Lara Roozemond – Poet and Muse

I have two empty canvases and am preparing to do two portraits at the same time of Lara Roozemond as Fair Rosamond – in white! Rosamond Clifford has got King Henry’s full attention, and he has brought her to his bower where other young women are kept as part of a alliance made. She is not happy about being his royal paramour.

Rosamond Press

My poet-muse, Lara Roozemond, has sent me another one of her poems.  There is a chance we are related. I have been employing Lara as a model for my James Bond book and movie, starring Victoria Bond, who I would like to see Ms. Roozemond play in a movie. Here is an exert from my book.

There is a real movie going on involving family history. I am kin to Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor, and Ian Fleming.

Jon Presco

Lowijs Cornelisz Rosemont

Birthdate: (67)
Birthplace:Sint-Annaland, Tholen, Zeeland, Netherlands
Death:1709 (67)
Stavenisse, Tholen, Zeeland, Netherlands
Immediate Family:Husband of Maaijcken Crijnen van Zierveld
Father of Dancker Louis Rosemont and Cornelis Rosemond

Gerardus Marinus Roozemond


February 4, 1819 (74)


Stavenisse, Tholen, Zeeland, The Netherlands


June 11, 1893 (74)
Stavenisse, Tholen, Zeeland, The Netherlands

Immediate Family:

Son of Louis Roozemond and Elizabeth Vink
Husband of Maria…

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