Ben Toney and The Kings of Jerusalem

In 2018 I began to have visions of the Grail Fleet that led to authoring my prophetic James Bond book ‘The Royal Janitor’  that I posted on in March – with this warning. I begged people to stop attacking me because is interferes with MY SIGHT! I was mocked and humiliated. Everything was taken from me – for kicks! Rena Christensen was…..My Vivian. 

Seer Jon

The Creative Royal Fleet Sets Sail | Rosamond Press

At the stainless steel door, Sabrina stopped, pointed up, and asked;

“What does that say?”

It says……….”I can tell that you are quite left-leaning.”

“Why is it there?” Sabrina asked.

To remind us to never underestimate anyone. And, never think for a second a whacked-out poet-artist and Bohemian type, is not a true patriot.”


Merlin and Vivien | Robbins Library Digital Projects (

Rosamond Press

There are millions of people all over the world that are looking in their family trees to see who their ancestors, were, and, who their people – are! This morning, I did more research on the ancestors of my friend, Ben Toney. I found Godfey de Boulogne, the Crusader King, and his brother Baldwin, the first King of Jerusalem. His direct ancestor is credited with creating the Bayeux Tapestry. Here is Ben’s family tree. I missed the Kentucky Derby that ran at the same time I am looking at the knit horses of the Bayeux tapestry. Ben’s kindred were there, putting their warrior horses on boats, they queued up on the rail, looking out to sea……..wondering whither they are bound!

Putin is very interested in genealogies because he is restoring the royal houses of Russia. Some historians claim ‘Beatlemania’ toppled the Soviet Union. I concur.  Russian soldiers were on…

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