Dylan At The Oaks Motel College Of Crummy Art

I want to found a college for Road and Ashcan Art. The California College of Arts and Crafts in Oakland, is closing. Many famous folks claim they got a degree from the College of Hard Knocks. The Artist, Bob Dylan, might want to frame a diploma that testifies to this.

My sister was a famous artist that lived next door to Bob Dylan in Woodland Hills. They babysat each other’s kid. Jiryrl Zorthian was a friend of Dylan, and may have inspired him.

Above is a photo of me standing in front of my studio-gallery on Blair and Fourth in the Whitaker. It’s 1987. I just graduated from Serennity Lane. This is a tough neighborhood with tough folk walking by all the time. They put a Cop Station across the street, to save gas. This is Crime Central. Junkies checked me out to see if I was worth robbing. The Mother Kali Book Store was here for awhile. When it moved, a woman used this space to give away free clothes to the poor and homeless. There was a bathroom out back in a alley I wish I had painted, or, taken a pic of. It was the quincuncial On The Road Toilet that I will replicate at my college. If there is more than one, I will hold a decorating contest.

I am open to David Lynch lunching a crummy film school at the OMCCA

John Presco

President: Oaks Motel College Of Crummy Art


dirty, unpleasant, or of poor quality. “a crummy little room”

About Bob Dylan | Castle Fine Art

Storycatchers: Remembering Mother Kali’s Bookstore (klcc.org)

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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