Disrespecting Last Wishes Part 2

The reason Stacey Pierrot advertised for people who knew Christine to contribute to the bio authorized by Robert Buck was to get original works of art and make prints from them. Pierrot got a ‘estate stamp’ to be applied to unsigned work, and – new work – that would not be part of the estate, thus, my nieces would see no profit. Lisa Marie Presley – Wikipedia
Priscilla Presley – Wikipedia

Paris Jackson demanding DNA test to determine if she’s Elizabeth Taylor’s daughter: Rumor – Micky News
Paris wants DNA testing for the truth to come out finally
As per the New Idea, the 22-year-old model and musician wants to know if Elizabeth Taylor is her real mother, so she wants the maternity test.
“Paris was always fond of her godmother, Elizabeth Taylor,” a family friend supposedly told the magazine. “The older she gets, the more she thinks she looks like Liz.”
Art & Artist Estate Planning (artbusiness.com)

When you depart this reality, one thing you don’t want to do is leave behind piles of unsigned art because it will then have to be “signed” posthumously in order to identify and authenticate it as having been done by you. In many cases, an “estate stamp” is made with a facsimile of the artist’s signature, and unsigned pieces are stamped. Sometimes the art is both estate-stamped and hand-signed by a third party like a family member, relative or executor; sometimes it is signed with the name of one of these people and not stamped; sometimes someone signs the artist’s name instead of his or her own; sometimes a document or certificate is provided with each unsigned piece. None of these options are anywhere near as good as having the art signed with original artist’s signature.
From a collectability and marketing standpoint, dealers and collectors regard unsigned or posthumously signed or undocumented works of art as less significant and desirable than signed and documented works of art. The first question they inevitably ask when confronted with unsigned art or art signed in ways other than how the artist typically signed it is “Why didn’t the artist sign it?” Additional questions follow such as “Did the artist not like it, think it was incomplete, not worthy of a signature, insignificant or inferior?” The moral of the story is simple. Sign every single piece of your art that you regard as complete and worth saving, selling, gifting or donating.

Michael Jackson – Liz Taylor wedding at Neverland ranch 1991|Spain news – YouTube

Rosamond Press

The job of an Executor is, to dissolve the estate, pay off creditors, and distribute the remaining estate to the people named in the Will. Executor Sydney Morris took it upon himself to REGENERATE a waning interest in the artwork – and make more money for THE HEIRS?……NO! What he was wanting to do, was sell the creative estate of a famous artist to a non-family member, and, have SELECT MEMBERS be SILENT PARTNERS in realizing profit from a book, a movie, and from making NEW PRINTS from original Rosamonds that are bought back from the owners. This is why Stacey Pierrot made a webpage and asked people who knew Christine to come forth and tell antidotes of interest, such as…..”I purchased a original Rosamond, and love it very much!” Here is someone who loves her original Rosamond….

“We had Christine’s very first painting in the window of the showroom…

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