The Queen’s Banker

In this post of Sept. 2011 I order the Tea Party out of th Republican Party founded by my kindred. My Christ-Complex With Corbin Clan | Rosamond Press

Masked Charade | Rosamond Press

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The Queen’s Bank was purchased by J.P. Morgan for a billion pounds. The Cazenoves were there with the Rothschilds and Rougemonts who are Karl Marx’s memoirs. Hottinger and Cazenove are Huguenot families who made a fortune as weavers, as did the Rosamond-Rougemont family of Canada.

Jesus was born in a Sukkoth booth, and not a manger, and never had any money, even though all his rich relatives had more then enough! This was deliberate, as he knew who he was going after as God’s Go’el Redeemer.

I have been a poor man all my life, and have given away the crux of my novels so no one can accuse me of having a price – especially my Rougemont ancestors – who may have been the remnant if Israel that fled to the Swiss Alps.

Thatcher and Richardson were Privateers, Deregulators who robbed America with the help of Reagan and the…

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