The Return of The Green Swastika

There is no collaboration with Casey Farrell who hung up on me and has refused to pick up – for a month! I have had conversations with Mr. Farrell for years. He is eccentric. I asked him not to call for a few days because Peter Shapiro and I were having a long written chat that we agreed would be historic. Casey is telling me he has not called for a week because I told him I never wanted to talk to him anymore – only Peter! I suspect he is going to try to lift part of my study. We talked about doing a radio show, but he declined to be my partner. We called our hour long talks a “radio show”. I wondered if he was recording me without my knowledge.

I stopped picking up for Farrell several years ago after I found this post of his. He claims we have similar backgrounds, and this is the reason I plagiarize him. When he heard I was talking to Peter of The Loading Zone, he rehearsed our calls, he coming off as the Zone historian. This is part of his mental illness where he has to believe he is spoon-feeding me. His family is threatening to make him homeless again because he is annoying. If they would only listen to him – they would be millionaires!

I began to suspect he had not changed his Evil Ways when he tore into Dutch actress, Lara Roozemond, who I want to play a “queer”. I suspect Casey has hateful followers who he has convinced I am his usurper. On several occasions Mr. Farrell has said and written about his fear of being murdered by Lesbians. I believe I have a ready-made villain for Victoria and Miriam. I don’t think Casey has been laid in 30 years. Just a wild guess.

Hmm! Is it possible I got my idea for ‘Killer Lesbians’ from Casey – in a subconscious man-ner? Consider Q-Anon. Has Casey teamed up with those crazies…..for protection?

John Presco

Dutch royals allowed to marry members of the same sex: prime minster (

“The rules for members of the Dutch Royal family are changing to be more inclusive of possible LGBTQ heirs to the throne.

Netherlands Prime Minister Mark Rutte announced on Tuesday Crown Princess Catharina-Amalia, 17, could marry someone of the same sex without giving up her crown, Reuters reported.

Casey Farrell ‏@KELUFORNIA_STAR  22h

22 hours ago

Have an acquaintance whom I have ‘spoon-fed’ (he plagerises) for decades, merely on the basis of his having similar California backgground-

“PLACED LEGITIMATE HEADS UPON THE NATIONS OR TRIBES ONCE AGAIN and those ‘wicked’ MISBEGOTTEN bastards the QUEERS…they DARED to ‘assault’ HEAVEN’s THRONE with their FILTH and VAUNTED their DEPRAVITY thinking that by virute of their BLOOD and LINEAGE and RANK and POSITION that none would OPPOSE their CRIMES?”

Rosamond Press

I knew Casey Farrell was going over to The Dark Green Side again when in our telephone coversations – that we labeled our radio shows – he recited his Irish Ditty about the Jews being Irishmen who wrote the Torah. He had done this to me a couple a years back before I cut him off – again. He wanted to back me – all the way – because of my family connections, but, I was embracing Black People. If only he could get me to post on the full meaning of his Green Swastika, he would be my full friend. We are living in a FULLY DIVIDED NATION.

I have wondered if Robert Buck was getting to folks on my team, and sending some Green their way. My detective friend wondered where my sister got the money to pay the rent on her gallery – then – where did…

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