I Am Heir To Bay Area Gangsterism

“Racketeers let children into joints!”

I posted this on my Remembering San Francisco Facebook The press covered the affect Bay Area gambling had on families – even children! For this alone the Presco family is famous. Now add my grandfather the gambler, and the founding hippies involvement with the Hell’s Angels, then I might be Heir to Outlawism. I met the major manufacturers of LSD. I believe I know how the Mafia got a LSD lab and started selling on the East Coast. Ken Babbs just published ‘Cronies’. Pot is now legal in Oregon and is a billion dollar industry, as is legal gambling in Nevada – and elsewhere! I don’t see any interest in politics from the Kesey Krowd, whose Springfield Son partied with the Hell’s Angels in La Honda. The KK is leaving it all up to Jerry Russ – and whomever – to carry the Hippie Political Branch. As to who is carrying the Hippie Spiritual Torch now that Allan Ginsberg’s tiny finger symbols have become silent – who gives a rat’s ass. Feeling omnipotent and all powerful is the name of the American Game!


Amazon.com: Customer reviews: Lanza’s Mob: The Mafia and San Francisco

This is Bones Corner a gambling joint at Taylor and Eddy owned by Big Bones Remmer who I met, along with his wife. My mother met Bones at the Key Club in Emeryville where she went to have a drink after work. She worked hard to feed her four children. Bones, put her to work. When there was a big bust, Rosemary fled to LA and left us in charge of a old hag – with a big wart on her chin! Every Halloween I think of her – our other mother. One neighbor read an article in the Tribune. A judge was considering putting the four Presco children in an orphanage. Then, Rosemary came and got us. Packed into her little Ford Anglia, we headed to La La Land. We were treated to the King Breakfast….in King City.

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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