The Return of The Green Swastika

I knew Casey Farrell was going over to The Dark Green Side again when in our telephone coversations – that we labeled our radio shows – he recited his Irish Ditty about the Jews being Irishmen who wrote the Torah. He had done this to me a couple a years back before I cut him off – again. He wanted to back me – all the way – because of my family connections, but, I was embracing Black People. If only he could get me to post on the full meaning of his Green Swastika, he would be my full friend. We are living in a FULLY DIVIDED NATION.

I have wondered if Robert Buck was getting to folks on my team, and sending some Green their way. My detective friend wondered where my sister got the money to pay the rent on her gallery – then – where did Stacey Pierrot get the rent? Is it possible Robert paid the rent, and the rend of other Carmel Artists who got in the rears? His family had a lot at stake in this Carmel Art Colony, as did his other law partner, Heisinger. Did they take a tax right-off? The closure of the Rosamond Gallery would have a domino affect.

After not talking to Casey Farrell for a year, I wondered if Trump and his followers – followed the rant of The Green Swastika who is brilliant one minute, and a ignorant racist lunatic the next. Evangelicals are eating this green shit up. I caught Casey saying he was spoon-feeding me information for years. He keeps sending me e-mails which I delete. I saved some as evidence. He compares his family background to mine, as if the Casey clan is equal.

In this post of August 19, 2019 I predict a war with Iran who is saying Trump is not safe anywhere in the world.

Why an Iran Attack Could Be Biden’s ‘Hour One’ Crisis (

John Presco

Copyright 2020

Casey Farrell ‏@KELUFORNIA_STAR  22h

22 hours ago

Have an acquaintance whom I have ‘spoon-fed’ (he plagerises) for decades, merely on the basis of his having similar California backgground-

Casey Farrell – Insane Hijacker! | Rosamond Press

Casey Farrell ‏@KELUFORNIA_STAR  May 31






We are not talking RELIGIOUS sentiment here-as one may have LEARNED that WHEN the ‘CELTS’ finally ‘degenerated’ form being “LOST TRIBES” (‘the’ “ISRAELITES”) they broke into German, Slav, Latin, Greek, etc. but when they ‘re-grouped’ there were ‘TESTS” and one of these was a “CHALLENGE” to “HOMOSEXUALITY” (meaning the HARD CORE male ABOMINATION…not simple ‘sex acts’ but allowing the SPIRIT of EVIL to enter into their beings, and ANIMATE them to great BLASPHEMIES…much worse than ‘sin’ or ‘bad’) and that ‘renaissance’ was called “THE VIKING AGE!” This group DID NOT ‘worship MAMMON” but instead

PLACED LEGITIMATE HEADS UPON THE NATIONS OR TRIBES ONCE AGAIN and those ‘wicked’ MISBEGOTTEN bastards the QUEERS…they DARED to ‘assault’ HEAVEN’s THRONE with their FILTH and VAUNTED their DEPRAVITY thinking that by virute of their BLOOD and LINEAGE and RANK and POSITION that none would OPPOSE their CRIMES? Look what happened to WILLIAM the CONQUERERs son “RUFUS the ‘Red’” HAH! They took him out HUNTING and ‘ARROWED” his ASS! The FILTHY ABOMINATION, it makes me MAD now JUST to HEAR OF IT! He was a REAL ‘self-outing’ QUEER! And deserved of DEATH! THE SWINE! And now we are faced with many such ‘outrages’ DAILY not by simple sexual proclivity, no that may or may not be a SIN but is not a SIN unto DEATH! What is is the ATTEMPT to commit one’s one PEOPLE to the PIT via a premeditated LONG-RUNNING  well-planned

Antichrist Island – Home of the Green Swastika

Posted on August 21, 2019by Royal Rosamond Press

Four days ago I posted this – prophecy! It will come out that God-Trump wanted to gift Greenland to the Kirshner’s so they can create a Jewish Sanctuary in case of war with Iran – which is coming! This Green Madness is a dream come true for Putin. Reality is now God-Trump’s Reality Show. The Danish PM realizes The Mad Man is at her door. She can barely catch her breath. Rena’s folks are from Denmark. Is Rena as Trump devotee?

John ‘The Seer’

US President Donald Trump has called the Danish leader “nasty” after she rebuffed his idea of buying Greenland.

He lashed out hours after Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen said she was “annoyed” that Mr Trump had abruptly called off a state visit to Denmark.

Ms Frederiksen dismissed the suggestion of such a deal this week as “absurd”.

Queen Margrethe II invited Mr Trump to visit Denmark on 2 September. The manner of his cancellation has caused dismay in Scandinavian nation.

What did the US president say?

Mr Trump told reporters on the White House lawn on Wednesday afternoon that Ms Frederiksen had made a “nasty and inappropriate statement”.

“I thought it was a very not nice way of saying something,” he said.

“They could have just told me no. All they had to say was we’d rather not do that. Don’t say, what an absurd idea that would be.”

Mr Trump pointed out that President Harry Truman once considered making an offer for Greenland, which is an autonomous Danish territory.

“It was not a nice statement, the way she blew me off,” the US president added.

Rosamond Press

Idea for a HBO Series.

Antichrist Island


John Presco

Copyright 2019

“When you fight your dragon, be careful not to become your dragon.”

The President of Denmark, seeing the War of Armageddon is about to happen in an insane act of self-fulfilling prophecy, comes up with a scheme with secret members of the Israeli Government, who are Socialist and Atheists, determined to save Israel (at least) The Haredi are getting a lot of unwanted attention from the evangelical prophets. If the blessed Tribulation is going to happen, the Haredi are the key!

“What if we could get them to abandon their orthodoxy, and believe in a new idea? ”

“Like what?”

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  1. Reblogged this on Rosamond Press and commented:

    There is no collaboration with Casey Farrell who hung up on me and has refused to pick up – for a month! I have had conversation with Mr. Farrell for years. He is eccentric. I asked him not to call for a few days because Peter Shapiro and I were have a long chat that we agreed would be historic. Casey is not telling me he has not called for a week because I told him I never wanted to talk to him anymore – only Peter! I suspect he is going to try to life my study.

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