How My Minor Child Was Destroyed

How My Minor Child Was Destroyed


John Presco

Copyright 2021

Members of my family, and Heather’s family, CONSPIRED to destroy a innocent minor child. To turn a MINOR CHILD against A PARENT, for selfish and criminal reasons, is to destroy that MINOR CHILD. The only defense for doing this, is, I deserved to be destroyed! Depicting me as a very bad person and father – is the defense of The Destroyers! They encouraged Heather Hanson – to do the same – thus destroying her as a human being. I am innocent. Heather used to be innocent. We had a very innocent relationship, free of guilt, shame, and blame. My brother, the Neo-Nazi Racist, took delight in seeing Heather and I – SOILED!

Mark Presco, Vicki Presco, and Shamus Dundon, conspired to destroy Shannon Rosamond after her mother’s death in 1994. Vicki is dead. My daughter came into my life in 2001. She did not know my siblings HATED DEAD CHRISTINE, because she owed them money, and wrote bad things about them in her autobiography – that was stolen by Garth Benton from his former home – while OUR FAMILY was at the funeral. Shamus and Mark -knew this grand theft was going to take place. They CONSPIRED with others to steal valuable Intellectual Property, in order to save their reputations, and MAKE A PROFIT from – their biography – that demonizes a world famous artist. The conspirators – took their revenge!

Preventing me from finishing my autobiography – was of paramount importance. They corrupted a seventeen year old girl – to get their needs met. They ABUSED A MINOR in order to destroy their enemies. They wanted me to commit suicide. My mother suggested Christine Rosamond Benton killed herself. Do we have any evidence she did this? YES! By what my evil family did to me – and a minor child – tells me they did much evil to Christine – who I had been estranged from for fifteen years.

In 1992, I began therapy at Phoenix Therapy on Willamette Street in Eugene Oregon. My therapist specialized in helping artists who added their painting of a Phoenix Bird to the collection that hung on the wall. It was my hope that I would get help in getting Christine back into my life. We had a fight while drinking and doing cocaine. I had five years of sobriety. This led me to author and send a thirty page letter to my three siblings, asking them to GET THEIR CHILDREN BACK. I told Mark, Christine, and Vicki, they had duplicated our abusive parents, by throwing their only child away. I can not find that letter that I believe led to Christine writing her bio that Vicki showed me. She wanted me to read how our sister went after me in the opening paragraph. I suspect Vicki showed other people the bad things Christine said about them.

Vicki Presco, Mark Presco, and Shamus Dundon, CONSPIRED to render the recovery story of two artists – a complete failure! Getting Heather Marie Hanson on their team – was vital! Tom Snyder said he would not employ Christine and my recovery in his evil bio. HE LIED! He lied to the father of a sixteen year old minor in order to get me to sign a non-disclosure agreement. Mark Presco demanded I sign that ND, and when I refused – he threw me out of HIS family. My evil brother has been working behind the scenes to destroy Christine and I. He has disappeared himself – with the help of Shamus Dundon – who knows his uncle is a Racist. Shamus read his evil rants. Think about this, two creative siblings in recovery, are replaced by a Hater of Art, a Hater of Women. A Hater of Minorities.

Help me find this Destructive Hater of Humanity and Art. You will know him by his evil twisted smirk, that reveals his diabolical cynicism. I believe he helped turn Drew Benton against her mother. Drew and Mark were close. When Garth dropped Drew off at the house after the funeral, she started playing video games with Shamus Dundon. My friend pointed out how unfazed she was, he doubting the reason why she was kept from her mothers funeral. Mark hated Alcoholics Anonymous and all Self-help programs. He made a few million, and he wanted to be the shining example of how he had overcome his destruction alcoholic parents. Does that look like a Victorious Man to you? He undermined all our successes. He helped sabotage my relationship with my miracle, my newfound daughter. Need I say Drew is in very bad mental shape. She gets disability. Drew can be put on a witness stand to tell her version about the alleged looting – and her mother’s death at Rocky Point!

I am changing the title of my autotbiogrpahy from ‘Capturing Beauty’ to ‘How My Minor Child Was Destroyed’.

John Presco

President: Royal Rosamond Press

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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