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My great grandfather was surrounded by families that descend from the Puritans. In my lifetime, the United States fought in two wars they should have avoided. The permission to do so surrounds the history of my great grandfather’s ship. Captain Hull is in the family tree of my cousin, Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor, who is closer to Ian Fleming, the author of James Bond.

John Presco

Saybrook Colony – Wikipedia


Sarah Sally Hull – Mother of Commodore Isaac Hull

Posted on June 7, 2019 by Royal Rosamond Press

My kinship to Commodore Hull. Here is my line to Bohemian Royalty that have blood ties to the Stewarts.

My Patriot Ancestors – The Hulls

Posted on April 13, 2019by Royal Rosamond Press

The USS Constitution heads to Castle Island in South Boston Wednesday, July 4, 2018, to fire guns in salute and to receive a salute from three military canon there. (Lane Turner/The Boston Globe via AP)

Here is proof I am descended from Commodore Issac Hull. Andrew Westbrook knew his brother, Colonel William Hull. He was introduced to Sally Hull, whom my grandfather, Royal Rosamond, says is his great grandmother, who married John Rose. According to the history books, and the genealogical study of the Harts and Hull family, Issac did not have children. I suspect this fact he had a daughter, was hidden by Anne Hart Hull in order to make her Hart family history appear pristine. These are Puritans. Did Issac have another wife? This renders my genealogical study, one of the most profound one in American History. My Rosy Family Tree is full of Real and True Patriots – and needs to be defended from imposters and jealous monsters who have threatened to do me harm!

John Gregory Presco

President: Royal Rosamond Press

Isaac Hull, (USN)
Birthdate:March 09, 1773
Birthplace:Derby, CT, United States
Death:February 13, 1843 (69)
Philadelphia, PA, United States
Place of Burial:Philadelphia, Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania, United States
Immediate Family:Son of Capt Joseph Hull and Sarah “Sally” Hull
Half brother of Ira Hull

Rosamond Press

Finally, I own – proof? gave me a match with Sarah Sally Hull, who may have been named after her grandmother.


Sarah “Sally” Hull (Bennett) MP

Death:November 09, 1803 (51)
Place of Burial:Long Hill Burial Ground, Shelton, Fairfield County, Connecticut, United States
Immediate Family:Daughter of Deacon Daniel Bennett and Elizabeth Bennett
Wife of Capt Joseph Hull
Mother of Commodore Isaac Hull, USN
Sister of Palle Coggeshall Bennett
Added by:Carol Ann Selis on June 11, 2014
Managed by:Carol Ann Selis and John Matthew Bayne, Jr



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