Magical Trees, a Theme Park, and Stage Coaches

If Vicki Presco and Sydney Morris had not betrayed the last wishes of Christine Rosamond Benton, then Shannon Rosamond and I would have Our Family History Book out in time for my sixteen year old daughter – I did not know I had – to come meet her SUCESSFUL father….who hands her our famous Belmont History. Interest in Rosamond’s Art – would soar when fans, and new admirers, see WE ARE a Authentic Pioneer California Family, whose history is set in stone, and can not be stolen by outsiders. AUTHENTICITY is key in preserving and purchasing REAL ART from Real Creative Legacies. Buck?Morris establishing a Fake Legacy based upon the fraudulent claim by Pierrot that my family did not care about OUR ART, and thus she was forced to take steps to rescue it. Thousands of Rosamond fans bought lithographs after being sold on the idea they would increase in value. I bid this investors in what should have been AUTHNTIC, to join my lawsuit.

Rosamond Press

Here is my Magical Family.

Janke Park, Hall, And Stagecoach Line


belmontbot3belmontbot4belmontbot5belmontbot6belmontbot7belmontbot8Very few families can say their kindred owned a Stagecoach Line, Theme Park, and a Turnverein Hall, or two. Carl Janke was half owner of the Belmont Accommodation Company that ran between Belmont ‘Beautiful Mountain’, and Halfmoon Bay. Mrs. Walter E. Janke was the President of the Cap and Bells Club that employed the cap of the Jester in its emblem. Consider the Merry Pranksters. Musicals, plays, and  “Jinks” were performed. Consider the Hi-jinks of the all male Bohemian Club. Is this a feminists answer?  It appears the Cap and Bells founded an art gallery. Was this the formation of the Outdoor Art League?


An event In the life of the Cap and Bells club took place yesterday afternoon with the opening of the permanent…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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