Am I Baba’s Heir Apparent?

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I met Dottie Witherspoon in Boston. We drove down to South Carolina to meet her family and sell her car so we could move to California. We drove the Camero to Baba’s retreat in Myrtle Beach. At the entrance, Kitty Davy came out to greet us. She asked our names. When Dottie gave her name, Kitty lit up!

“Oh! You’re a descendant of John Knox and the Signer, John Witherspoon!”

Kitty went blank when I gave her my name, and, I am looking at my lover, wondering why she was traveling incognito. Dottie is kin to the actress, REESE Witherspoon. Her mother is a Reese, possibly kin to David Tasker Reese, the signer of the Mecklenburg Declaration of Independence. It appears the Rhys-Reese family begat the Windsor Royalty that sits on the Throne of England. John Knox married a Stuart, and the Witherspoons are kin to the Stewarts another way, and thus, Diana Spencer and her sons. I am kin to the Witherspoons via the Benton – and the Reese family!

“You didn’t tell me you were America royalty!”

What I am suggesting, is, that when We Americans declared our independence, the Rhys Royalty of Wales – came over – and if we so desire, we can have our own Royal Pomp and Circumstance, where I, a Baba look-alike, ride around in a gold carriage with a famous acttress – waving to our adoring crowd!

That’s me up a tree with our cat in Boston. Dottie is Scott-Irish, a redhead with freckles. Because Donald and George destroyed our democratic way of life in order to bring “God’s gift of liberty to the Iraqi people” we may have to start over – form the top! We will need a new National Deity because Bush was pushed to going on Crusade by Christian leaders, which is the say, these leaders rendered Jesus a – BIG LOSER! Thanks, George!

Jon ‘The Nazarite’

Copyright 2015

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About David Tasker Reese

REV. DAVID3 REESE (DAVID2 AP REES, DAVID1) was born February 11, 1708 in Brecknoc, Wales, and died February 5, 1787 in Mecklenburg County, North Carolina. He married (1)

SUSAN RUTH POLK March 31, 1738 in Cecil County, Maryland, daughter of ROBERT POLK and GRACE GUILLETTE. She was born June 8, 1719 in Cecil County, Maryland, and died November 9, 1800 in Charlotte, Mecklenburg County, North Carolina. He met (2) RUTH TAYLOR, daughter of JAMES TAYLOR. She was born Unknown, and died Unknown.


Reference Genealogy of the Reese Family by Miss Mary E. Reese 1903 and Fighting Charles

Reese by Parker C Sams 1996

From Genealogy of the Reese Family by Miss Mary E. Reese

The Reese home place was not far from present day Charlotte, North Carolina. A description of the building was given by one of the grandsons of David Reese as follows: “plain, comfortable weather-boarded building, one and a half stories high, having four large rooms and two attic rooms, with dormer windows, besides two rooms in the cellar, one of which was used as a dining room. At each gable end were immense rock chimneys, the long piazza in front, with a trellis covered with roses at either end. The house was surrounded by majestic

oaks, under which hung the inviting swing on one side; on the other was a long row of beegums.” “The floors were waxed, and the furniture, some pieces of which were brought from Wales, was polished like glass. Quaint rag carpets of the brightest hues coved the floors in winter, except in the drawing-room the floor was coved with a bought carpet. The flower garden was bright with all the old-fashioned flowers. The walks were board with sweet pinks. In the rear of the house was the big spring, with its clear, cold water, hard by the brick spring house,

where the milk and butter was kept. On the roadside Stood the old sweep well, where the the weary traveler refreshed himself and beast it was considered one of the finest places in Mecklenburg County.”

Being a “Born Statesman,” David was to become a prominent man in North Carolina politics and in his church. He was well educated for his day. David was described as commanding in appearance, fine-looking with bright black eyes. He was chosen one of the bench of Poplar Tent Presbyterian Church elders in 1751, a position he held until his death. He also served for many years as a magistrate and member of the County, Court. His greatest claim to fame was that he was a signer of the Mecklenburg Declaration of Independence of 20 May 1775. According to the Historian Foote, all the 270

delegates to the Mecklenburg Convention were Presbyterians, and ten were officers in the church.

WILL of David Reese:

In the name of God, Amen, I David Reese, of the county, of Mecklenburg and State of North

Carolina, being of sound and disposing mind and memory, Do this 5th day of February, in the

year of our Lord, 1787, make and publish this my last will and Testament in manner following,

that is to say, after all my just debts are paid:

First, I give and bequeath unto my loving son-in-law William Sharpe, of Rowan County, and

to my loving son, James Reese, all that freehold in fee simple in the said county of

Mecklenburg, on Coddle Creek, whereon I now live, with all the appurtenances thereunto

belonging, to hold to them the said William Sharpe and James Reese, their trustees,

administrators or assigns from and immediately after my decease, together with sixty acres of

thereabouts adjoining the said manor plantation, as also an entry or clam to and for a small

size piece or land lying between and adjoining the said sixty acre tract of my said manor

plantation. Upon this special trust and confidence that the said William Sharpe and James

Reese, or the survivors of them, do and shall permit Susan Ruth my dearly and well-beloved

wife, to have, hold, and enjoy all my manor, planation and premises, to them denied as

aforesaid during her natural life, and to take to her own the rents, issues and profits arising

there from during her natural life aforesaid.

She making no waste nor destruction thereon, nor clearing my large quantity of land. And

upon this further condition that she shall not rent, lease, or farm out the said land, without the

advice and consent of the William Sharpe and James Reese, or the survivors or them, shall sell

the whole of the land herein demised, with all the appurtenances thereunto belonging, on

reasonable credit for the most money that can be obtained for the same, and that money so

arising shall as soon as may be paid in the following manner, name ten pounds per annum to

my beloved wife during her life, 30 pounds to my son Charles, 5 pounds to my son James for

his trouble in executing this will. The remainder of the money arising as aforesaid to be

equally divided between my sons George and Solomon, but in case Solomon should choose

his share in land, then then his equitable share shall be laid off by my Executors in lieu of his

share of the money above mentioned.

To My grandson Sidney Reese I give and bequeath 10 Pounds to be paid out of the above

mentioned fund provided my wife and George and Solomon should agree on the matter ; then

George may likewise take his share in land, they first agreeing with my Executors to pay their

mother and the other legacies herein before mentioned.

I further give and bequeath to my beloved wife the largest bay mare, her choice or a cow and

calf, three sheep and five hogs, also all my bed clothes, household furniture and vessels of

every kind within doors (excepting such as is hereinafter bequeathed) to be divided equally at

her decease among all my daughters, who may then be alive. In Case they should die intestate


my Executors shall careful in making an equal distribution of the beds and furniture which is

intended by the foregoing clause.

To my daughter Ruth I give and bequeath one feather bed and furniture, with two Cows and

two calves. To my son Solomon I give and bequeath a riding horse, saddle and bridle, I give

and bequeath that my Just debts be paid out of the residue of my estate, and the remainder be

equally divided between Solomon and Ruth, That in Case Solomon should die without wife or

issue, his share shall be equally divided between my Sons James, David, and Charles, and my

grandsons Thomas Reese Sharpe, Edwin Reese and Thomas Henry.

And I do hereby constitute and appoint my son-in-law William Sharpe and James Reese to be

sole Executors of this my last will and Testament, strictly charging them to execute the same

according to the plain meaning thereof.

In witness whereof I, the said David Reese, have to this last Will and Testament set my hand

and seal the day and year above written. Signed, sealed, published and delivered by the said

David Reese, the Testator, as and for his last will and Testament in presence of all who are

present at the signing and sealing thereof.

James Campbell .. David Reese Seal

Thomas Campbell, Witnesses


Burial: Unknown, Poplar Tent Graveyard, Poplar Tent, Cabarrus County, North Carolina

Reference-number: A Reese


Burial: Unknown, Poplar Tent Graveyard, Poplar Tent, Cabarrus County, North Carolina

Reference-number: A Reese


Death of one spouse: November 9, 1800

Marriage: March 31, 1738, Cecil County, Maryland

Notes for RUTH TAYLOR:

Reference ” Fighting Charles Reese ” by Parker C. Sams 1996

Unproven second wife of David Reese.


Reference-number: A Reese

Children of DAVID REESE and SUSAN POLK are:

i. MARGARET4 REESE, b. Abt. 1741; d. Unknown; m. JOHN PENNY; b.


Unknown; d. Unknown.


Unproven daughter


Reference-number: A1Reese

More About JOHN PENNY:

Reference-number: A1Reese

5. ii. JAMES POLK REESE, b. September 14, 1739, Cecil County, Maryland; d.

November 17, 1828, Colunbia, Maury County, Tennessee.

6. iii. DR., REV. THOMAS REESE, b. June 1742, Carlisle, Cumberland County,

Pennsylvania; d. August 3, 1794, Pendleton District, South Carolina (now

Anderson County, South Carolina).

7. iv. CATHERINE RUTH REESE, b. September 23, 1744, Mecklenburg County,

North Carolina; d. May 6, 1826, Burke County, North Carolina.

8. v. DAVID TASKER REESE, b. 1746, Mecklenburg County, North Carolina; d. May

20, 1825, Rowan County, North Carolina.

vi. SUSAN POLK REESE, b. 1748, Mecklenburg County, North Carolina; d.



Reference-number: A6Reese

9. vii. CHARLES T REESE, b. 1750, Mecklenburg County, North Carolina; d. June 13,

1830, Lincoln County, Tennessee.

10. viii. GEORGE REESE, b. March 11, 1752, Mecklenburg County, North Carolina; d.

November 11, 1837, Pendleton, Anderson County, South Carolina.

11. ix. MARY JOANNA REESE, b. 1754, Mecklenburg County, North Carolina; d.


12. x. SOLOMON TRUSTIN REESE, b. 1757, Mecklenburg County, North Carolina; d.


13. xi. RUTH ELIZABETH REESE, b. 1760, Mecklenburg County, North Carolina; d.


Son of the Rev David ap Rees II and Maude Owens. The name was changed when they immigrated to America.

He did not serve on active duty in the Revolutionary War. He was a contractor along with his son Thomas, assigned by the Provicial Congress to procure weapons for use by the Mecklenburg troops. His contribution to the revolution would permit him to be listed as a patriot with the DAR and SAR even if he didn’t actually serve on active duty. Signing of the Mecklenburg Constitution would also have qualified him for the listing. [Source for this information is his biography written in The History of Mecklenburg County from 1740 to 1900.]

A signer of the Mecklenburg Declaration of Independence. He was a prominent man in NC politics and in his church. Well-educated for his day; described as commanding in appearance, fine-looking with bright black eyes.

He married on 31 Mar 1738 in Cecil Co., MD, Susan Ruth Polk (buried at this cem.); they had the following children: James Polk, Thomas, Catharine Ruth, David Tasker, Susan Polk, Charles Taylor, George, Mary Joanna, Solomon Trustin/Trusten, and Ruth Elizabeth Reese.


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  1. Reblogged this on Rosamond Press and commented:

    Three days ago i solved the riddle of the Crown of Thorns, and, an apex of history where God would want to intervene – because the well-being of the world was at stake. God did not just want to build a bridge of heaven, which is the only thing His alleged son – did? Was Jesus a earthly king? Baba did a intervention – claiming he was God. Did he – fail once again? Was Meher Baba Jesus and Mohammed?
    Posted on June 12, 2015 by Royal Rosamond Press
    haz16This is my favorite photo of Meher Baba who did say he was Jesus. This is why I strive not to judge my new friend, Prince Adagio, who is quite ‘The Lady’s Man’ too.

    I was a follower of Meher Baba when I rescued Rena Easton. Our spiritual work together is vast. Sometimes I wonder if I am God Incarnate. The work I am going is coming to completion. God has a vision for Meg Whitman.

    Seer Jon

    At one point, Meher Baba told the group not to expect any discourse from him that day. “In Los Angeles,” said Meher Baba, “there was no time for you all to sit near me as you are doing today, for so many people came there and I was so busy. Therefore, I wanted to have a free day here.”

    Just as the sun was setting, Meher Baba got ready to leave. He asked Agnes to drive him back the longer coast route. On the way, Meher Baba mentioned that he thoroughly enjoyed the sparkling blue Pacific Ocean.

    When Meher Baba arrived back at the Roosevelt Hotel, he waved to his lovers before stepping into the elevator and retiring for the night. The next morning, he flew to San Francisco.

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