The Beast of Anti-Democracy

Kim Haffner and her mother, who went to school with Garth Benton, read this, and conspired to deprive me of my Civil Rights. This is from August 2018. A Christian asshole tried to negate the results of a democratic election, and bid other Christian assholes to lynch our elected leaders. Christians – can be assholes! Christians – can be wrong! How many people became Christians so they can never be – a asshole and wrong – because you can’t say this about religious people?

John ‘I Was Right’ the Prophet

Rosamond Press

I will have to come up with a name for the Beast Who Hates Democracy In The Name of Jesus.  My family helped found the Republican Party, so that name is not applicable.

I am not to blame, God, or Jesus, or, God-Jesus, did not bid our Founding Fathers to give WOMEN THE RIGHT TO VOTE when the wrote the Constitution. I just keep pointing it out, because the Christian Demons who put Trump in the White House want their flock to fight over the RIGHT FOR EX-SLAVES TO VOTE. God-Jesus did not bid our Founding Fathers to FREE THE SLAVES………..did they! Therefore, how can our Democracy be the WORK OF GOD-JESUS?

The Rapture Heresy, coupled with Revelations – that no one understands – is going to REPLACE this democracy – without a fight! There will be a fight if Evangelicals insist on taking over MY DEMOCRACY! Indeed, that fight…

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