Royal and American Navy

The smell of war is in the air. There is a layer of silence laying on the land, like fog.

Rosamond Press

The Queen boarded a aircraft carrier named after her….dressed as A Red Rose. My vision of the Ghost Fleet…has come true. I am certain my blog is being read by higher-ups because I post on Jon Rosamond’s facebook. Google him. He is the top reporter for the Royal Navy. This talk of a ‘subtle fight’ means use more propaganda, because, that’s the only weapon you can use.

So, roll out the English Red Rose with her late husband’s Knight of Saint George, broach, and, you have said it all. Protect the Forever Virgin Queen from the Red Dragon.

This is why I chose the name….Victoria Rosamond Bond! The Gold Dragon think tank wondered when we would bring out the Red Rose…that English Witch that had Caesar so concerned.

“Drats! About time, they respond correctly to our opening move! That – witch! Now watch. Here come those Prussian War Horses! What…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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