“Contention is The Devil”

Donald Trump became President by running as ‘The Devil of Contention’. He lost because he did not STOP running as ‘The Devil of Contention’ all through his presidency – and when he lost! Now what will he do as America gets ready for Noel and…..Peace on Earth? Will King Donalds allow all Americans to have a Peaceful Christmas, or, will he try to employ Khris Kringle in his next attack?

All over social media, Trump’s disciples and cult followers are PICKING FIGHTS in order to get back THE ZEAL OF CONTENTION so they can sock it to the opposition. BEING FOR JESUS, and what he taught, is much harder than inventing THE ENEMIES OF JESUS. When the weapon of contention becomes a LIMP WEAPON, that can no longer garnish secular votes, then millions of Republicans will be rendered powerless, and feel divorced from reality – and this Democracy!

John ‘The Seer’

Texas is being covered with billboards saying Trump lost – funded by fed up Republicans | The Independent

Amid former president Donald Trump’s push for state audits of the 2020 elections, billboards proclaiming “Trump lost” have popped up in seven states in the US.

The billboards include a photograph of Mr Trump with the caption: “Trump lost, no more election audits.” The billboards have even popped up in states such as Texas and Florida, where he won.

They have been funded by the Republican Accountability Project (RAP), a group that opposes Republican politicians who advocated for Mr Trump’s election audits.

The Savior said the spirit of contention is of the devil. What’s the difference between disagreeing with people and contending with them? (churchofjesuschrist.org)

The Savior said the spirit of contention is of the devil (see 3 Nephi 11:29). What’s the difference between disagreeing and contending?

It’s normal for people to have different views, and there are times when disciples of Jesus Christ need to stand up in the face of opposition for what we believe. But we need to state our positions in a positive and factual way without becoming angry, bitter, or insulting. So how do we avoid contentious conflict?

You’ve probably heard we can “disagree without being disagreeable.” Avoiding contention begins with your motives and desires. The scriptures say that “only by pride cometh contention” (Proverbs 13:10). If you care more about “winning an argument” or “being right,” a spirit of contention is almost certain to follow.

Elder Russell M. Nelson of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles has taught some ways to avoid contention: (1) “show compassionate concern for others”; (2) “bridle the passion to speak or write contentiously for personal gain or glory”; and (3) “in humble submissiveness, truly [love] God.”1 Then we can have the Spirit of the Lord with us, not the spirit of contention.

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