Stay Out Of The Sawtelle!

The Marbles with Peter Shapiro (second from right)

I have claimed I am in touch with an angel, and, have been feeling out of touch, lately. I was feeling distracted from world events by Christine wanting to have her daughter and Ruben Blanes have a blood test to prove fraternity. I have spent months on The Roof Job, and Peter Shapiro was feeling left out of the loop in the last two weeks. We had talked about getting Star Power, but, I was now afraid of intimidating my old friend with – A Super Star! The Loading Zone was the only Fillmore band that didn’t make it big. Saturday, Peter threatened to quit the project.

PETER: Saturday 7:20 P.M. “I’m shutting this pony show down brother.”

I went to be early Sunday night, and woke at 11:44 – laughing! Peter made me laugh at the end of a long day of texting about Lima Bean – after I let him know we had changed course and our show had grown  higher and bigger – like a bean stalk, We got really stoked and were texting about our road trips in a Dodge. I told him about Robert Delanao hitting the No-Doz real hard so he coould lay his best rap on Rena – the most beautiful girl in the World. He deliberately did not tell me he could not drive a stick – just to get in the car with her all the way to Nebraska! Robert did a album cover for Santana.

GREG: How many rock bands rejected their album cover artist. Thy insulted him at length. Robert told me all about it. I wish I was there.”

PETER: The bigger concern, is, where is Mr. Delano now. I may have an artistic job for him now!”

GREG: Ha! Ha! Yes. We find the old hermit and Santana gives him a second shot. A easel is set up on stage while they perform. Google Denny Dent. He was a early friend of ours.

12 A.M. “I awoke with the ending of our movie thanks to you wanting to give Roberto a second chance. It’s midnight. I hear Black Magic Woman. Musicians seldom get it right on the first take. Carlos is still alive. We can get the Zone, the Power, and maybe Blades with Santana for the climax.”

I went searching for a live video of Santana singing live – and found this! This is a miracle! This is a concert against APARTHEID. Look!…..The Brothers of Color are SEPERATED from the mostly white audience……………………..AND THERE IS FELA!

I think my Angel is saying there should be world-wide concerts against racism. 


Denny Dent painting Jimi Hendrix. – YouTube

Ruben Blades invites Carlos Santana to join him on stage along with Nigerian singer Fela for an inspiring tribute to Soweto South Africa. “In Soweto, popular resistance to apartheid emerged in various forms during the 1980s.” (

P. long live the gourdmobile originally invented 50 years ago

G. I want to write book about you called Kid Boston. Hippie Pulp Fiction. The cover will have you and black girlfriend stepping over Neil Cassidy on way to a gig.. Chris needs new roof so Im going to author 18 hancock street a poe like novel. Full of woe and gore. Time to cop out while we can. Gourdmania. Cassidy went to Mexico to find Gourdzilla.

P I may need you to do some rant poetry while my group nutsack plays quetly behind you.

G I wrote a poem about Christine watching me do a painting in from of Kenny Reeds jazz band. We did jazz and poetry for four years with Izzy Whetstone. What happened to Malcom and Willy/

P. fly in well have a amish roof raising including a couple of shitty rent parties.

G. I’m too old to climb on a chair

P. dangle down from a large drone.

Series starts with johann gourdseed eastbound in a greyhound driking gourd wine on the way to do the roofing job. When he enters the empty house full of mangy cats the limey appears holding a mumified head shrunked head in a small box.

G Edgar Allan Poe

P. Marra the roofer?

G. Were on the same page. Marra who owned the Night Owl. His story is up for grabs.

Hippie bootleggers in West Virginia making hootch with gourd mash. New hippie bootleggers take over the village. It aint over till the fat lady sings.

Goshen Art School Kalimbas – House of Musical Traditions (

Rosamond Press

I awoke this morning reciting the poison scene from The Princess Bride. I had written something eloquent and used Iiocane as a means to explain the dilemma I have been ever sense Christine Wandel told me she was certain that Ruben Blades is Julie’s father. This was two days before she was going to have Thanksgiving Dinner with Ruben’s daughter. They were going to go to the Washington Square Diner, but, Julie canceled. Christine had me email Ruben, but, no response. I wanted to go with full disclosure – from the get – because I know Christine. We would end up at a round table with two goblets playing a guessing game……What is real? Compared to what?,_Los_Angeles

After several calls, where I was bid to change the dictated email, I posted the final version on Ruben’s Facebook – for the whole world to see! I took a cue from…

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