Vicki Presco Was A Criminal


Vicki Presco stole our sister’s identity with the help of many, including Lawrence Chazen of PlumpJack Winery, and the law firm of Robert Buck . Tom Snyder’s evil biography is about how no one could get along with Christine Rosamond Benton who declared bankruptcy, and got sober. Everyone wanted Vicki to take charge – before our sister drowned – with Mark Presco’s approval. Shannon, the adult Heir had to go, as did I, for the reason they had a plan that is the most fraudulent in art history. Vicki dropped out as Christine’s first named executor – to become Rosamond! Vicki had signed Rosamond’s name on her prints  for many years. A handwriting analysis can prove this. This is IDENTITY THEFT! Vicki was born with no gifts or talent. Like her father, my youngest sister is severely mentally ill. She believed she deserved my daughter more than I did. So did her evil, demented son, Shamus Dundon. They both hate art, the art world, and Alcoholics Anonymous. Defeating all alcoholic members of my family – was their recovery plan. We see this in Alcohol Justice, this need to win – at all costs. Now they go after the President of the United States! These two have been – VICTIMIZED!

Chazen was our father’s private lender and partner is the first Rosamond gallery. AJ will not go after the Art&Alcohol Fraud surrounding Rosamond, because – Buck fucked up! Who ELECTED, or, ANNOINTED, Alcohol Justice to be the Watchdogs of Alcohol Abuse? I want to see their bi-laws and the complete history of the Boys in The Back Room! AJ does not speak for me – and millions of folks who got sober! Millions did vote for Biden.

“It’s just a slap in the face to those in recovery from alcoholism to hear that kind of self-serving rhetoric,” said Bruce Lee Livingston, Executive Director / CEO of Alcohol Justice. “If Mr. Doukeris truly wants to help our nation and not just exploit COVID for market share, he should simply direct the funds that they would spend on free beer and donate them to the country’s most deserving hospital emergency departments dealing with an epidemic of alcohol-related harm every day of the year.” The White House’s decision to include ABI in its announcement of a National Month of Action to promote COVID-19 vaccinations gives a veneer of respectability to the promotion. However, the megabrewer may be overstating the closeness of its relationship with the Biden administration.”

Alcohol Justice – Wikipedia

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Working with MCF

We consider our grantees our partners in changing lives and improving communities. We realize the potential tension between MCF as a funder and our grantees as recipients of funds and thus place great importance on sharing ideas, challenges, successes, lessons learned, strategies, and honest feedback in order to have the greatest impact possible in our community. When we sit together to wrestle with how best to do our work, we strive to benefit from everyone’s expertise, passions, and commitment.

To that end, we are continually looking for ways that can encourage a great working relationship. This includes streamlining systems and processes, regular meetings with individual grantees and cohorts and inviting feedback from grantees on the working relationship. In addition to providing this feedback directly to staff, there is the ability to give anonymous, confidential input to us through a third party called EthicsPoint. To access EthicsPoint’s website, you can log in to BFF’s Grant Center using your regular username and password. You can find the link to EthicsPoint’s website on the home page.


Alcohol Justice was established in 1987 as one of three major projects funded by the Leonard and Beryl H. Buck Trust at the same time the Marin Community Foundation was formed. The Marin Institute reported in 2006 that “countering the alcohol industry has always been a high priority for the Marin Institute, but we now want to make it the central focus of our efforts. That means we’ll put 100% of our energy into stopping the alcohol industry from harming public health.”[citation needed] In July 2011, the Marin Institute changed its name to Alcohol Justice to better align the organization’s name with the national reach of its network.[2]

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Capturing Beauty


John Presco

Shamus Dundon had no intention of telling me his mother was dead. His son insisted he do so. My sister Vicki Presco died sixteen months ago. I am ready to deal with it after I have grieved. She had become obsessed about getting her money back that she invested in a family partnership consisting of four Rosamond images rendered especially for this partnership formed at the suggestion of Vic and Vicki Presco. Our father put up a $100,000 dollars that was left to him by his mother, Melba Broderick, in her Will, that Rosemary said my entire natal family was in. Mark asked me and Christine what became of Melba’s legacy and he told me she said;

“I got it all!”

Hearing My Sister Vicki | Rosamond Press

Vic and Vicki were not given an accounting, or any profits from this partnership. Vicki told me…

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