Columbia Along The Platte


With the revelation Raymond Chandler was born in a city named after the Platte River, a real American Prophecy is now – EVIDENT! Rena is – Helen! She is Columbia, the Daughter of Britania. I am dismissing Lara Roozemond as the actress to play Victoria Bond. I want to find another Rena, a true blooded American Woman – from Nebraska! Let the search -begin!

SHE – has to be just as damaged as Rena Easton – if not more! I might create a woman detective called….The Blue Dahlia. She will own a Jazz club on Sunset strip.

I just read a Dutch ship was harassed. Cees Roozemond was allowing me to post my warnings on his facebook for a couple of years. Wondering if the seer is insane – is a sport conducted by the ignorant. Warning people is not a crime. Read your Bible! Oh, wait a minute, there is a death sentence if your are a – false prophet. Not applicable in my case. 


Raymond and Ian In Nebraska | Rosamond Press

Raymond Chandler (

The Blue Dahlia – Wikipedia

“There were other Fitts in Plattsmouth to whom the young Chandler was introduced, including one who had once ripped off a bank he had worked for in Ireland. He had escaped to Europe with the help of the Freemasons, only to be robbed himself in a hotel: `When I knew him, long after, he was an extremely respectable old party, always immaculately dressed, and of incredible parsimony.’ Another of Chandler’s Nebraska uncles invented a machine which could load mail on to a train without the train stopping. He held a grand public demonstration; `but somebody beat him out of it and he never got a dime’. In the absence of a father, Chandler enjoyed a lively and maverick wardship from the male Fitts. He was also made aware of their — and to a lesser extent his own — Irishness.

Despite its new commerce with Chicago, Nebraska was still an extremely remote place in the 1890s. Rail was the only thing that made the city, 400 miles east of Plattsmouth, seem at all close. Without the later inventions of the motor car, telephone and radio, the state was stuck firmly at the heart of a silver-and-farming northern Bible Belt. The most famous Nebraskan at the time of Chandler’s boyhood was the blunt-speaking Senator William Jennings Bryan, who campaigned throughout his political career for a return to the `plain’ values of pre-industrial small-town America.

he Defense Ministry of the Netherlands said Tuesday that Russian fighter jets carried out “mock attacks” on the Dutch navy frigate in the Black Sea last week, the Associated Press reported.

The incident involving Dutch ship Zr. Ms. Evertsen happened last Thursday, just a day after Russia claimed to have fired warning shots and dropped bombs to force out a British destroyer from Crimea. Britain denied the account.

In response to Russia’s actions, Dutch Defense Minister Ank Bijleveld-Schouten said: “Evertsen has every right to sail there. There is no justification whatsoever for this kind of aggressive act, which also unnecessarily increases the chance of accidents.”

Rosamond Press

Columbia Along The Platte


Jon Presco

Copyright 2018

‘The Story of the Battle For the Heart of America’

Rena lied when she told me there was nothing there in Nebraska for me. She failed to mention the scaled down version of the Statue of Liberty placed on the banks of the Platte River where Rena said she used to swim. After she rolled me over on my back, and locked my legs with her ankles, I know my muse wanted to be a Bad Girl, and, had succeeded. This was our first kiss. We were fully clothed. She was determined to win – come out on top! She was – LIBERATED! No one could tame her. But, I saw something in this Midwest Beauty that ran hidden under the surface. I saw that she was a Goddess!

However, there was a dark side of Rena, that she admits was…

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