The Royal Self-Publisher

My grandfather, Royal Rosamond, was a self-publisher. He ran for office in Ventura as a Socialist. His good friend was Dashiell Hammet, and may have named his youngest daughter after Lilian Hellman, who was brought before the Un-American Activities hearing along with Dashiell. They sailed together out to the Channel Islands.

Royal saw his books as a Art Form. I suspect he compared the Hillybilly folks to Socialists. He could not get his books published, so he self-published. In this respect Rosamond is a Trailblazer. I am going to seek a grant in order to archive OUR publishing history – that should be studied by a student of modern literature and the internet. My sister, Vicki Presco, told me Special Executor, Sydney Morris, combed my many letters to him and the Probate Court – FOR DEATH THREATS. How did Vicki come by this information – is vital knowledge – because Republican Senators are blocking an investigation into the June Insurrection – that was fueled by conspiracy theories folks read on the internet. Most of these theories are self-published.

In 1996-97 I belonged to a templar-yahoogroup, and along with others – some published writers – we studied the WILD CLAIMS of Baigent and Leigh made in their book ‘Holly Blood, Holy Grail’. Dan Brown lurked in this group. I sent Judge Richard Silver CODED GRAIL LETTERS in 1998. I did not want the usurpers of the Artistic Legacy I founded to get wind of what one of my books was about! Apparently the Judge chose to believe I was a MAD MAN, and most likely to put bullets in a pot – and boil them! I suspect this DEFIMATION OF CHARACTER led to me not being told my father was dead – and my mother was dying. You do not want to upset the CRAZY MAN more than he is. Silver had to have read Phil Stimic’s letter where he is being accused of being a dangerous man. I read it in 1994, thus I had some of my suspicions, validated; thus I was not operating in a fit a delusions that were turning me into a dangerous psycho on the verge of murder.

Jews are still trying to find out what happened to their ancestors who were murdered by Nazi who invented conspiracies’ about Jews. My parents were Veterans. On this Memorial Day, I visit their graves, in spirit, and the grave of Dashiell Hammet, who served in both wars.

John Presco

President: Royal Rosamond Press

Betraying and Killing ‘The Dream’ | Rosamond Press

‘The cheaper the crook, the gaudier the patter’: Dashiell Hammett vs. Joe McCarthy (

In discussing the Senate’s rejection of a bipartisan commission to investigate the Jan. 6 Capitol insurrection, the Colorado Democrat said he was frustrated by Republicans moving the goal posts whenever Democrats made concessions.

“I’m sick of playing the game of whack-a-mole with GOP members in Congress. Every time we address one of their concerns, another one pops up,” Crow said on NBC’s “Meet the Press.

Colorado Democrat says he’s tired of GOP playing games on Capitol riot (

Some fought back, including in 1947, a high profile, (and in the history of lobbying, possibly the best-dressed ever) delegation, led by Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall. In the same year, Hammett was elected the president of the Civil Rights Congress (CVC) whose role was to fund defences for those arrested for political offences.                                      

Four years later, he was brought before the United Sates attorney for the southern district of New York to disclose who had been aided. Hammett refused. As a result, he was sentenced to six months in jail for contempt. The magazine Hollywood Life caught the OTT hysteria, calling Hammett, “one of the most dangerous (if not THE) influential communists in America”.

Then in 1953, he was dragged in front of the HUAC. This time it was to face the charge that ‘pro-communist’ books had made their way into overseas libraries run by the State Department. Three hundred copies of his books had been found on the shelves of seventy three of its libraries. Fearing that American capital would collapse from Sam Spade’s sardonic wit, Dashiell Hammett faced Senator Joe McCarthy.

Author. Born Samuel Dashiell Hammett, in St. Mary’s County, Maryland, the son of Anne Bond Dashiell and Richard Hammett, Senior. His family moved to Philadelphia then Baltimore where he attended school until dropping out by age 14. After working a series of jobs, including freight clerk, railroad yardman, messenger boy, day laborer, and stevedore, he took a position with Pinkerton’s National Detective Agency working as an on call operative from 1915 to 1918 when he joined the Army, and trained as an ambulance driver. He was never deployed, however, spending his service hospitalized for tuberculosis. In 1920, he left Maryland for the west coast, and reacquired a position with the Pinkertons, working part time. Within a year, he had left the agency in disgust over their strike breaking tactics. He moved to San Francisco and worked as a book reviewer and advertising copy-writer. He published his first short story, ‘The Parthian Shot,’ in 1922 in the magazine, ‘The Smart Set.’ It was followed in 1923 by ‘Arson Plus’ in ‘The Black Mask’ for which he became a regular contributor. Initially, he used the pen name Peter Collinson before settling on the profession name of Dashiell Hammett. ‘The Black Mask’ published ‘Crooked Souls,’ ‘It,’ ‘The Second-Story Angel,’ and ‘Bodies Piled Up’ in 1923, and ‘The Tenth Clew,’ which introduced the Continental Op, the following year before a tuberculosis flare up curtailed his output. Longer stories appeared in 1927, as well as a first novella, ‘The Big Knockover.’ His first novel, ‘Red Harvest’ appeared in early 1929, quickly followed by ‘The Dain Curse’ in 1929, and ‘The Maltese Falcon’ in early 1930, which made his reputation as a writer. ‘The Glass Key’ was published in 1931, followed by ‘The Thin Man’ in 1932. It would be his last novel. He then tried his hand at Hollywood script writing with an adaptation of ‘The Thin Man.’ He eventually was involved in writing another handful of scripts, including ‘Woman in the Dark’ (1934), ‘The Glass Key’ (1935), and ‘Satan Meets a Lady’ (1936), but his heavy drinking and profligate spending earned him a reputation for undependability. In 1936, his drinking led to hospitalization. He attempted to rejoin the Army in 1941 despite his recurring tuberculosis and his age. In 1942, he was accepted and assigned as the editor of a camp newspaper at Adak, Aleutian Islands. In 1946, he was elected President of the Civil Rights Congress activist group. In 1951, he was called to appear before the House of Un-American Activities Committee where he was found guilty of contempt of Congress, and sentenced to six months in prison After his release, he was blacklisted. The few attempts he made to write again were abandoned unfinished. He spent much of the rest of his life in near seclusion supported by Lillian Hellman. After his death at age 66, he was eulogized as the founder of the so called hard-boiled genre in fiction and one of the most influential writers of his time.

A kingdom In An Attic

Posted on February 3, 2013 by Royal Rosamond Press


In the Connecticut Magazine Vol.10 I found evidence, if not proof, Commodore Isaac Hull, and his wife, Ann Hart, had Heirs – children. Volume 10 was published around 1896. It had a large genealogical section. Ann had tried to gift the house her father owned to the town, but, they did not want anything to do with it, nor did the un-named Heirs, who lived elsewhere. This famous abode was known as a haunted house. It appears Ann had tried to establish a Catholic cemetary, and put a large cross on the tomb of a local women that caused an uproar. This article titled ‘The Romance of Saybrook Mansion’ says Simon Bolivar and Jeannette Hart were engaged to be married. Simon was a Catholic. Jeannette had many suitors from famous blue blood New England Patriot families. I am sure they, and the parents of her suitors, felt snubbed – shunned – like Princess Diana was shunned.

Today, there is much controversy with royal Protestants marrying into the Catholic faith. Several important royals who are close kin to the Windsor, have been removed from the line of succession. In the wedding of William and Kate there is a ceremony that is a vow to uphold the Church of England. There is a very good chance my blood flows in the veins of William and Harry Windsor.

In reading the article, I surmise this is the chain of events. When Ann left her and Isaac’s estate to their children, they refused to live in the house, or have anything to do with the property, they perhaps believing it was cursed in another witch hunt. They tried to give this property away to the town, beause no one would buy it. they hoped the town folks would tear down the Hart home so a park could be made, but, thes Puritans did not want their children playing on defiled earth. So, there is sat for forty years. I am reminded of Great Expectations. Here is the text;

“declined the gift, and the estate passed to the only living heirs, who resided elsewhere, and had lost interest in the home. In its venerable age and neglect, it became known as the haunted house, and its decadence from a social center in the early American Republic, to a deserted homestead of one of the first families in this country, has today reached its lowest level, and serves only as a barn for cattle.

When Diana Spencer married Prince Philip Windsor, the kiss the Rose of England received from her new husband, awoke the Harts and the MacCurdys from their deep sleep, and put new life in their haunted house, for the blood of their children flow into the veins of the greatest Royal Family the world has ever known, and enjoins Pilgrims and Patriots to their kindred they fought against for their Liberty.

Above is a page form a letter I sent to the ACLU, wherein I reveal parts of my study I was conducting about my Rose Line. This letter was sent July 23, 1998, four years before The Da Vinci Code was published. In another letter that I sent to the probate Court and Judge Silver, I speak cryptically about my Rose Line that mentions the name Roche also in connection with Princess Diana. I only found out about Frances Ruth Burke-Roche, four days ago. Consider the Swan Knight and the secret genealogy he reveals, them, disappears. This talk of a Rose Line is filed in a Superior Court in the probate of Christine Rosamond Benton. How many people who are kin to me, and claim they love me, thought I was mad? These papers might constitute Windsor History in America.

“I and my family did not know Royal published four books, and that we are possibly connected to royalty. I have found the names Rosamond, Rose, and Ambrose amongst the Huguenots, those who were oppressed by the Catholic Church, had their lands and property seized when forced to flee big church for their lives. As far as I know, I am the only scholar that has connected Fair Rosamond, Queen Eleanore,and Princess Di, with the name Roche, a Rose name.”

Royal Rosamond wanted a son, but, he got four beautiful daughters. Is this a genetic trait? I gave birth to one child, a daughter, who came in my life like a Foundling.

Above is a poem written by Michael MacCurdy who comes from the famous family who owned Saybrook. He was th new manager of the Rosamond gallery. Christine got sober,and got rid of the hanger-ons. Mark and Vicki moved their chips over to Garth Benton, and kept me in the dark. But, my lost kindred have led me back home. Our house is no longer haunted, but alive with most of the royalty in the World, and of course – Patriots!

I think I might found the Americans Kindred of William and Harry Society.

“The truth will set you free!”

Jon Gregory Presco

Copyright 2012

A descendant of Stephen HART is
Diana Spencer, the Princess of Wales.
Here is the way:
1.Stephen Hart 1602/3-1682/3
2.Mary Hart abt 1630-1710 +John Lee 1620-1690
3.Tabitha Lee 1677-1750 +Preserved Strong 1679/80-1765
4.Elizabeth Strong 1704-1792 +Joseph Strong Jr 1701-1773
5.Benajah Strong 1740-1809 +Lucy Bishop 1747-1783
6.Joseph Strong 1770-1812 +Rebecca Young 1779-1862
8.Ellen Wood 1831-1877 +Frank Work 1819-1911
9.Frances Ellen Work 1857-1947 +James Boothby Burke-Roche 1851-1920
10.Edmund Maurice Burke-Roche 1885-1955 +Ruth Sylvia Gill 1980-
11.Frances Ruth Burke-Roche 1936- +Edward John Spencer 1924-
12.Diana Spencer HRH The Princess of Wales 1961- + Charles HRH
The Prince of Wales 1948-
Source:Gen History of Deacon
Stephen Hart and his descendants – Andrews and a book by
Gary Boyd Roberts, through Nancy Bainter
on the net

The Rose Man

Posted on February 4, 2013 by Royal Rosamond Press


It appears I am The Rose Man that Daniel Andreev saw coming in his Roza Mira prophecy.

I am the light that was broadcast by the Rose of the World, that was captured by the promoters of darkness, that which is empowered by a union of dark secret keepers who love destruction. They are The Destroyers of the World. My brother and sister, Mark and Vicki Presco captured the artistic legacy I began at twelve. They captured our beautiful children, brought them into the darkness, and used them as a leverage to own power in the family – alas. My brother designed Cold War weapons for a living.

In 1986, Mark wanted me to build a family end of the world bunker. He wanted I and our mother, Rosemary Rosamond, to go live in that bunker together, alone, in the dark forest, waiting for the weapons of mass destruction to be used on humanity. Then, he will come to the family bunker. We two brothers will survive. We will rape the surviving women, and have intercourse with each other’s daughter in order to make sure our genetics dominate the world. Vicki and Mark conspired to rest the Rosamond Creative Legacy from Shannon Rosamond, and, myself. My siblings did not tell me my father was dead, my mother was dying, and our aunt Lillian, was dead. She was the last of the four beautiful Rosamond sisters to die. Above are two pages of the letter I sent to her. Four days ago I discovered it was Lillian who omitted my name from the Wienke genealogy, I rendered a Question Mark. I suspect Mark Presco was behind this. My brother’s plan would no longer include me. Only his genes are worthy of surviving. Mark employed Vicki in what amounts to an incestuous design. they both went after my minor daughter, Heather Hanson. Christine was making accusations just before she died. Mark feared things would come out in Rosamond’s biography. With her death, Mark became the head of the family, alas. Even though he was the eldest, he was in my, and then Christine’s, creative shadow.

All four Presco children took LSD. Apparently we saw something amazing and powerful, within. Three of the beautiful Hart sisters did not get married. I have long understood we are a shame-based family. I have traced this shame to our kindred Commander Isaac Hull and the beautiful Hart sisters.

It appears Hull was employing these beautiful sisters as goodwill ambassadors. One has to wonder whether our government sent Hull to South America to meet with Simon Bolivar who had ousted the Spanish Royal Empire, and founded the Gran Columbia Union, that was leaning towards democracy. Did Bolivar inspire the revolt against Franco? If so, this is the heart of Pan’s Labyrinth that I include as a part of my and Andreev’s Rose of the World prophecy. I have declared in several posts I am the Go’el Redeemer of my family. I have written about my near-death experience where I saw my ancestors in distress, they asking me to redeem them, clear their name. To discover the Hart/Hull family is kindred to the Windsor when ‘England’s Rose’ married Prince Philip, is proof, that there is redemption in ‘The Blood’ as well as redemption in God’s knowledge as taught by Jesus Barabbas, the most vilified Jew in the world, who would not make the sacrifice Jesus made with the mortification of the flesh. I have traced the name Braskewitz to this Rabbi who was framed, set up in the worst way, as were the Jews who allegedly cried;

“Let his blood be upon us and our children.”

Allow me to remove this false sin put upon all Jews hence, by false teachers of Christianity.

“Let his wisdom be upon us and our children!”

I just discovered that when you google ‘Roza Mira’ you get two of my posts. It appears I have a following from those who study Andreev. On April 14, I founded Royal Rosamond Press Co. and titled my kindred a family of Foundlings. Ofelia’s brother was destined to be a Foundling, the faun saying he was once a Flundling abandoned in the forest, and, the Rose of the World Labyrinth that has taken us to William and Kate Windsor, who are awaiting the birth of their child.

Consider the fetus that Jeanette may have buried in her Catholic cemetary, that is kindred to the Princess Diana. This un-maed fetus was carried across the sea in a casket of wine. Nazarites were not allowed to drink wine. Jesus is give wine just before he dies. I suspect the Harts were Jewish converts, they discribed as having dark eyes. Kate is supected of having Jewish blood.

Above is the tombstone Lillian Rosamond bought for her father after I located his lost grave. I suspect ii is through his mother, Rose, that we descend from the Harts and Hulls.

Jon Roseman

Nazarite Judge and Go’el Redeemer of Barabbas and America

I died for our sins.

•Name: William Hart 1
•Sex: M
•Birth: 09 MAY 1713
•Title: Rev.
•Death: 11 JUL 1784 in Saybrook, Connecticut

Ancestry Hints for William Hart

4 possible matches found on

Father: John Hart b: 12 APR 1682 in Farmington, Hartford, Connecticut, USA
Mother: Rebecca Hubbard b: 11 NOV 1692 in Boston, Middlesex, Massachusetts, USA

Marriage 1 Mary Bluque b: 1720
•Married: in Saybrook, Connecticut
1. Mary Hart b: 13 JUL 1743 in Saybrook, Connecticut
2. Rebecca Hart b: 22 JAN 1745 in Saybrook, Connecticut
3. William Hart b: 24 JUN 1746 in Saybrook, Connecticut
4. Samuel Hart b: 24 JUN 1748 in Saybrook, Connecticut
5. John Hart b: 24 SEP 1750 in Saybrook, Connecticut
6. Sarah Hart b: 14 DEC 1752 in Saybrook, Connecticut
7. Joseph Hart b: 13 JAN 1755 in Saybrook, Connecticut
8. Elisha Hart b: 03 SEP 1758 in Saybrook, Connecticut
9. Amelia Hart b: 26 JAN 1761 in Saybrook, Connecticut

•Name: William Hart
•Sex: M
•Birth: in Of Saybrook, Middlesex, Connecticut

The History of Middlesex County 1635-1885
J. H. Beers & Co., 36 Vesey Street, New York

Pages 573-579

[transcribed by Janece Streig]


As the HART family has for many years been prominent in the town, a noti ce of some members of the family, other than Rev. William HART, may n ot be out of place. The first who came to this county was Stephen HAR T, of Braintree, Essex county, England, born about 1605. He came with t he company that settled Braintree, Mass., that afterward removed to Cambri dge, and that constituted the church of which Rev. Thomas HOOKER was after ward pastor. Mr. HART came to Hartford with Mr. HOOKER’s company in 163 5, and was one of the orig prop.s of that place. There is a tradition th at the town was named from the ford he discovered and used in crossing t he Connecticut River at a low stage of the water, and so from HART’s Fo rd it soon became Hartford, from a natural and easy transition.

His grandson, William, was pastor of the church in Saybrook, and has alrea dy been noticed in the proper place. Rev. William HART’s oldest son, Willi am, was born at Saybrook, and married Esther Buckingham, daughter of Jose ph and his wife, Sarah TULLY, in 1745. He was a merchant, and was an offic er in the State militia during the Revolutionary war, and was in the engag ement of Danbury. He was afterward a major general, and was for several ye ars a candidate for governor of the State. In 1795, the West Reserve (so c alled), belonging to the State of Connecticut, was purchased by subscripti on by a company of wealthy citizens of the State, for $1,200,000. Willi am HART was one of the company, and his subscription was $30,462. In 178 5, he was engaged in the mercantile business with his brother Joseph in Ha rtford, and was much engaged in the West India trade. He was also a mercha nt at Saybrook. Owing to the destruction of a number of his vessels, whi le engaged in the West India trade, he and his heirs since have been amo ng the claimants under the French Spoliation Bill, with little probabilit y, however, of realizing anything from it, although years ago France pa id these claims to our government. The investment in the Western Reserve l ands proved a profitable one to him and his heirs, some of the land sti ll yielding an income to the family, though most of it has been sold. Gene ral HART is described as a man of commanding person and presence, with a h andsome, manly face, a rich complexion, and fine, clear, dark eyes and hai r. He was an accomplished horseman, and often made the journey between Say brook and Hartford on his favorite saddle horse. An old resident of Hartfo rd, dead years ago, used to tell her great-grandchildren, with much enthus iasm, what an imposing appearance he presented as he rode up to her doo r, and how it was ever her delight to set before him the very best enterta inment the inn afforded.

Major Richard William HART, the only child of Gen. William and Esther BUCK INGHAM, was born at Saybrook, January 15th 1768, and married Miss Elizabe th BULL, of Newport, Rhode Island. Major HART inherited from his fath er a large fortune, which increased by the rise in value of the land purch ased by Gen. HART in the Western Reserve, so that at his death he le ft an estate valued at half a million dollars, which was divided between h is widow and two daughters. He was much esteemed and respected in his nati ve State, and used his means liberally for the good of those about hi m. He built a large house on the west side of Main street, near the corn er of the road leading to New Haven, where he resided till his death. He w as for many years a merchant, his store standing for a long time on the co rner near his house, but he afterward moved it across Main street, near ly opposite, where it still stands. Major HART died of apoplexy in 183 7. He was a man of unusually fine personal appearance and handsome feature s. His only son died in early youth, but he left two daughters, the olde st of whom, Elizabeth M., married at Saybrook, in 1825, the Rev. William J ARVIS, son of Hezekiah JARVIS, of Norwalk, and for a time resided in Saybr ook. The second daughter of Major HART, Miss Hetty B. HART, died in Hartfo rd unmarried, aged 76.

Elisha HART, fifth son of Rev. William HART, born in 1758, married Jeannet te MCCURDY, of Lyme, and had seven daughters but no sons. They were distin guished for their beauty and accomplishments, and moved in the highest cir cles of wealth and honor. The eldest daughter, Sarah MCCURDY, married Re v. Dr. Samuel F. JARVIS, of Middletown, from whom she was divorced. Her re mains lie in the burial ground on Saybrook Point. The second daughter, A nn MCCURDY, married Commodore Isaac HULL, U. S. N., who distinguished hims elf in the war of 1812 while in command of the frigate Constitution by cap turing the British frigate Guerriere. After the war Commodore HULL was a f requent visitor at Saybrook, and with his wife spent a few weeks at the o ld mansion nearly every summer for several years till his death in Philade lphia, in 1843. Elizabeth, the fifth daughter, married Hon. Heman ALLEN, f ormerly member of Congress from Vermont, and minister plenipotentiary to C olumbia, South America. He died in 1844, at Burlington, Vermont, where h is wife also died. Amelia, sixth daughter, married Captain, afterward Comm odore Joseph HULL, U. S. N., a nephew of Commodore Isaac HULL. Three of t he daughters died unmarried. One of them, Jeannette M. McCurdy HART, in 18 60, gave a handsome iron fence for the front of the ancient cemetery on Sa ybrook Point.* (*It is said that in the latter part of her life she embrac ed the Catholic faith. It was by her direction, and at her expense, that o ne of the inscriptions on the tomb of Lady Fenwick was cut. A simple inscr iption was well enough, but when she added a huge cross, an offense again st good taste was committed, which the descendants of the Saybrook Purita ns are not likely to forget or forgive.) Capt. Elisha HART died in May 28 th 1842, aged 84. He was also a merchant in Saybrook. His store is still s tanding on the east side of Main street, and is owned and occupi ed by T. C. ACTON jr., as a grocery. The post office is also kept in it. C aptain HART lived in a large old-fashioned mansion, on the west side of Ma in street, a little north of his store, which is still standing, thou gh it has recently passed out of the possession of the family. It is surro unded by large shade trees, and is one of the finest locations on the stre et. After Captain HART’s remains were carried out of the front door of t he house, the door and blind were closed and a bar nailed across it, whi ch was not removed, nor the door opened till after it passed out of posses sion of the family-a period of about 40 years. Rev. William HART’s house s tood very near the spot where this was built, and was moved to the corn er opposite the ACTON Library, on what are now the grounds of Mr. T. C. AC TON, and was used for many years by Captain William CLARK as a paint sho p. The house of Rev. William HART’s son-in-law, Rev. F. W. HOTCHKISS, is s till standing, and is nearly opposite Captain Elisha HART’s, and is own ed and occupied by Mr. Charles W. MORSE, a son of Prof. S. F. B. MORSE, t he inventor of the telegraph. Gen William HART built and lived in the hou se north of the present Congregational church, now owned and occupied by M isses Hetty B. and Nancy WOOD. Captain John HART, another of Rev. Willi am HART’s sons, resided in Massachusetts for several years, and then retur ned to Saybrook, where he lived in the Captain Samuel SHIPMAN house whi ch stood a few rods south of the Congregational parsonage. He died in 182 8, aged 78.

Edmund HART
_____ _______
Edmund was born about 1610 in , , England, and married about 1638, in , , Massachusetts, _____ _______ She was born in , , England. and died 20 August 1659 in Weymouth, Norfolk, Massachusetts. Edmund died about 23 September 1672, in Westfield, Middlesex, Connecticut, he was killed during a thnder storm.

The Great Migration Begins
ORIGIN: Unknown
REMOVES: Weymouth 1636, Westfield 1664
CHURCH MEMBERSHIP: Admission to Dorchester church prior to 14 May 1634 implied by freemanship.
FREEMAN: 14 May 1634 (as “Edmond Harte,” eighth in a sequence of ten Dorchester men) [ MBCR 1:369].
EDUCATION: He made his elaborate mark to a deed in 1666 [ SLR 5:82].
ESTATE: Granted sixteen acre Great Lot at Dorchester, 16 January 1632/3 [ DTR 1];
“John Phillips shall have for Edward Hart three-quarters of an acre meadow at Squantum Neck,” 1 February 1635/6 [DTR 15];
received Lot #53, four acres, in the meadows beyond Naponset [DTR 321].

Granted eighteen acre Great Lot in Weymouth, 1636 [ Weymouth Hist 199],
granted Lot #49, seven acres, in the first division, and Lot #19, twenty-one acres, in the second division, 14 December 1663 [Weymouth Hist 200-01].

In the Weymouth land inventory of about 1643 “Edmond Hart” held three parcels of land: eleven acres in the East Field, “first granted to him”; three acres in Kingoke Hill, “first granted to Aingell Hollard”; and eighteen acres among the Great Lots [Weymouth Hist 188].

On 5 September 1664 “Edmond Hart of Weimouth” sold to James Nash Senior of the same “my dwelling house & lot adjacent thereunto being twenty acres more or less … land first granted to Edward Sarell alienated from him to Timothy Wales from him to Stephen French & now in the possession of me Edmond Hart,” also “my two divisions of commons,” also “all my right title & interest in the town” [SLR 5:82].

On 17 October 1664 “Edmund Hart lately of Waymouth, planter,” purchased of Praisever Turner of Northampton, miller, one-half of two parcels which Turner had purchased of Edward Griswold of Windsor, at Worronoco, “being seven or eight miles … from Springfield”: one-half of twenty-five acres of meadow, and one-half of twenty-five acres of upland meadow (the other half of each lot being sold to Cornelius Merrey) [HamLR A:58].

30 September 1672: “Edmund Hart of Westfield dying suddenly this sennight past inquiry was made by a jury of 12 men concerning his death who found it to be by the immediate hand of God in thunder & lightning as they conceive; their verdict is on file. And the said Edmund Hart dying intestate the inventory of his estate was presented to this Court and power of administration upon is granted to George Phelps which he accepted of. Also Elisha Hart son of Edm[un]d Hart being weak to manage his own matters chose his uncle the said Geo[rge] Phelps for his guardian whom the court approved of for that end” [HamPR 1:147].

The inventory of the estate of “Edmund Hart late of Westfield deceased” was signed 25 July 1673 and totalled £68 16s. 6d. including real estate valued at £96 1s.: “eleven acres of meadow £55”; “twenty acres of land in the woods £40”; “a homelot Fortside four acres land not taken up £1 1s.” There was a debt due to Aaron Cooke from “Edmund Hart … his son-in-law John Scone can testify to it.” “There is also a cow John Scone hath not inventoried which is said to be given to Scone’s wife: Also Edward Neale hath one acre of land: Also John Greet hath one acre of land not inventoried” [HamPR 1:148].

On 31 March 1674 the court further ordered that the distribution of the estate of Edmund Hart of Westfield be “that Elisha Hart (for that he is very weak for abilities of his mind … being crazy in his body) shall have £15 of the said estate”; “Edm: Hart’s daughters shall have the rest of the estate in equal portion: and if any of the daughters shall die before distribution of the estate be made such portion shall go to the children of such daughters if they have any; and Elisha Hart having at the last court at Springfield chosen his Uncle George Phelps for his guardian whom that court allowed of, this court declares that no person shall trade or bargain with said Elisha without consent of his said guardian” [HamPR 1:154].
BIRTH: By about 1610 based on receipt of land grant early in 1633.
DEATH: Westfield about 23 September 1672, “by the immediate hand of God in thunder and lightning” [HamPR 1:147].
MARRIAGE: By about 1638 _____ _____; she died Weymouth 20 August 1659.

i. ELIZABETH, b. say 1638;
m. Weymouth 26 June 1661 John Moor.

ii. MARTHA, b. Weymouth 12 October 1640
(record says “Mathew son of Edmund,” but there is no
other record for a Mathew, and Martha must have been
born about this time);
m. Weymouth 24 January 1662[/3] Edward Neale.

iii. Daughter, b. say 1642; implied by estate of Elisha Hart.

iv. Daughter, b. say 1644; implied by estate of Elisha Hart.

v. CHARITY, b. say 1646;
m. by 1677 Thomas Loveland, one of the two
administrators of Elisha Hart’s estate
[TAG 72:42-48].

vi. MARY, b. say 1648;
m. by about 1668 John Greet [TAG 72:42-48].

vii. EXPERIENCE, b. say 1650;
and in 1677 divorced William Shepard of Westfield
[TAG 70:82-83].

viii. SARAH, b. say 1653;
m. (1) by 25 July 1673 John Scone of Westfield
[HamPR 1:148];
m. (2) Springfield 15 July 1692 John Burbank
[NEHGR 61:139].

ix. ELISHA, b. by 1658 (and probably before 1651);
living 30 September 1672 “being weak to manage his
own matters,” and chose “his uncle George Phelps”
guardian [HamPR 1:147];
d. Windsor by 9 October 1683;
the inventory of the estate of “Elisha Heart” was
taken at Windsor 9 October 1683 and at Westfield
4 December 1683; administration was granted to
Edward Neale and Thomas Loveland, and the court
ordered distribution to “said Heart’s eight sisters,
to each an equal portion” [Manwaring 1:320].

ASSOCIATIONS: Elisha Hart chose his uncle George Phelps as his guardian in 1672, suggesting that Edmund Hart’s wife was a Phelps, or that Hart’s sister or his wife’s sister was one of the two wives of George Phelps.

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