She’s Totally Mine!

What Patrice told me, is, her dead mother came back in the body of our child, my only child. Patrice’s mother was severely mentally ill and was in and out of mental hospitals. She jumped off a cliff down in L.A. – and died! She left three children behind that Patrice raised like her own, or, so she says. Patrice told me the angel above them at the restaurant was a conformation that this was – all true! Heather looks thrilled – at the good news! For a long time she wondered if her mother – was fucking out of her mind – too!

Like mother, like daughter. I can’t begin to describe how this makes me feel, but, will try the next time I see my therapist. Heather believed I was responsible for her mother being poor and having a tough life – like her grandmother, who now dwelt in her, and, was Patrice’s Guardian Angel. My daughter’s job in life was to make it – all right! Going after the legacy of Rosamond – was just! Somehow, my family owed it to Patrice, who somehow, sucked Rosamond’s talent into her womb, and then passed it on to her new mother growing inside of her. The Angelic Mother wanted to make sure her granddaughter-self was loaded with talent, so she can make a million dollars for her poor daughter – she abandoned. Nothing good could come from me – genitivally speaking. Heather was born of….The Double Mother!

The question is, Did Tom ‘Nice Guy’ Snyder hear this, with pen in hand, he on pins and needles prepared to – sock it to me – and put an end to our……….WRITE-OFF! (tee-hee)

Patrice had taken acid with Berkeley Amazons who were angry about the immaculate Mary thing, and how women are no longer The Healers. She was determined to turn the tables again, and have women come back on top. After all…..they are the Womb Holders.

In the top picture you are seeing us the day after I saw MY CHILD for the first time. Leah’s mother took this pic. In the past, she has thrown her daughter out of the house with the help of a Tough Love group. In a week, Heather and Leah are on a train where the secret plan was to drop Leah off, and have her live with me, while Heather went off to meet aunt Vicki for the first time. As the embodiment of her Insane Suicided Grandmother, Heather is going to make everything right. I believe she is beyond therapy. I, on the other hand, am going to relinquish my title!


Right across my forehead! do you see it?

I just realized I own love for Leah. Her father she recently found, utterly rejected her. We liked each other. I now realize why I was asked to come down to Santa Rosa and separate Heather and Leah after her freak-out. Aunt Linda was getting ready to make her move on the Rosamond estate, and, if I formed a bond with Heather’s best friend, she may not be ready to abandon me. Linda is a real diabolical witch – who has no children! She sees Heather as her own. She knew my daughter would be upset with me.

John ‘Nice Guy’ Presco

About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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