Am I Baba’s Heir Apparent?

Three days ago I solved the riddle of the Crown of Thorns, and, know the apex of history where God would want to intervene – because the well-being of the world was at stake for a long time to come. God did not just want to build a bridge to heaven, another Ark, and then have the world end, which is the only thing His alleged son – did? Was Jesus a earthly king? Baba did a intervention – claiming he was God. Did he – fail once again?

Was Meher Baba Jesus and Mohammed?
Posted on June 12, 2015 by Royal Rosamond Press
haz16This is my favorite photo of Meher Baba who did say he was Jesus. This is why I strive not to judge my new friend, Prince Adagio, who is quite ‘The Lady’s Man’ too.

I was a follower of Meher Baba when I rescued Rena Easton. Our spiritual work together is vast. Sometimes I wonder if I am God Incarnate. The work I am going is coming to completion. God has a vision for Meg Whitman.

Seer Jon

At one point, Meher Baba told the group not to expect any discourse from him that day. “In Los Angeles,” said Meher Baba, “there was no time for you all to sit near me as you are doing today, for so many people came there and I was so busy. Therefore, I wanted to have a free day here.”

Just as the sun was setting, Meher Baba got ready to leave. He asked Agnes to drive him back the longer coast route. On the way, Meher Baba mentioned that he thoroughly enjoyed the sparkling blue Pacific Ocean.

When Meher Baba arrived back at the Roosevelt Hotel, he waved to his lovers before stepping into the elevator and retiring for the night. The next morning, he flew to San Francisco.

Rosamond Press


I met Dottie Witherspoon in Boston. We drove down to South Carolina to meet her family and sell her car so we could move to California. We drove the Camero to Baba’s retreat in Myrtle Beach. At the entrance, Kitty Davy came out to greet us. She asked our names. When Dottie gave her name, Kitty lit up!

“Oh! You’re a descendant of John Knox and the Signer, John Witherspoon!”

Kitty went blank when I gave her my name, and, I am looking at my lover, wondering why she was traveling incognito. Dottie is kin to the actress, REESE Witherspoon. Her mother is a Reese, possibly kin to David Tasker Reese, the signer of the Mecklenburg Declaration of Independence. It appears the Rhys-Reese family begat the Windsor Royalty that sits on the Throne of England. John Knox married a Stuart, and the Witherspoons are kin to the Stewarts another way…

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