Gypsies and Bohunks Throw Francis The Bird

Where are our strong and beautiful American and British women who made tyrants of the past – ENVIOUS! The University of Oregon had a lack luster graduation – of dullards – beautiful young women who live to please mommy and daddy so they will keep supporting them. After graduating a year ahead of schedule, Rena Easton goes West on a Road Trip, and has the adventure of a lifetime. Then she goes on another Road Trip so she can go to the University of Nebraska – in 1970! The war in Vietnam is still raging! She ends up on a small mountain getting lessons on the Indian religion from a original hippie. Snap out of it – Rena!

Rosamond Press

Christine Rosamond Benton did not want to end up being the artist she became. She wanted to be like me. Her first ten paintings looked like my work, but, they got rejected. Iran Cohen developed her style that appear – by accident. Rosamond reinvented Boho Fashion. Our aunt Lillian wanted to start a Rosamond Boutique. None of us knew we were kin to Andy Warhol’s muse, Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor, who encouraged her best friend, Michael Jackson, to take up art. Liz died not knowing she was kin to Rosamond, and that she shared roots with Hillbillys who had their own fashion, made famous on the Dukes of Hazard, The Beverly Hillbillys, and, Lil Abner. Americans have wanted to dress life bums for a long time. Mark Twain got the Bum Ball rolling with Huck Finn. Augustus John was keen to this fashion truth.

It’s a Dirty Cosmic Joke that the…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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