Do Rapture Rats Have a Hit List?

This is another post that got my evangelical neighbors in a froth. Their leaders say Trump will begin the end of the world, and my response is to end the countdown. Why should atheists be willing to die and go along with thus bullshit? This is why June 6th. happened. It was a Rapturist Insurrection!

Rosamond Press

The Leader of the Rapture Rats, King Donald, came out with his hit list, after declaring the Press the enemy of the people. What people? His people? The Rapture Rats put him in office so their KING JESUS will come and RULE OUR DEMOCRACY! Kings don’t rule Democracies – until the Rapture Rats put Trump in office.

THINK! Is this what our Founding Fathers wanted? NO!. They never heard of the Rapture and Tribulation. Rapture Rats are LIARS, who claim their violent cult was the norm for our founding fathers. Why form a Democracy – when you really want a Holy Monarchy?

These loons wanted to break out of their church and infect our democracy with this crap, so they can be in power in proxy – till this prophecy come true.  This shit will never happen! How is the Antichrist going to get past the Free Press! I am…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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