Fixing Our Concord Wagon

My brother, Mark Presco, must have learned our sister was dead hours after it happened. Vicki knew how to contact him right away. I was found via Michael Dundon, the uncle of Shamus. You would think the eldest would have taken charge. HE DID! This Neo-Nazi Racist played the Puppet Master lurking in the background. Did he talk with Sydney Morris, and give him a bad report about me? Look at the huge and ugly oil spills Robert Buck’s grandfather put in our Bay. Stacey Pierrot knew Mark was a Hater of Women.

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If you look at a lot of artist bios on Wikipedia, then you have gone off on a never ending adventure of discovery, because artist make many connections with other artists, and writers, in furthering their careers. It is a given not to be hostile to a fellow artists – or betray each other! Tom Snyder is not aware of this, and I doubt Sydney Morris. Both are unteachable. There is no course on how to handle creative legacies at the Buck Foundation. I would like to start one. Here is what I found on page 56 of Snyder’s bio, that drove me even more crazy. It refutes what Julie Lynch said.

“Scott returns with two pieces. One is about eighteen by twenty-four inches and portrays several children in a toy wagon. The wheels are crude stick drawings of poor perspective, and the children’s faces have a computer-bubble look to…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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