GIANT Grapes of Wrath and Fraud

I declare Monterey County – King Arthur County. The Benton name – is now a Grail name!

King Arthur and The Sword of Roses | Rosamond Press

Hertig Fredrik av Normandie (“Duke Frederick of Normandy”) is an anonymous, 3,310-line Swedish translation of a lost German romance, which according to Hertig Fredrik was itself translated from French at the behest of the Emperor Otto. By its own declaration, the Swedish translation was made in 1308. It is one of the three Eufemiavisorna, Swedish translations of originally French romances composed at the behest of Queen Euphemia of Rügen (1270–1312). It was subsequently also translated into Danish.[1]

The poem’s main character is Duke Frederick, a knight of the court of King Arthur. He goes out hunting but becomes lost, and so finds himself in the realm of the dwarves, who inhabit a mountain. Frederick assists their king, Malmrit: Malmrit has lost his kingdom to rebellious vassals, and Frederick helps him to regain his kingdom and restore order and prosperity. In return, Malmrit gives Frederick a magic ring with the power of making its bearer invisible. Frederick uses it to gain access to a tower where the King of Ireland has imprisoned his beautiful daughter Floria. Frederick begins a sexual relationship with Floria and eventually, through a series of adventures, brings her and a great fortune with him back to Normandy. The couple marry, become good rulers and, in his old age, Floria enters a convent.[2]

Rosamond Press

“We know when we are not wanted, Mr. Buck. We got enough oil, water, tree, and agriculture trouble. We are cashing in our chips. You tell Miss Pierrot – we want nothing to do with that damn gallery. What do we know about art, anyways?When the bank took our land, we knew we were licked!

It Could Have Been Chinatown | Rosamond Press

The artist, Thomas Hart Benton, did illustrations for John Steinbeck’s ‘Grapes of wrath’. Had my niece, Drew Benton, seen them? Drew needs to do a painting of how she escaped death, when she ended up in the ocean next to my sister. Did she feel afraid down in that cove, in the ‘Jaws of Death’? How much does she know about Dunken The Frog? She can end the Fraud!

Drew and I are kin to Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor – and thus all members of the…

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