movies..the girl dosen’t just ride horses ) and suffered a
nasty head injury which has left her with few memories of her life before the
accident. It’s almost a real-life scenario of most of these movies plots.Julie
is also married to Kevin Eastman. Comic book geeks know him best as one of the
creator’s of ” The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles ” and owner of Heavy Metal
Now I have seen a bunch of Julie’s films in my time and she always looked like
that woman who could kick the sh!t out of you, and she probably could. Her
character was usually the bad ass chick who’d carry guns both in her hands and
in her shirt , and would blow up a ton of stuff, and then unwind usually by
skinny dipping in a hot tub, sometimes even with other gals.

Strain was born in Concord, California. A graduate of Diablo Valley College, she
had an extensive athletic background. Much of her youth was wiped from her
memory, however, when she was left with a case of retrograde amnesia due to a
severe head injury suffered in a fall from a horse.[1] She eventually made her
way to Las Vegas and later Hollywood, California and her career took off.
[edit] Career

Strain has come to be known as the “Queen of the B-movies”. She has over 100
films to her credit. In addition, she was Penthouse Pet of the Month for June
1991, and Penthouse Pet of the Year for 1993. She has also had her likeness
attached to numerous comic book characters and animation items. For example, she
did the voice acting for the main character in the animated movie Heavy Metal
2000 and was the basis for the third person shooter Heavy Metal: F.A.K.K.².
Strain, who stands 6 ft 1 in (1.85 m), was married to Teenage Mutant Ninja
Turtles co-creator and Heavy Metal magazine Editor in Chief Kevin Eastman.
According to Eastman’s blog and Strain’s MySpace page, they separated several
years prior but maintained a relationship in public for undisclosed reasons.[2]
They have since undergone a “friendly divorce”. She met her new boyfriend,
Wayne, in a tattoo shop. She has also retired from show business.[3] Julie often
appears in the magazine in photos or pictures painted by her close friends
Olivia De Berardinis, Simon Bisley, and Luis Royo.

Russian Sex Camps – The Nashi Love Power Movement

Posted on March 1, 2012 by Royal Rosamond Press

Russians are running out of newborn babies and the Soviet government is running sex and procreation camps.

Note in the Purity Ball video the father wishes his virginal daughter well – but hopes she will one day have FOUR children. This is because he knows his ilk are losing races to minorities – who are breeding at a much faster rate. Purity Princesses are Breeders for Jesus. How about Hitler and the Fatherland?

This what you get when men took control of women three thousand years go.


Sex for the motherland: Russian youths encouraged to procreate at campBy EDWARD LUCAS
Last updated at 08:35 29 July 2007

Comments (0) Share Remember the mammoths, say the clean-cut organisers at the youth camp’s mass wedding. “They became extinct because they did not have enough sex. That must not happen to Russia”.
Obediently, couples move to a special section of dormitory tents arranged in a heart-shape and called the Love Oasis, where they can start procreating for the motherland.
With its relentlessly upbeat tone, bizarre ideas and tight control, it sounds like a weird indoctrination session for a phoney religious cult.
But this organisation – known as “Nashi”, meaning “Ours” – is youth movement run by Vladimir Putin’s Kremlin that has become a central part of Russian political life.
Scroll down for more
Sinister: Millions of young Russians at a youth camp discerningly similar to the Hitler Youth
Nashi’s annual camp, 200 miles outside Moscow, is attended by 10,000 uniformed youngsters and involves two weeks of lectures and physical fitness.
Attendance is monitored via compulsory electronic badges and anyone who misses three events is expelled. So are drinkers; alcohol is banned. But sex is encouraged, and condoms are nowhere on sale.
Bizarrely, young women are encouraged to hand in thongs and other skimpy underwear – supposedly a cause of sterility – and given more wholesome and substantial undergarments.
Twenty-five couples marry at the start of the camp’s first week and ten more at the start of the second. These mass weddings, the ultimate expression of devotion to the motherland, are legal and conducted by a civil official.
Attempting to raise Russia’s dismally low birthrate even by eccentric-seeming means might be understandable. Certainly, the country’s demographic outlook is dire. The hard-drinking, hardsmoking and disease-ridden population is set to plunge by a million a year in the next decade.
But the real aim of the youth camp – and the 100,000-strong movement behind it – is not to improve Russia’s demographic profile, but to attack democracy.
Under Mr Putin, Russia is sliding into fascism, with state control of the economy, media, politics and society becoming increasingly heavy-handed. And Nashi, along with other similar youth movements, such as ‘Young Guard’, and ‘Young Russia’, is in the forefront of the charge.
At the start, it was all too easy to mock. I attended an early event run by its predecessor, ‘Walking together’, in the heart of Moscow in 2000. A motley collection of youngsters were collecting ‘unpatriotic’ works of fiction for destruction.
It was sinister in theory, recalling the Nazis’ book-burning in the 1930s, but it was laughable in practice. There was no sign of ordinary members of the public handing in books (the copies piled on the pavement had been brought by the organisers).
Once the television cameras had left, the event organisers admitted that they were not really volunteers, but being paid by “sponsors”. The idea that Russia’s anarchic, apathetic youth would ever be attracted into a disciplined mass movement in support of their president – what critics called a “Putinjugend”, recalling the “Hitlerjugend” (German for “Hitler Youth”) – seemed fanciful.
How wrong we were. Life for young people in Russia without connections is a mixture of inadequate and corrupt education, and a choice of boring dead-end jobs. Like the Hitler Youth and the Soviet Union’s Young Pioneers, Nashi and its allied movements offer not just excitement, friendship and a sense of purpose – but a leg up in life, too.
Nashi’s senior officials – known, in an eerie echo of the Soviet era, as “Commissars” – get free places at top universities. Thereafter, they can expect good jobs in politics or business – which in Russia nowadays, under the Kremlin’s crony capitalism, are increasingly the same thing.
Nashi and similar outfits are the Kremlin’s first line of defence against its greatest fear: real democracy. Like the sheep chanting “Four legs good, two legs bad” in George Orwell’s Animal Farm, they can intimidate through noise and numbers.
Nashi supporters drown out protests by Russia’s feeble and divided democratic opposition and use violence to drive them off the streets.
The group’s leaders insist that the only connection to officialdom is loyalty to the president. If so, they seem remarkably well-informed.
In July 2006, the British ambassador, Sir Anthony Brenton, infuriated the Kremlin by attending an opposition meeting. For months afterwards, he was noisily harassed by groups of Nashi supporters demanding that he “apologise”. With uncanny accuracy, the hooligans knew his movements in advance – a sign of official tip-offs.
Even when Nashi flagrantly breaks the law, the authorities do not intervene. After Estonia enraged Russia by moving a Sovietera war memorial in April, Nashi led the blockade of Estonia’s Moscow embassy. It daubed the building with graffiti, blasted it with Stalinera military music, ripped down the Estonian flag and attacked a visiting ambassador’s car. The Moscow police, who normally stamp ruthlessly on public protest, stood by.
Nashi fits perfectly into the Kremlin’s newly-minted ideology of “Sovereign democracy”. This is not the mind-numbing jargon of Marxism-Leninism, but a lightweight collection of cliches and slogans promoting Russia’s supposed unique political and spiritual culture.
It is strongly reminiscent of the Tsarist era slogan: “Autocracy, Orthodoxy and Nationality”.
The similarities to both the Soviet and Tsarist eras are striking. Communist ideologues once spent much of their time explaining why their party deserved its monopoly of power, even though the promised utopia seemed indefinitely delayed.
Today, the Kremlin’s ideology chief Vladislav Surkov is trying to explain why questioning the crooks and spooks who run Russia is not just mistaken, but treacherous.
Yet, by comparison with other outfits, Nashi looks relatively civilised. Its racism and prejudice is implied, but not trumpeted. Other pro-Kremlin youth groups are hounding gays and foreigners off the streets of Moscow. Mestnye [The Locals] recently distributed leaflets urging Muscovites to boycott non-Russian cab drivers.
These showed a young blonde Russian refusing a ride from a swarthy, beetle-browed taxi driver, under the slogan: “We’re not going the same way.”
Such unofficial xenophobia matches the official stance. On April 1, a decree explicitly backed by Mr Putin banned foreigners from trading in Russia’s retail markets. By some estimates, 12m people are working illegally in Russia.
Those who hoped that Russia’s first post-totalitarian generation would be liberal, have been dissapointed. Although explicit support for extremist and racist groups is in the low single figures, support for racist sentiments is mushrooming.
Slogans such as “Russia for the Russians” now attract the support of half of the population. Echoing Kremlin propaganda, Nashi denounced Estonians as “fascist”, for daring to say that they find Nazi and Soviet memorials equally repugnant. But, in truth, it is in Russia that fascism is all too evident.
The Kremlin sees no role for a democratic opposition, denouncing its leaders as stooges and traitors. Sadly, most Russians agree: a recent poll showed that a majority believed that opposition parties should not be allowed to take power.
Just as the Nazis in 1930s rewrote Germany’s history, the Putin Kremlin is rewriting Russia’s. It has rehaabilitated Stalin, the greatest massmurderer of the 20th century. And it is demonising Boris Yeltsin, Russia’s first democratically-elected president. That he destroyed totalitarianism is ignored. Instead, he is denounced for his “weak” pro-Western policies.
While distorting its own history, the Kremlin denounces other countries. Mr Putin was quick to blame Britain’s “colonial mentality” for our government’s request that Russia try to find a legal means of extraditing Andrei Lugovoi, the prime suspect in the murder of Alexander Litvinenko.
Yet the truth is that Britain, like most Western countries, flagellates itself for the crimes of the past. Indeed, British schoolchildren rarely learn anything positive about their country’s empire. And, if Mr Putin has his way, Russian pupils will learn nothing bad about the Soviet empire, which was far bloodier, more brutal – and more recent.
A new guide for history teachers – explicitly endorsed by Mr Putin – brushes off Stalin’s crimes. It describes him as “the most successful leader of the USSR”. But it skates over the colossal human cost – 25m people were shot and starved in the cause of communism.
“Political repression was used to mobilise not only rank-and-file citizens but also the ruling elite,” it says. In other words, Stalin wanted to make the country strong, so he may have been a bit harsh at times. At any time since the collapse of Soviet totalitarianism in the late 1980s, that would have seemed a nauseating whitewash. Now, it is treated as bald historical fact.
If Stalin made mistakes, so what? Lots of people make mistakes.
“Problematic pages in our history exist,” Mr Putin said last week. But: “we have less than some countries. And ours are not as terrible as those of some others.” He compared the Great Terror of 1937, when 700,000 people were murdered in a purge by Stalin’s secret police, to the atom bomb on Hiroshima.
The comparison is preposterous. A strong argument can be made that by ending the war quickly, the atom bombs saved countless lives.
Franklin D Roosevelt and Harry Truman-may have failed to realise that nuclear weapons would one day endanger humanity’s survival. But, unlike Stalin, they were not genocidal maniacs.
As the new cold war deepens, Mr Putin echoes, consciously or unconsciously, the favourite weapon of Soviet propagandists in the last one.
Asked about Afghanistan, they would cite Vietnam. Castigated for the plight of Soviet Jews, they would complain with treacly sincerity about discrimination against American blacks. Every blot on the Soviet record was matched by something, real or imagined, that the West had done.
But the contrasts even then were absurd. When the American administration blundered into Vietnam, hundreds of thousands of people protested in the heart of Washington. When eight extraordinarily brave Soviet dissidents tried to demonstrate in Red Square against the invasion of Czechoslovakia, in 1968, they were instantly arrested and spent many years in labour camps.
For the east European countries with first-hand experience of Stalinist terror, the Kremlin’s rewriting of history could hardly be more scary. Not only does Russia see no reason to apologise for their suffering under Kremlin rule, it now sees the collapse of communism not as a time of liberation, but as an era of pitiable weakness.
Russia barely commemorates even the damage it did to itself, let alone the appalling suffering inflicted on other people. Nashi is both a symptom of the way Russia is going – and a means of entrenching the drift to fascism.
Terrifyingly, the revived Soviet view of history is now widely held in Russia. A poll this week of Russian teenagers showed that a majority believe that Stalin did more good things than bad.
If tens of thousands of uniformed German youngsters were marching across Germany in support of an authoritarian Fuhrer, baiting foreigners and praising Hitler, alarm bells would be jangling all across Europe. So why aren’t they ringing about Nashi?

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