The Buck Foundation Tribunal

Sydney Morris gave put the Buck Seal on a movie and book about Rosamond to increase the waning interest in her art. Many had already invested in Rosamond Art, and expected the value of their Rosamond’s to go up after her death. How does inventing a fake fight Rosamond had with her four year old brother going to increase the value of a Rosamond? I think a class action lawsuit is called for. I believe Buck put a Black Spot next to my name – and newspaper! I am sure all of Rosamond’s fans would hate Christine’s older brother, Mark.

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Yesterday my attempt to get a grant from the Buck Foundation was thwarted by this man. But, first, let us look at this name that is in the Breckenridge family tree. Is this the source of the name of a famous Boxer, known as Mohamed Ali – who insisted he never be called Cassius Clay after he became a Black Muslim. I have seen commercials where black people are using to find their ancestors. May I suggest they look at the famous Southern Family Trees. A year ago I discovered I descend from Robert E. Lee, thus the reason my late friend, Hollis Williams kept saying I look like him. Look at the date on this post. Am I a Seer? Should proven seers be funded?

Harry Lane – Is Our Man! | Rosamond Press

Alabama State Senator Matthew Clay,[48] U.S. Representative Brutus J. Clay,[49] and U.S. diplomat Cassius…

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