Bible Thumper In Chief

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Trump used Jesus, the Military, and the Police to create images that he hoped would win him another term. Captain Victim has sparked outrage among true Christians and Real Church Leaders. I predicted this was coming. I was made out to be insane! It is uncanny that my computer froze right after I posted on the Sunset Strip Riot on May 12. Is ‘The Son of Man’ holding the Bible upside down? So full of wisdom – NOT!

Is Trump replicating the scene his favorite artist rendered? He gives a nod to neo-Confederate  Gun Grunts that he sees as his Pretorian Guard.

Hail Caesar!

John The Prophet

The Passion of Trump

Breaking: Pentagon chief says he does not support the use of active-duty military forces to quell unrest, breaking with Trump

In response to unrest related to the death of George Floyd, President Trump threatened to use active-duty…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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